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A new startup has called our company because they want an online shop, an online image, product mockup, logo, business cards, presentation and logo. So we started with the latter.

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My snow crab allocation was stolen from me almost 9 years ago. I'm owed over $600,000. There is an active and ongoing police investigation for 5 years. How come no media coverage?

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The only people buying into the hype are out of touch boomers wholl vote on feelings instead of or facts. The most folks who still believe the narrative. Its Insideous! *Nevermind every other obstacle they've launched to STOP !

Counselling takes care of employee’s mental health and emotional well-being with a resulting increase in personal awareness and self-efficacy. We can attend your place of work and offer workshops to support your team.

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Corporate America is like a bad divorce to its citizens

It’s Not You it’s me

For the past four years, I’ve worked in corporate from being a recruiter at the largest cable provider to being a purchasing analyst at the largest automotive supplier in the world. I have failed to find happiness in any of my positions. It seems there is always a deal breaker such as being a contract worker for way too long, dealing with a narcissist evil coworker to just not having the option to work from home. Only a month in and I hate my job. Even with my salary increasing almost 50 percent I still fail to find happiness.
I think to myself often, “I have to be the most indecisive unhappy person there is.” With my frustration growing every day I don’t know where to turn. Should I just quit my job to “find myself” or should I keep jumping from job to job searching for the right fit.
Sitting at my boring plain desk thinking, “Who can I speak to that will understand me, which one of my friends do I want to listen to me wax and wane about my good paying job?”
But I chose not to tell anyone because no one can know my next move. I think everyone is tired of me telling them I love my job the first week, but I hate it every week after that.
I came up with an even better idea switch jobs without anyone knowing not even my boyfriend of 4 years or my best friend whom I’ve been knowing since the 7th grade.
Finally, I decided to ask my best friend Google, “wasn’t happy with my job, so I created a new one.” As I am scrolling I see an article titled “It’s not you; it’s me.” I thought to myself, “I am the problem.” Duh!! How could I not see that? Why am I the problem? Ah ha!! I’m never satisfied, and I get bored so quickly. Something can seem exciting for a minute, but I will lose interest forever. But why is that? Am I impatient or does my employer not know how to use my skills? I believe it’s a combination of both.
Companies tend to see my Master’s in Information Technology degree and automatically think I will be an excellent fit for their department. I go into interviews and hear all of the ideas they have for my role, and when I accept the position, it’s strictly administrative work.
That can be very frustrating for me especially when I mention that I am looking for a Business Analyst role or something similar. But I am to blame because well I was so ready to leave my former position and I accept the first thing offered to me knowing the type of mindset that I have. But experience is the best teacher you live, and you learn.
As of now I am unemployed and living my best life. I chose to relax, break out of my shell and learn new skills. I can officially say that I am happy with my decision to be happy.