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| VICTORIA 2-0 VS 1° Amistoso bajo el nombre Red Empire 👤 👤 (MVP) 👤 👤 👤 🗣

| VICTORIA EN Debutamos y nos hacemos con el partido por la mínima diferencia en contra de una gran y la mega actuación de . ¡Vamos con pie derecho y nuestros chicos se preparan para el siguiente partido desde ya! 🇨🇴

| ¿VOLVEMOS? No de la mano de , sino de como BRANCH 🇲🇽? Si vemos apoyo en este tweet, estaremos contando más información al respecto.

♀️ Después de una segunda ronda estas son las jugadores que siguen vivas en la competición ¿Quien es la favorita de llevarse el torneo?🤯♀️👑 Buenos enfrentamientos se viene para la últimas rondas.. Sigo en busca de caster cualquier cosa MD📩

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| ☠️ Aunque tras esta Derrota😢, la clasificación se nos ponga cuesta arriba, seguiremos intentando para permanecer en la carrera💪🏻 📍Marcador 1️⃣-2️⃣ al rival🤜🏻 ⚜️

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หมายเหตุ ความรักคือให้อภัยอดทนนาน.. ความรักยิ่งใหญ่ที่สุดเสมอ.. ความรัก.ความเชื่อ.ความหวังใจ. ในกันและกันระหว่าง และ เชื่อว่าจะสามารถเอาชนะทุกอุปสรรค.ทุกปัญหาได้เช่นกัน..สู้ๆนะจ้ะ..ทุกคน.. Nusji

| Victoria! Empezamos el día con una victoria 2-0 frente a por la ! 👮| 👤| 👤| 👤| Un partido en el que suma sus primeros puntos tras su regreso al competitivo!

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|| Así Están Los Duelos De Octavos De Final Cada Vez Estamos Cerca De Definir Quien Será El Mejor Lo Mejor Estar Por Venir. ¿ Quién Crees Que Es El Favorito ?

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| Hola hijos del Tilt .. Hoy les traemos los siguientes premios para esta temporada(Sept), tienen para unirse hasta el domingo 🤑🤑. Si cuentas con un récord bueno, participa por estos premios. Más info al DM😱 RT, se agradece 🙌.

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Estamos en vivo jugando nuestro partido de la tercera jornada de la en contra de 🇬🇹 .

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2019.08.21. (수) 05:49 현재 급상승 검색어 # 주취상태 # 북한 방사능 # 조국 딸 # 리니지m # 주취 -5 씨알파이브 무방부제멸균화장품 주름기미 미백에 좋은 화장품 주름개선

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|¡Anúncio! Desde tierras Argentinas se nos suma a la familia Thunder Storm que vienen a demostrar su gran nivel y experiencia en el ámbito competitivo de Clash Royale ¡Bienvenidos a la familia de los dragónes!

• Presentación Comenzamos con los anuncios de esta semana con la incorporación de un nuevo jugador a nuestra escuadra🔥 Con una gran experiencia en las mejores competencias destacando CRL nos enorgullece presentar a 🎉🥳 ⛩️

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trying to see how many of these I can work my way through before bedtime because they’ve been checked out from the library for too long; wish me luck! 🥰

a stack of graphic novels on the carpet

Me, watching Vax blatantly flirt with Gilmore: i wonder if he’s doing it to get a better price on goods

Vax: -tearfully breaks up with gilmore bc he loves Keylith-

Me: omg he’s bi


I am crying

bilbosona  asked:

k not 2 like. expose myself but do u happen 2 know of any good cad-centric fics???

adfhadjsg’fjhsdk’ dont worry i love mr cow man a lot too but unfortunately a loooooot of his fics are ship-centric and i havent exactly delved heavily into crit role fic for a looooong time (like, january/februaryesque) because welll when the source content is so good i dont feel the urge to read fic as often (and not to kick wasp nests but i really got sick of c*leb over-satur8n and some poor characterization of a certain dead somebody) but here are some i dug up the ship ones at least i /remember/ not being completely c*leb h/c focus and/or shed some cool characterization/insight onto mr clay (and this was well before the time of fjord/clay being common but there may be some interesting ones of those out here now)

- this one-shot goes into him being alone at the grove for so long

- this one is based off a more recent canon bit with a tree 

- this one has some rly sick imagery and a plot and some cool POV on cad and his orange n blue morality though idk how much jives w how much we’ve learned since this was written by shh also its really long which is also a plus

- here’s one that let’s mr clay get to be a little mean n stern n not just soft boi tho i dont necessarily agree w how they portray mollys death affecting caleb but still it feels like a good needed conversation we missed out on in canon due to shit going down

unfortunately i do not have a lot and half r shippy ones but if i ever do try n dive into finding more ill let u know!

