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Impmon Stimboard ★

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If any of you are following me on other social media you’ll notice that I do talk quite a lot about ethical consumption and animal testing. Since yall are Hufflepuffs I bet that you love animals just as much as I do. So please stop supporting beauty brands that still test on animals it’s such a serious matter and it seems like a lot of people don’t know a lot about this and it makes me so bad please protect these innocent souls. I’ve posted on my Instagram Story some of the brands that support animal testing you can go check it out if you want please educate yourselves on this matter I promise it’s worth it 


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Ipsy glam bag plus unboxing for July 2019 by a CANADIAN

Hey everyone,

So by now you’re using to me posting makeup reviews from the brand Revolution (which btw have some great ones coming up) but did you know they have a bath fizz range?? No? Well that’s two of us. In their sister range I Heart Revolution, it now does a mix of makeup and bath fizzes and bath bombs which I think it such a great idea for this brand. They currently have 6 bath fizzes in their range each costing £3.00, I decided to pick up a few after finding out they were in the 3 for 2 offer so I ended up paying £6.00 instead of £9.00 which is fine by me. I decided to get the flavours blueberry crush, raspberry icing and Blackcurrent Frosted.

Here I wanted to include a little demo, now before I start talking about the bath fizz can we appreciate the size!!!! I wasn’t expecting them to be so big when they arrived because if you spend £3 at LUSH they aren’t that big. When I threw this bath fizz into the water the bath went a gorgeous aqua blue colour which was just lovely to look at. The bath started smelling like blueberries as soon as the fizz hit the water. I’m really excited to try out the others because I really think this could be a great substitute for LUSH if you don’t want to break the bank, especially when the 3 for 2 offer is on !!!!!

Once again Revolution surprise me again and give me another thing to love.

Lots of love

Bella x x