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Couple for the haters. These last two crepe myrtle blanks were so gnarly that I.....gulp....sanded them. 🧐 . . .

I ¡Pruebas! Andamos busca de jugadores para reforzar nuestra plantilla si cumples los requisitos no dudes consultar MD

PRESENTACIÓN EQUIPOS (8/12) Otra gran club esports internacional quiere llevarse la Liga Uruguaya Agradecer también el apoyo de para con nuestra comunidad !! Bienvenidos

¡ ES CAMPEÓN🏆, LA 🇮🇹 ES CAMPEONA! El 35º , y el ¡OCTAVO! seguido. Récord absoluto en las grandes ligas. Sin rival.

Thank you Kathy & Joshua for your business. Enjoy your new 2019 -V from Kyle Wilson and Hagerstown Honda # waynesboropa

|🕵•Buscamos AMISTOSOS ▫Arreglamos Día y Formato al 📩 ✨•Se Agradece RT

なんか今週だけでトロ更新しまくってしまったので現在の戦績貼っておこっと(*´ω`*) こちらはメインのアカウント。

Love is like an hourglass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties🐯🐉 :Logo-PerthSaintChinese FANMEETINGREMINDERSเพราะคิดถึง

When I met you I knew would forever be by your side -- forever your partner and forever your love🐯🐉 :Logo-PerthSaintChinese FANMEETINGREMINDERSเพราะคิดถึง

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hot take: carol danvers is just space beauregard

I’ve decided to pause my c1 binge so i can binge c2 and get current. I will resume my obsession with vox machina when i am caught up. I have no idea why I’m posting this i just need someone to validate me

The Luxon, The Three Demigods, and other tinfoil hat theories

There has been a lot of talk about the possible connection between the Luxon and the firebird depicted in the temple murals in episode 40, since a lot of the imagery is similar. I don’t think they match up (rest of post under cut because its long, sorry!)

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I heard people are shipping my son and DChoco but um

I’m not sorry, I love him in his young prince costume. In my opinion, I don’t ship them bc I see milk being way younger than him.

  • In my headcanon, Milk looks up to him as an inspiration/example and wants to be a good person like him. He has no clue about DChoco or what happened to him but is still determined to thank him no matter what happens.
  • DChoco on the other hand, just sees Milk as another fan of his who doesn’t know what happened to him after he left the village.

The post on top was mostly a joke jsjsjsjjsksks

old vs new

I like new Sunrose so much more!

That design is way easier to draw

fun fact! I didn’t even really want Sunrose to become a cookie oc

then they did

they weren’t even a fusion at first

then I made them fusion

can’t say I regret that I think they turned out way better!