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A way to fatness to fitness. Free home delivery in Vadodara To buy Reva A2 Milk Call us at : +91-9712002343

"Every gallon of cowโ€™s milk consumed in the United States results in greenhouse gases equivalent to 17.6 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions."

A Must & Mast Drink Revamilk's A2 Milk. Free home delivery in Vadodara To buy Reva A2 Milk Call us at : +91-9712002343

is coming to spread the magic of farm fresh , needs, & in from 20th Jan, 2019. now and be the lucky one to avail free AC / RO service @ your door step. Visit: Call Us: 9891020209

A2 milk brings everyone together. Free home delivery in Vadodara To buy Reva A2 Milk Call us at : +91-9712002343

Wishing you'll a very Happy Makar Sankranti ! May this festival inspire you soar the skies by adopting a healthy and a happy lifestyle...!

My 1st homemade ๐Ÿฅ›When we still a baby,we drink breast milk from our mother. Then cow's milk have abundant protein and 0px; " tag="ium for child. So,now I started to think why we are still drinking even when we're already grown adult? ๐Ÿ„

Happiest Lohri from us to you and yours! Hereโ€™s to feasting, lots of Bhangra Dancing, Joy, Happiness and Love.

Satvik Prakruti Aahar stall beside Hall , need2 encourage such natural food centres instead of oil food Stalls , required 4 such Stalls in prominent Spaces , RailStations

Start your daily dose of fresh cow milk. Order Now : 9999700488/9971446789 (North Delhi Area).

We Promise to be โ€œPureโ€ & โ€œUnadulteratedโ€. โ€˜s farm fresh milk for your family.

your daily basket of freshness @ in from 20th Jan, 2019. Get ready to taste Farm Fresh , needs, and . Visit: Call Us: 09205955995 Stay Tuned For More Updates!

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Hey! Fresh n Pure cow milk from Farms to your doorstep

➡️Glass bottle packing
➡️no hormones
➡️no antibiotics
➡️Free Home delivery.

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From calf to a full size cow.🙈🙈🐄🐄🐄💚🌱🌱💚🌱🌱💚🌱🌱🙏 #almondmilk #Repost @lifejusticexperience
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סליחה לשירה היא ל-א אוכלת חלב פרות !
ואין לה בטן של תינוק.
#no #cowmilk #yes #soymilk

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“It was all good at first 😂. If it’s not from YOUR MOTHER, what’s really the difference? That’s what they get 😂😂 and they named the milk brand "Barker” with cookies on the table ahaha I’m done lol #milk #cowmilk #dogmilk"

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What is #CowMilk? 🐄🍼

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