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I believe in true love and I believe in goodness and humanity. I know that the world will be saved by beauty ... ♥ Open Profile > < ♥

Are you UNHAPPY in your current RELATIONSHIP? Let us KNOW in the comments below THEN head over to @victoriamilanofficial (link in Bio) and join US! 👄

Heute Abend ab 20:00 - 01:00 Uhr. Nach der Arbeit Stress abbauen. Lasst den Arbeitsstress bei Chill-Out Musik hinter euch und genießt die prickelnde Vorfreude auf das, was passieren kann...

Arjun Rampal & Gabriella Demetriades expecting their first child! Congratulations to the couple ❤️ . .

Sangeet ceremony is when actually the party begins & we are completely taken aback by the stunning back drop & by these show stopping performers Anuja & Shyantanu!

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Deja x Reese ♥ 

Come thug w me ma

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Dear girl,

You have qualities that the boys who live for this world cannot see. Don’t doubt your worth and change your path based off what they think. They don’t have the eyes to see what makes you beautiful. One day you’ll meet the one with the same line of sight as you and he’ll notice the masterpiece God has been working on. Until that day, stay with Him.