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Wooo! Another fanart piece for cosplay twitch streamer .official done. Check her on IG and see her go live next Saturday the 26th at 8pm UTC+10 , for some Resident Evil 2 jump scares😋

One of the best weeks of my life with my love, ! 💖 Can’t wait until we’re together again.

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出してきたら折れてるし……!! でもこの薄さでこの材(バルサ…?)じゃ折れて当然な気もする…。抜かないとしてどうにか安定させる術がないかみなさまのお知恵を拝借したいです……。なお安定して接着できるだけの面積はありません。針金はダメそう

Hey Twitter...I'm not dead -yet-. Still busy with school and life but hopefully I'll be able to show you some costume WIP soon as well as some new Witcher and FH content from my two latest shoots. But for today it will be a portrait of my Shani from !

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My family loves doctor who! i have been the David Tennant Doctor for Comicon like 5 times now. even made our daughter a Dalek costume the one year

It's been almost 6 months since I started working on this cosplay. Every swirl is hand-stitched. The belts hand-braided & of real leather. There's real moss on the armor. Next 📸-session will be a proper one with makeup!

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Don't mess with sorcerers. Triss Merigold in very angry mood: "Any of you fucking pricks move, and I'll execute every motherfucking last one of ya!" More pics:

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My dia wig came in today!! I’m so happy


Dragon Ball Trivia with the Cast of Dragon Ball Super: Broly is alive and kicking. Have you joined yet?

The Dragon Age | Mass Effect Social Network, fondly known as, is alive and kicking! We’ve had over 250 users join us since opening invitations on December 24th, 2018.

Our newest feature, as of January 12th, should be a great hit!

You can simultaneously auto-publish your posts from to Twitter and Tumblr. 

No need to post in two or three places when you can create your post in one and have it published in three!

You can join at

Please copy and paste the above link because, well, Tumblr.

If you need some reasons to join

  • You do not have to have played any of the games in the franchise, simply being a fan is enough,
  • Other games are permitted to be discussed and shared,
  • The platform is very friendly for creators and consumers of fan content,
  • Artists can upload their content to their account which creates a gallery of their work that they can link to and reuse easily,
  • A post will support 65 000 characters so writers can post longer fic and drabbles and intact links to Ao3,
  • Commenting has the same 65K character limit so you can have discussions with other members without having your conversation cut off arbitrarily,
  • Searching by hashtags works and you can follow your favourite tags so you never miss a post relevant to your interests,
  • Adult content is permitted,
  • We are LGBTQ+ friendly. This is very important to us!
  • The platform layout is Tumblr-esque but has additional features such as being able to curate your feeds and control who you share your content with.

We do also have a Discord to discuss features or ask questions which you can join if you like ( or feel free to message myself or @beckily if you have questions.