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• Resultados ¡Se definió al rival de ! logra imponerse a y disputará la final del bracket ante . Mientras tano Critic deberá pasar por el bracket de perdedores.

| PARTIDAZO !! 🕺🏻🕺🏻 Esta noche tendremos el honor de enfrentarnos a uno de los mejores equipos mexicanos en un amistoso. Dar las gracias a por aceptar el encuentro y que gane el mejor. Estaremos en vivo por el canal de , no se lo pierdan. 💙

• Resultados ¡Tenemos al primer finalista del winner bracket! logró la victoria ante y avanzó a la final del bracket de ganadores. Evil Bulls deberá pelearla en el loser bracket si quiere salir campeón.

| Gameday🚩 🏆 | 🆚 | 📏 | Formato propio 📅 | 19/02 - 9:00p.m. 🇨🇴 / 8:00p.m. 🇲🇽 ¡Daremos todo por ganar e iremos sin piedad!

| ¡Vuelve el hijo pródigo del Olimpo! Bienvenido de vuelta a casa 🇵🇪! Con esta reincorporación a la familia vuelve también el dúo dinámico . Se vienen grandes cosas! ⚡️

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Weak from to say the least, actually IMO is terrible. Buttom line PLS are losing money from operations. IMO they will need to cap raise as they are using stage 2 funds to keep stage 1 afloat ?!

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| Staff 🐯AztecS eSports🐯 Esta en busca de personal para el equipo competitivo para el cargo: -Co-Capitan -Coach Requisitos: +Experiencia demostrable +Disponibilidad de horario Informacion al MD📩 🇲🇽

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• Presentación Un nuevo jugador de Ecuador vuelve al equipo para reforzar nuestra plantilla y conseguir grandes logros juntos. Bienvenido iSebas_ ()

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| MatchDay⚔️ Empezamos el día de hoy nuestro debut en la ante buscando empezar con pie derecho la competencia.💪🏻 ¿Traeremos piel de lobo para la cena?🐺 ¡Vive el partido por el canal de a las 18:00 🇪🇨! 🦏

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| MatchDay ⚔️ ¡Vuelve la ! Hoy buscamos nuestros primeros 3 puntos frente a . Buena suerte a nuestro rival y nos vemos en la arena! 🦏

very cool study looking at CR in elective cardiac surgery patients and prevention of AKI.

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the last 10 seconds of ep 42…. holy SHIT

minky-for-short  asked:

“I’ll do anything you want me to do to you, but you have to say it out loud.” for the new Widomauk circus au? <33

So this didn’t end up going where I thought it was going? But I love it <33

When he watched Mollymauk perform, every single time, no matter how many shows and towns and months went by, Caleb found himself falling in love with him all over again.

It was in the way he moved, the way he strode around the small, sawdust scattered circlet as if he owned it, which of course he did. His hands would move like birds, flitting this way and that, sweeping and dancing to illustrate his words while his tail flicked and snapped to punctuate his gestures. He would leap from floor to the artfully arranged boxes that separated the audience and the stage, drawing them in, blurring the line between the awed huddle of townsfolk and the show itself.

It was in the way he dressed. He’d have his perpetually present hat, tall and grand and unselfconscious, with the holes in the side for his bedazzled horns to break free from. His badge of office, he could sweep it off to bow low to a pretty lady in the audience, or toss it from hand to hand as he told a joke, or hold it out to draw small pieces of gold foil from to scatter across the stage or else cleverly written, spiky limericks about the audience members. But it would always return to his head, leaving absolutely no doubt as to who or what he was. His coat was the other essential part of the costume, swirling and billowing with every movement he made, like an extension of his body, as much part of his performance as the words. The lights caught in the gilded thread work that made up the elaborate scenes entwining on its wine purple surface, bringing the garment into its own kind of life.

It was in the way he spoke, the way he commanded words so effortlessly and confidently. Nothing fazed him, like the whole tent could come down around him, be devoured by flames, and Mollymauk could turn it into part of his act. He was a showman, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

And, more than anything, it was in the way he sang. That was always how the show closed out, Mollymauk would make his final entrance with his lyre under one arm, the highly polished wood shining a rich honey gold in the light, the strings frighteningly delicate like spiderwebs. But Molly would draw from them the most beautiful music, his voice sweet and full to bursting, like he and the instrument were one and the same. After a few bars, the audience would be weeping and Caleb would be madly, dizzyingly in love.

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The best thing about having Travis and Marisha next to each other is that they both tend to repeat verbatim the rest of the casts’ funny/badass lines right after they say them as they laugh and I’m just waiting for the day they continuously parrot the same line back at each other in a loop like those mechanical Toucan birds that repeat what you say… like Kiri but in a higher pitch voice every time they do it until it’s just a high pitched wail.

U guys are always like “no but this blonde white girl is making the actually good pop music” and sometimes it’s just like chill


Try and tell me this isn’t one of the greatest things of the 20th Century


Whitney and Natalie had such a great and easy chemistry