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New livestream video available: A Git/Craft CMS Development Workflow

Craft CMS Manchester #13 Focus on: Performance Hear from on taming a high traffic site. Plus, we'll chat performance, why it matters, and common 'gotchas' when it comes to performance with . More info & RSVP:

Create beautiful and powerful User Registration Forms in with Freeform! AJAX, conditional field logic, confirm emails and passwords, reCAPTCHA, collect payments and send custom email notifications! Leave the heavy lifting to Freeform!

We are expert developers, having built many high profile and projects for charities, schools and academies, hotels, vehicle hire & more. Discover more of what we can provide for you here:

Just posted: How a Plugin Controller Works - a new addition to 's Craft Plugin Development In-Depth course on :

We've redesigned our job posting emails! In addition to the newest post, it now also features three other recent opportunities. If you're not on the mailing list, get signed up now!

We're still on the hunt for a developer whose looking to level up in their career & develop websites using . Interested in taking on a new challenge? Living in or around , UK? We'd love to hear from you.

🎉 Dotenvy 1.0.0 released 💚 Speed up your production sites by ditching .env for key/value variable pairs as Apache, Nginx, and shell equivalents Given a `.env` file, it will output the variables in a server-ready format.

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Sprout Forms now makes it easy to add an international, front-end Address Field to your forms.

New version of Batch PDF Export for Craft Commerce out that allow you to define multiple custom labels/templates

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Going live in 10 minutes with a livestream on Git/Craft workflows. Learn Craft Live with :

2 new videos added to the "Migrating a Website to Craft CMS" course on : We discuss choosing an import tool and strategy as well as how to approach getting data out of the source system and ready for import to .

Not likely...not even today. Because we're already engaged to !

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Did you know in Freefrom for you can add forms to your dashboard widgets? Brilliant for quick internal support forms for clients.

A free PhpStorm primer. Learn about PhpStorm and some tips while coding Craft plugins: Ben also sneaks some tips into this In-Depth course.

New to Craft CMS and want to learn how to build a site? Start with "Up and Running with Craft" from . A free 41-part video course:

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Craft 3

Starting back in 2015, Craft 3 has been has taken a while to get here but it is now available.

Craft 3 is significantly faster and more scalable, and it’s a modern, forward-facing platform that we’ll be able to build on for years to come.

There are hundreds of new features and improvements in the latest release, but here are a key few that people are shouting about.

  • Multi-Site. Craft’s localisation features are all grown up.
  • Image Editor. Crop, rotate, flip, and set focal points on your images.
  • Asset Preview. Quickly view your assets everywhere by pressing Shift + Spacebar.
  • Debug Toolbar. Learn everything there is to know about how your requests are being processed.
  • Element Queries. Fetch the exact content you need.
  • PostgreSQL. Like MySQL, but way better in every way.
  • Plugin Store. Discover, try, and buy Craft plugins right in the Control Panel.

Craft 3 requires PHP 7 and takes advantage of all the performance and language-level features that come with that. It’s built on Yii 2 and adheres to Yii conventions.  

Want to upgrade to Craft 3? Speak to us today.

New client website for Coles Architects, due for release today. Full page slideshow style presentation, built on the CraftCMS and using Neo Plugin for nested matrix fields to create a page builder tool. 

Keep your 👀  peeled for going live this week.