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Logging to plugin specific files in has become a recurring theme for me, so I've built a handy helper class that any Craft module or plugin can take advantage of.

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Executing PHP code from Twig is so 2018 😴 Let's execute Unix shell commands from Twig! 😱 Done purely to make 🤮 and 🤪

✅ Craft CMS 3 tip: string manipulation in Twig! 🧵 Need more extensive string manipulation functions in Twig, such as truncating a string on word boundaries? Craft CMS includes the Stringy PHP library, and you have access to it via Twig!

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Kicking off a new course: Twig Macros in Craft CMS First video is up!

🎉 Use coupon code: XFORMS20 to save $20 off your purchase of Express Forms! 🥳 (Until May 10, 2019)

✅ PHPStorm tip 🔍 In use: Code → Run Inspection by Name bulk run any of the code inspections & get a collated list of results. Super useful for checking an entire project for deprecation errors, for instance

Its only taken 12 months, but we've finally finished up on our Craft 2 > Craft 3 plugin migrations, with Events now available for Craft 3! Check it out on the plugin store -

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ICYMI: Express Forms for is now available! It’s an intuitive and lightweight form builder at an affordable price!

Intuitive and lightweight form builder that gets the job done but doesn’t get in your way.

"Why should I use Craft rather than a template on WordPress?" For clients that want a custom website we'd recommend as it's very flexible - we build the site to the client's needs, not a set of predefined content blocks, i.e. a template - Laura

Have you already enrolled in a CraftQuest learning pathway? Dial in your learning with a guided curriculum. Everyone who enrolls up until April 30th gets in the drawing for 3 CraftQuest gear bundles. YETI Rambler, t-shirt and more! Enroll now:

'Lessons Learned Building Our Website With Craft CMS' by discusses the ins and outs of using their new website with Craft CMS. Check out what they learned. 👉

Our blog post explaining more about the exciting release of Express Forms, its capabilities and the reason we built a second form plugin...

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Updated the "Migrating a Website to Craft CMS" to reflect that Feed Me is now owned by and available for free in the Craft CMS Plugin Store:

People always gab about building great communities, but honestly, is one of the best. For *more* than just CMS stuff. Great business advice, design-dev discussions, and peer support (not just tech/work-related, either). Try the software, stay for the community.

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Craft 3

Starting back in 2015, Craft 3 has been has taken a while to get here but it is now available.

Craft 3 is significantly faster and more scalable, and it’s a modern, forward-facing platform that we’ll be able to build on for years to come.

There are hundreds of new features and improvements in the latest release, but here are a key few that people are shouting about.

  • Multi-Site. Craft’s localisation features are all grown up.
  • Image Editor. Crop, rotate, flip, and set focal points on your images.
  • Asset Preview. Quickly view your assets everywhere by pressing Shift + Spacebar.
  • Debug Toolbar. Learn everything there is to know about how your requests are being processed.
  • Element Queries. Fetch the exact content you need.
  • PostgreSQL. Like MySQL, but way better in every way.
  • Plugin Store. Discover, try, and buy Craft plugins right in the Control Panel.

Craft 3 requires PHP 7 and takes advantage of all the performance and language-level features that come with that. It’s built on Yii 2 and adheres to Yii conventions.  

Want to upgrade to Craft 3? Speak to us today.

New client website for Coles Architects, due for release today. Full page slideshow style presentation, built on the CraftCMS and using Neo Plugin for nested matrix fields to create a page builder tool. 

Keep your 👀  peeled for going live this week.