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Sweet Motobecane pour Antoine

Demi course vintage transformé en route.

Manque plus qu à installer des pneus Anti crevaison pour PARIS

Man, a tweet I saw earlier about old online friends you lose connection with and stuff made me really think about this one lady I used to talk to everyday back when Myspace was still a thing : (

It Takes a Village The Internet to Raise a Child

I had merely five days to observe the content I see in Facebook to prove this point, which absolutely did not work in my favor as I have insistently filtered the content in my news feed. Most of other people, unfortunately, do not care enough. And it matters, because we live in an age where toddlers are raised and stimulated by gadgets, and the internet is not topping the list of most child-friendly environment any time soon, or any time in the past for that matter. The point is, the age of internet users go lower and lower each year, and the world internet is their oyster.

Take this series of photos on gender equality. Quite a piece of work, and incredibly misguiding and just wrong. And yet shared by two of my male friends, and a couple thousand more by others.

Yes, because the thing is violence just happens, it’s normal, and we’re supposedly arguing who should be glorified doing it? I could go on, but as I have mentioned this is a series of posts.

Kids, ever heard of consent? Charming concept, not very hard, it’s just yes or no.

You know what’s actually natural? Working and admitting that some things are just beyond your abilities. Women work, and men should know it’s okay to ask for help.

And you see, these are messages shared, perpetuated and supported in the ever accessible world of internet, and it teaches and/or influences, and be reminded that this is only one of the many, many misinformed, misguided things that our generation is readily exposed to. This is a time where the young would opt for the internet for guidance, and if we don’t care enough to be careful then we’re only raising a generation of fools.


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New lifestyle?

I’ve been doing this course, which should improve my writing, creativity, and anything around me. Jessica Brody is very inspiring in her ways, and she made me understand a couple of things, or to have a different perspective on them.

One of those things is; OUR BRAIN!

It works like a computer and every day is like a reboot. 

My usual routine is, the alarm goes off, stay in bed while scrolling through all kinds of social media (tumble, facebook, wattpad and maybe some news), one of the first things I do as well is; TURN ON THE TV! We all know my TV is my greatest weakness and I’ve slipped into an old habit by going to sleep with the TV and if I wake up during the night and it’s turned off again - I turn it back on and go back to sleep. Same thing when my alarm goes off.

What I’m basically doing is loading all kinds of applications in my mind and overloading my RAM! Then I go to work, load some more applications, some planned and some unexpected and all of them keep running in the background. And when I come home - my brain is overloaded and my motivation to write is gone or weakened. I’ve basically started my day with a full mind, all applications that I don’t need but they stick with me during the day and makes everything run slower.

So Jessica suggested to turn my life around (and anyone who follows the course). One of them is to wake up an hour earlier, and I’m like; BUT MY ALARM ALREADY GOES OFF AT 6:30am… Which is actually a luxury I didn’t always have. 

WAKE UP AND GET OUT! No e-mail, no notifications, no news, no social media, and no TV… Just get ready, fuel up and get to writing once you’ve started up. Okay, I can do that - I hope. 

This makes perfect sense because I’m more productive in the morning. Hence I always do my chores in the morning or else I won’t do it as fast or entirely.

What am I going to try to do? Wake up earlier? Yes, I’m going to try and wake up earlier - is it a punishment? Not really - I usually wake up way earlier than my alarm anyway, but I just stay in bed too long.

I’m going to try and do my things in the morning! I’m going to print out the replies I owe and start to reply to them on my Freewrite with no distractions (the printing will be done in the evening). I’m also going to work on my book in the morning - dividing my time for both or what I’m most capable of. When I come home from work, I can edit my replies and post them (maybe even queue them).

Who knows, maybe I become more creative in the morning, and I’ll be able to start more things to get more stories going with people.

Am I desperate to actually get my creativity back? YES! Plus side, waking up earlier means I get to speak to the ones that go to bed late (if it makes sense). My bestie lives in the US, and so she is awake when I get up.