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A si hoy 😂😂😂😂 👏🏽👏🏽😎🤙🏾

Doblete el dia de hoy. 6 goles 5 asistencias 7 partidos Ángel Mena en su nuevo club.

Seguramente esos que hablan del gracias a nuestro tienen un jersey así verdad 😁 carajo que mañana Ganamos ¡Cueste lo que cueste!

Ya vi los goles de Angel Mena, y justo ahora encontré en mi teléfono esta imagen 💙 🤩 Grande Angelito 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Cristhian Altamirano iniciando con pie derecho en !!⚽️🎊

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En el vs , el clásico más viejo del futbol mexicano, Alexis Vega se inició como goleador del Rebaño Sagrado

¡Goooooolazoooooo! Mena le rompe la cintura a Maidana, y clava el tercero.

➵ | this might trigger the little ten year olds but oh well! ➵ | pm if you want me to post your unpopular opinion.

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¿No sé que es más noticia? ¿Que Messi lleve 11 temporadas consecutivas anotando 30 goles o que haya vuelto a fallar un penal?

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🔴⭐️⚙️En ha anat aquest matí a Amer i ha fet LA foto.

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fue felicitado por parte del ya que logró anotar 100 goles... ¡En los entrenamientos! "El ridículo no mata" posteó en sus redes. 😂

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based on a support conversation where Walmart picks up Robin to help with the books

Cassandra & Elsa on a date, Part 2

Cassandra: *in a tuxedo*

Elsa: *in a red evening dress*

Cassandra: You’re so beautiful 😍

Elsa: Thank you 🥰

Cassandra: May I?

Elsa: Yes

Cassandra: *lifts her onto the piano*

Elsa: *lies back, gazing longingly*

Cassandra: *nuzzles her and brushes hands all over her body*

Elsa: *softly moaning*

A voice in the wardrobe whispers: Now kiss!


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Did Beck reach her kinkiest before, during, or after her relationship with Harper?

“I literally cannot win with this question. I can’t say before because we started dating at like, fourteen. If I say during then she’s gonna take all the credit for any sexual prowess I have. And if I say after then that implies I had to bump up the kinkiest because no one compares…”

“It was definitely during.”

“… She’s not wrong.”

Feels Advice from Dad

Rudy: Alright, tell me how you feel about Susie.

Noelle: I wanna kiss her!

Rudy: Okay, now how do you feel about Kris?

Noelle: I wanna kiss them, too!

Rudy: So you have two crushes?

Noelle: What? No! Susie is my crush, Kris is my best friend!

Rudy: … but you said you wanted to kiss them too?

Noelle: Well, yeah, but like in a friendly way.

Rudy: Oh, so like on the cheek or forehead?

Noelle: I mean, that too, but also passionately on the lips.

Rudy: … like you wanna kiss Susie?

Noelle: Yes! Exactly like I wanna kiss Susie! But like, as friends. Don’t know what’s so difficult to understand about this.

Rudy, holding his face in his hands: Oh my god.

Crackfic: First Times Are Always Awkward

This crackfic demonstrates one of the reasons why I didn’t end up going to a good college back in the day.

Marinette’s first time out as Ladybug didn’t really go the way she had hoped it would. The Akuma fluttered away uncaptured, the streets were filled with Stonehearts waiting to be activated, and she trod unhappily up the steps of her school ready to hand over the earrings to someone more deserving.

But Alya pulls her aside before she can get to class, with more important news. In reviewing her amateur cameraphone footage of the first fight with Stoneheart, she realized something startling. How will Marinette and Adrien react when it turns out that much more than they’d expected had been… exposed?

First Times Are Always Awkward on FFN

First Times Are Always Awkward on AO3

A teaser:

Alya wrapped her arms around her new friend, consolingly. “Marinette, no one else has seen this. I haven’t shared it with anyone, and I don’t intend to! But you had to see it before I erased it, or you’d never believe me,” she said.

“I don’t… I don’t… Why am I naked in that video, Alya? You saw me there! I was fully clothed and masked the whole time! I know I was!” Marinette panted.

“I know you were! I saw you with my own eyes!” agreed Alya. “You and Chat Noir were costumed from head to toe. I’d hardly believe that you were some kind of super-acrobat if you were just you, you know? But the camera… the camera says otherwise.”

“I don’t get this at all,” panicked Marinette. “Was this some kind of group hallucination? It can’t be. How could we all have had the same dream?” She shuddered, then came to a decision, and reached into her purse for the mysterious black box. “You know my secret now, anyway, so it’s not like this is blowing anything…” she added, putting in the earrings.

Alya stared at her, waiting for a change that didn’t immediately happen.

“Tikki…” Marinette said, “come out here, please. We need to talk, right now.”

A tiny voice in her purse replied, “Marinette, you know that other people aren’t supposed to know about -”

Tikki… get your tiny red ass out here NOW.”