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La pizza-sushi est-elle la solution à tous ces couples qui se disputent le soir pour choisir le repas?

du jour : Célibataire, tout ira pour le mieux dans le meilleur des mondes. Si vous êtes en , vous pourrez être en , n'incitez pas votre à l'infidélité. Coté , les choses avancent lentement mais sûrement.

du jour : 👪⏰ En ou célibataire, quelque chose vous gène en . Vous n'êtes certain(e) de rien mais vous avez des doutes sur votre amoureux. C'est le de tirer les choses au clair. 💙

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Bu sefer olmasın. Canına yandığım, canımı yakmasın.


Décoration de gâteau pour un mariage ou un anniversaire de mariage ou pour la saint Valentin ❤

Bientôt sur @cults3d

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love at first boopgorgon!chanyeol x blind!kyungsoo

T160: Chanyeol is a gorgon who can’t get too close to people without risking them turning to stone when he looks at them. Kyungsoo is blind.

They say it was love at first boop!

they started off as a prompt for MONSTERFEST last year on twitter! received lots of love from twitterfolk and my brain kicked up some extra fluff!

soft gorgon chanyeol really likes matching couple items even if kyungsoo can’t appreciate it with his lack of sight ( ˘ ³˘)❤ him and his little noodles will be all the eyes kyungsoo will ever need!


winter is a frigid time for gorgons (they hibernate when it’s too cold) but chanyeollie really wanted to have a cosy cafe date with his cute boyfriend!

imagine kyungsoo’s surprise when chanyeol wraps around his legs for warmth!!!


couple shoe shopping is tough when your boyfriend is a gorgon and there’s only balenssssiaga for gorgons.

kyungsoo hears they’re big and colourful like chanyeol and his lil head noodles!

chanyeol’s little head noodles are wearing tummy warmers and scarves!

I hope you love them as much as I do! I’ll probably occasionally update on them when more idea strikes and i can dedicate my time to them uwu


Cheeky Wenesday.. 😏

GOLDSTADTPOKAL 2020 📺 World Open Standard, coming on Marius Mutin’s Youtube channel, tonight, 6pm (C.E.T). 📺 Subscribe, beats are coming down.
Event: GoldstadtPokal 2020
Coverage/Edit 🎥💻 @mariusmutin
Dancers 💃🏻@ewka8913
@tomashinno @ievazukauskaite @lettaposmetnaya

#goldstadtpokal #pforzheim #wdsf #dancesport #dancer #couple #latin #standard #cheeky (at Parkhotel Pforzheim)

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