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No hay palabras que alcancen para agradecerte todo lo que diste por el club! ⚪❤⚪ Sos Unico, Sos un Grande!!! Feliz Cumple Cavegol 🐃❤

Feliiiiz cumplee al ultimo idoloo de Riveer.. feliz cumplee .. daria todo x verte jugar de nuevo con la banda 💞

It seemed like a complex installation procedure, but was not difficult when followed the directions. My phone is now protected and is very clean. #…

En espérant que tu la fasse au Wanda metropolitano en juin prochain cette célébration

Super clean easy to install By Tommy Kang There are numerous videos showing how to install this product and it really is very easy to install. I would definitely buy it again. #…

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Somos muy de así que arriba el ánimo crack y a preparar la siguiente cita!

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Wie wär's wenn man legalisiert & das internationale aussetzt? Wenn Produkte wie & den Markt dominieren, dann gäb's auch weniger , etc. (vgl. -). Die Gefährlichkeit ist vergleichbar mit !

Vi um tweet com uma piada idiota sobre a e as pessoas que estão no uso destrutivo do . Muito fácil né? Nunca passou fome ou dormiu debaixo de um viaduto essa mata! Pode ser um familiar seu naquela situação! O caminho das pedras não leva a nada.

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“Hey, Elsa?”


“Did you see this headline about the latest allegations?”

“Which one?”

“Good point…anyhow, that guy who gave a bunch of money to support women’s causes? Turns out he just got accused of harassment.”

Elsa looks up from her paperwork. “How many?”

Anna skims the article in her hand. “So far…six - no, nine women.”

Elsa shakes her head. “Another one.”

Anna puts the paper down. “Didn’t that guy just get praised by his government or something?”

“Yep,” Elsa replies curtly, “for being a positive influence of all things.”

Anna sits back. “Isn’t it ironic?”

Elsa nods. “A little too ironic.”


Elsa & Anna:





Sherlock: *gets one (1) friend* mycroft why are you so alone friends are my area of expertise and they are great why do you not have friends make some friends do you see my friend john he’s a good friend i appreciate him why don’t you get a friend mycroft look how good my friend is


ofribbons  asked:

Is that a sword in your pocket or are you just happy to see my fiancé?

  ————–   ❝Pardon…?❞

His smile practically froze on his face. Had he? Was there? Had he been indulging in any form of arousing thoughts? Sebastian did not dare to actually look at his crotch region to confirm or not, as it would have aroused suspicion. 

  ————–   ❝It’s a miniature feather duster, my lady, of the newest kind-❞
             he quickly turned away to eye his middle region.    

@battlesthatmatter / Continued )

[ MSG ]: Actually, I only let a few of the creatures loose, I am not foolish, though I am offended you think so little of me.


[ MSG ]: The wolves looked half starved and the children were being too loud it was scaring the pup, but the keepers only laughed and said it was fine. It was not fine, that wolf was uncomfortable and they found it humorous did you expect me to be alright with it?

[ MSG ]: It is not my fault people panicked and revolted, and it is not my fault it sparked others getting loose.

[ MSG ]: I did offer to round them up, but he was rude so I slit his throat and fed him to the mother instead, the wolves are perfectly happy now, so what is the issue? 

[ MSG ]: Banning is a step too far, they should have been treating them well and it would not have happened. Perhaps I should just take over the entire zoo, clearly they aren’t knowledgable enough. 


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