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Nonstop rains continue to pound the , whilst the rains have brought relief to many, the Met Dept continues to warn of the possibility of flooding. The Protection Unit continues to monitor the situation across the country.

19 de enero de 1946 nace Dolly Rebecca Parton, cantante, compositora, actriz, productora, escritora, filántropa y empresaria estadounidense. Considerada una de las mejores cantantes de la música country.

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Today in HERstory - 1946 Dolly Parton was born. Besides being an award winning and flashy country star, Dolly founded Parton’s Imagination Library which provided children with 60 million books. Learn more about her on episode 34! . . .

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Poetry like prose style site's view: Rule of is a must for any country. But should a 's impose its on the and privileges of constitutional as in ?

Our is a beautiful country with a lovely culture, but the & of are giving everyone in Japan a bad reputation. They kill dolphin and . .

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“I’ll chew you up and I’ll spit you out, cause that’s what young love is all about.” - Marina & The Diamonds

The next film on the AFI list is the Robert Altman musical comedy satire drama, Nashville (1975). I believed this was one of the lesser known movies that was on the AFI, but I was informed that it is much more popular in the South and on the East Coast then in California. This will be only my second viewing of the film and there are over 20 major speaking roles with almost as many plot lines so this feels like a very fresh experience to me. The film won the Oscar for best song and was nominated for a record 11 Golden Globes. This film is kind of hard to find but it is up for rent on Amazon. Robert Altman is known for his complex intertwining stories so I will do my best to keep up. Please join me in this country music comedy from the 70s that has become an American classic.