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The Pan African Parliament (PAP), which is sitting in South Africa, has a motion calling for the removal of illegal imposed on by Western , with its saying the country is reforms under the new dispensation.

of & have the same Mission: Keep their World Divided ↕ Space-Time: Divided ↕ Humanity: Divided, Submissive, Credulous ↕ =0°= Earth Static 🇺🇳 Local Time: You are on their ↓ ↓

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’s Foreign Minister said on Wednesday that Prime Minister received a “positive response” from and during his latest visits to the two . – Read the full story:

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Vacations sucks

Swedish college question

I am a sophomore in high school in the US but I want to attend Umeå University in Sweden for fine arts and the exchange student courses for it. Is there anyone who could help me to learn more about Umeå, the university, and just everything I need to know in general? It would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Perú! 🇵🇪|Countryhumans

Acá está el diseño de mi Perú. Ahora la ropa que utiliza es una combinación de las vestimentas o accesorios de danzas típicas, ejemplo: los pantalones son basadas en la danza del huayno.


El es algo agresivo, ya que después de lo que a pasado, su comportamiento a cambiado muchas veces, de ser un joven amable a una persona agresiva.


Un dato importante sobre el es que cuando era una colonia pertenecía a la nobleza indígena, también tuvo una alianza matrimonial con un representante de los criollos.

Espero que les haya gustado! Y gracias por el apoyo que me están dando :‘3

PD: es octubre! :D se acerca mi cumpleaños!

New adventure!

Well hi there stranger!

If you landed on my page, it is natural that I first give you my warmest welcome! 

Here’s a bit of information that you will find around my world, about myself, about my environnement: 

  • Name: Pearl
  • Date of Birth: Oct 17
  • Age: 27 (soon 28)
  • Country: Austria but I’m French/Argentinean
  • Languages spoken: 🇫🇷 • 🇦🇷 • 🇬🇧 • 🇮🇹 • 🇦🇹

On this Tumblr, I will share: 

  • Photography 
  • Opinion 
  • Society facts 
  • Lifestyle
  • Interactions 
  • Travels

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate in hitting the ask button! I’ll ready each one of your messages. 


I’m actually German but according to this I’m Italian


[ ] you drink a lot of tea.

[x] you know what a brolly is.

[x] deal or no deal has taken over your life.

[ ] you wanted ben to win x factor.

[x] you use the word “bugger” or the phrase “bloody hell.”

[ ] fish and chips are yummy.

[ ] you can eat a full english breakfast.

[ ] you dislike emos almost as much as you dislike chavs.

[x] it’s football… not soccer.

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