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On Day Three of Dot All, John Lamb will take the stage to share how a bespoke CMS can compete (and beat) industry leaders. Tickets are available at .

Just released a handy little plugin to help when working on a site in a local development environment. No more having to download assets and no more broken image icons πŸŽ‰

πŸŽ‰ Just finished updating all 25 (phew!) of our 3.x plugins over to use for the docs. This should make it much easier for people using our plugins to use the documentation, as it is searchable, and better organized

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We're looking forward to 's Allyssa Price & Nick Sprigg's talk on Content Strategy, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Complex Site Structures, at Dot All 2019.

New video: Autocorrection of Git Commands - have Git catch your typing mistakes by enabling Git autocorrect. Git will make a suggestion and move forward with it after pausing.

New video: Autocomplete Commands in Git - Bring autocomplete for Git commands to the command line with this handy tip.

New video: Git Interactive Staging - learn how to commit only part of a file for perfectly organized Git commits and branches.

🚨 If you’re using Freeform Payments for , please read the update to our docs about a critical change to the Stripe API regarding Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) 🚨

Dot All is less than a month away! You won't want to miss Brian Hanson's talk on Headless Commerce with Craft CMS and Gatsby. Tickets are still on sale at

πŸŽ‰Updated the "Annotated JSON-LD Structured Data Examples" article ❓ to add FAQPage JSON-LD structured data, by popular request

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DL on Dotenv: Ryan and Andrew cover the ins and outs of environment variables, aliases, and more during this recorded livestream.

So you're ready to move to an existing website to ? In this course we walk through considerations before starting a site migration to Craft and then the major steps you'll need to take to make it happen.

In honor of , we’ll be working remotely from our favorite local refreshment stand. Just another day helping our clients with their stress-free web development.

πŸŽ‰ (finally) got around to updating nystudio107/craft starter project to modernize it with: - webpack 4 - Craft 3.2 - other spiffy stuff

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Freeform is the only plugin with API integrations built right in. Enable reCAPTCHA, set up complex webhooks with Zapier, accept payments with Stripe, and choose from a variety of Mailing List and CRM integrations to map your submission data to!

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Craft 3

Starting back in 2015, Craft 3 has been has taken a while to get here but it is now available.


Craft 3 is significantly faster and more scalable, and it’s a modern, forward-facing platform that we’ll be able to build on for years to come.

There are hundreds of new features and improvements in the latest release, but here are a key few that people are shouting about.

  • Multi-Site. Craft’s localisation features are all grown up.
  • Image Editor. Crop, rotate, flip, and set focal points on your images.
  • Asset Preview. Quickly view your assets everywhere by pressing Shift + Spacebar.
  • Debug Toolbar. Learn everything there is to know about how your requests are being processed.
  • Element Queries. Fetch the exact content you need.
  • PostgreSQL. Like MySQL, but way better in every way.
  • Plugin Store. Discover, try, and buy Craft plugins right in the Control Panel.

Craft 3 requires PHP 7 and takes advantage of all the performance and language-level features that come with that. It’s built on Yii 2 and adheres to Yii conventions.  

Want to upgrade to Craft 3? Speak to us today.

New client website for Coles Architects, due for release today. Full page slideshow style presentation, built on the CraftCMS and using Neo Plugin for nested matrix fields to create a page builder tool. 

Keep your 👀  peeled for going live this week.