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You got wild.

So I totally forgot I also did a Jim Gordon test way back in the day so I had to add him to my cosplay collection.

April O’Neil by Elizabeth Rage, Photography by Saffels

Started to out some on my cloak today, still a long way to go and hands aching from cutting all the cheque pieces out, but I'm getting excited to layer it up now :D

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ICYMI: passes are now on sale! You can save up to 30% off of the regular price by buying yours in advance. See you at FanQuest, June 22 & 23!

A beautiful sunny day, Sobble was shy to be a part of the party, but still had fun! Ate lots of chicken and cookies! 🍪 🍗 Thanks for the fun times, ! 💧

I like this outfit a lot especially that hat 😍

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My picture was won today at in I can't remember which this is but its pretty cool eh? is a I produced last year, it's really hard to do but it's so popular I might have to do it again

How is it going on LBM? Maybe you saw some members of us yet. Tomorrow 3 of our members and even our old Nozomi will cosplay Lovelive. To make it tricky all are from Aqours this time 😀 see ya!

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Ahora quieren hacer ??? De que te gustaría verlas disfrazadas??? 🤔🤔🤔 @rosmaryc7pa @marlenec7pa

20190323 AJ 1Day めぐみん model:蒼羽もぐ汰さん( ) 撮影させていただきありがとうございます😊

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I did set and lighting for my school production of Return to the Forbidden Planet (as well as designing the logo for scientific survey flight nine) and it was the most fun I’ve ever had! It was a lot of work but one hundred percent worth it. The whole show had such a great energy and I was singing and dancing along from behind the tech desk the whole time. (Feat. the incredible @lesbian-thespian as Cookie)


Wrapping up the Orlando BTS with our man @Mark_knight_rises ! He is a fantastic guy and we can’t wait for you all to see his great performance!
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Eyemasks: @tigerstonefx
Accessories: @retronano
Slade/Deathstroke: @mark_knight_rises (at Orlando, Florida)

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Character: Sabretooth

Series: X-Men

Cosplayer: @cosplayq

Photographer: @dfundanophotography

Suit by: @herostime2013

Pattern by: @rvprops


“At the end of Fan Expo Canada last August, my friends and I decided we’d put together a big X-Men group. I chose Sabretooth because I wanted to try cosplaying a villain, someone different from my personality. I started getting items like the wig, hair dye, fur, teeth necklace and claws around Halloween in preparation for this costume.

I like Sabretooth because whenever he walks in the room you know something is about to go down. Sabretooth doesn’t hide who he is whether that’s good or bad. He embraces his nature and keeps going until he either gets what he wants or dies trying.

During the first week of February I ordered my Sabretooth costume (pattern by RVProps) from Herostime after looking at 2 other designs. I also had a custom muscle suit made by Movie Coser-Yoy to make myself look bigger and more imposing. After receiving my costume I painted a pair of boots I had and a ski mask, I tried to match the colours as best I could. I decided to glue the side burns and eye brows to the mask to save myself some time while suiting up.

The morning of the convention I rubbed some golden blonde hair dye wax into the wig I styled as well as the eye brows and side burns. I also attach fangs to my teeth right before suiting up. Once I was fully suited up I finally put on my Subzero White contact lenses, then I looked at myself in the mirror and tried not to scream”.

Ok so… I have been wanting to do a Costest of Siri Black that I’m going to do at OkeCon in May. (Con that the local library holds every year.)

Here is my dilemma, I myself am not big on my wig I got for her/him(let’s face it I’m a pants gal and will be doing a regular Sirius Black as well… hopefully…) What do you guys think? I’ve thought of possibly finding a pomade to dye my hair black for the day and easily wash it out as well. Any advice would be great!

Thank you @lilywolfsims for keeping Siri company and laughing while I put the face on. And thank you @jencala for oh so harshly pulling my leg to do the costest today. (It didn’t take much. I hate studying.)

In addition, here is possible slytherin Sirius as well. I “snatched” the wig before thinking of grabbing that tie for pix.