Mighty nein and pda

So I realized the minute i got this idea that they all touch starved people like please give them all attention. All are gender-neutral but beau and Yasha since they’re canon lesbians


  • For the first couple of weeks, you guys are dating he is ALL FOR IT. Like he will flaunt you and hold your hand every time you go out
  • “I don’t know why don’t I go ask MY LOVELY S/O for help”
  • Everyone is annoyed by it but he gives 0 shits
  • Will have an arm lazily over ypur shoulder in Tavern booths or on walks
  • Absolutely will not touch you when in front of someone intimidating in fear of you being seen as a target
  • Kisses and lifting hugs in victories
  • It’s always him who initiates it at first (mainly causee he never gives you the chance to)
  • But when you do he gets all blushy and stuttery and flustered and awe he warms my heart. Like giving love he is all for he’ll love the fuck out of you, but receiving affection he either shuts down or tries to play it off while his face the color of a tomato


  • Will also flaunt her relationship but like x10
  • Disaster lesbians² 
  • “THAT’S MY GIRLFRIEND BITCHES!!!” Is like a token slogan at this point for both defending you and cheering you on
  • Casual shoulder or hip hold at all times
  • Always pecks you on the cheek or lips before going off somewhere
  • Always imagined beau as the clingy half awake before coffee morning person. So shell just be hugging you w one arm coffee in the other trying to process everything going on
  • Don’t make this girl jealous or mad she will fully start making out w you in the middle of the streets and then walk away to get a point across


  • He wants to hold your hand all the time tbh
  • He’s just a shy boi
  • He won’t reject when you initiate it hee actually really appreciates you fueling his need for constant reassurance. Just don’t expect him to do it often
  • So he’s not really one for PDA except in front if the group really
  • Will hold your hand under tables
  • Absolutely loves hugging you that is the one exception. He would hug you for hours if he could. Always hugs you before going out
  • Will hold your hand in the streets at night
  • Forehead kisses of reassurance


  • Surprisingly shy most of the time. She’s someone that likes affection in private times
  • Bridal carry her or she will you
  • A Disaster just like in general but shes is ½ experienced ppl in relationships so that’s something
  • Pet names galore
  • Will flaunt you w her trinkets and gifts the minute she buys them


  • Everything being one big innuendo does not stop just cause it’s her relationship
  • “Jester if you don’t stop I swear ill-”
  • “Oh? Do what y/n!!?” 😛👀👀👀
  • Always offers you, sweets,
  • Likes having her arm linked w yours
  • Will make you wear matching outfits
  • Dance w her doesn’t matter where just dance w her


  • Another disaster
  • But like he either doesn’t realize it or is in denial about it
  • Like to him he’s got all the moves
  • He’s the guy who still gives you awful pickup lines months into dating and ppl around you think you’re being creeped on
  • Arm around shoulder or elbow resting on your shoulder
  • Will loudly declare your bedtime escapades before leaving for the night
  • Walks elegantly w your arms linked you two are the richest ppl in the town.
  • Lots of unexpected kisses out of nowhere


  • Loves hugging you from behind. And resting his head on top of yours or on your shoulder
  • Holds your hand al the time
  • Kissing the back of your hands a lot
  • Give this man flowers like plz he might actually tear up
  • rests his head on your lap and you better pet his hair
  • Ends every sentence to you with love. “hey love,” “what do you want for breakfast love?” Like sometimes the rest of the group subconsciously starts doing it to and it makes cad so happy cause he thinks ppl are appreciating you like he does 


  • Delicate Shy barbarian angel
  • Buys you flowers a lot
  • It’s not that she doesn’t like pda or doesn’t want to do it shes just doesn’t think abt it till its brought up
  • Like oh yeh that’s a thing i can do now
  • Is like fjord in she doest want you to be seen as a target to her enemies so doesn’t do it at all when in enemy territory
  • Whisper sweet words in each other’s ears while walking
  • Will hug you unexpectantly a lot