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We all have imagined meeting out perfect match, at the perfect time, in the perfect location at the perfect moment. But, truth is there is never a perfect time. You can find love anywhere, be open to possibilities.

Un detalle especial para este 14 de febrero o cualquier otra fecha importanteπŸ—“ Sorprenda a su pareja, amig@ o familiar. Que se note el match que hacen juntos❀️ Consultas al 70996901/72072358

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What techniques have helped you communicate with your friends and family about your infertility journey? Please share in the comments below.

The 50+1 Rule: β€œThe more positive experiences, however trivial, the stronger and deeper the feelings for your partner become.” -Kency Gilet, LMHC

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Personalized Couples painting sessions!


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One of many failing attempts to move off the sofa. 😂

In light of this Ridiculous photo…..I got down and did the nitty gritty last night to try and get things going!

If you and your partner can move past the funny and slight frustrating awkwardness of a bump being in the way on top of you both being full of colds….No where to go but up after that right!? 🙈

I mean come on..I got stuck on my back like a beached whale while trying to get a good position and having a pillow under my bottom. I couldn’t breathe and I just sorta rolled side to side with mi arms out. 😂

I’m pretty sure I might have sorter maybe…got a little snot on my partners moustache! Think it ended up being back in mi own gob 🤢

You know you got the right man when he can still carry on after the romance has gone and the gross and awkward sex has started. He did put the baby in their tho….think it’s only fair he tried to help get it out 🤪

Your Kisses

Those kisses you gave me,

They took me to the universe,

Then I bumped into the moon,

The moon read me a verse,

And asked me,

If I only wanted sex

I said no,

I want love

If not the sun wouldn’t shine.

I want more of those kisses,

Give me more of those kisses.

I miss your soft sweet kisses

I’ve had this photo for two months and I’ve stared at it ever since it was taken. And it just took me today to realize the way he’s staring at me. And I nearly cried. I love him so so much.


He puts up with me, and he loves me and he’s not super expressive but he tries his hardest and just I love him so much I see my future with him. He is my future, and I want nothing more than to be with him ❤️❤️

consider a couple (platonic or romantic, your choice) not only sharing a cold, but sharing the necessities that come with it:

- going to medexpress together because they both feel awful

- keeping each other company in the bathroom while they use the neti pot

- giving the other person their antibiotic for the sinus infection they both have when they take their own

- making two cups of tea instead of just one

- giving each other facial massages to help relieve sinus pressure—i’m talking heads in laps while they watch TV, gentle fingertips against their foreheads, pushing back hair to get to a particularly heavy spot

- sharing a bath or shower to relieve their sinuses

just…soft, co-existing stuff.