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Just remember that within 5 years of a gov’t staging attacks to take away firearms, citizens will be forced into Walmart FEMA Death Camps & held as prisoners🚨➑️

I used to dislike this painting but it’s grown on me. It reminds me of . It’s inspired by master artist Lisa Frank of course!

Morgellons the worm-like fiber nano parasite disease is created the the toxic chemical trail spraying by the military under the guise of Climate control☠️🚨

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You know someone’s style is bangin’ if I end up taking photos of the person on more than one day! 

I’m literally obsessed with this wig, I need it now, and this entire pink look cuz I LOVE PINK OK

CRSSD, 2019

Guys hear me out. Cowgirl girlfriends but they ride dinosaurs (like Shaun Keenans work which is super cool btw and definitely inspired this), in Australia.

One rides a Gorgosaurus and the other rides a carnotaurus. They work on a farm with Muttaburrasauruses or other herbivores that could feed on the vegetation found there as the main stock. The work would involve mustering operations (overnight camping out in the bush, oh damn we’ve got to wash in the river..) along with various other standard farm tasks.

Carnotaurus rider participates in sprint races on said carno. She wears a dark brown dry-as-a-bone style coat with a similarly coloured leather akubra in wet weather and a black cloak plus matching rabbit fur akubra in dry or cold weather (Think Jane in ‘Jane Got a Gun’ minus the skirts because who wants to be working with 'cattle’ in a skirt). Leather boots too. She has long dark hair that cascades from beneath the akubra but is tied back when there is work to be done.

Gorgosaurus and carnotaurus get along well, and will happily bed next to each other.

The carnotaurus name is Nubbins because of a post i saw about their arms being nubbins and because what a cute name like “Hey have you seen Nubbins?” sounds like a small cute thing right? Wrong. Its a 2.5m tall carnivore that could rip you to shreds in seconds if it chose. Its like naming a snake fluffy, its perfect. Nubbins was raised and trained primarily by the rider and will respond to a number of verbal commands. 'Down’ to allow rider to mount 'Up’ for well, up. 'Stay’ is self explanatory. Various others

Excuse the quick drawings but you get the point