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get your protected requirements

WAIT! You can’t REPEAT this in JAIL, they don’t have machines there. IRRO is the antidote for your copying work. Visit

Hey! You guys are using my original artwork "Goddess of the Sea" all over your sites without my permission! U even added your logo!?

CJ, one of South Korea's largest conglomerates, is developing a blockchain-based music copyright management system using AWS' Amazon Managed Blockchain Service.

Also I disputed it, but since I don't even have 30 subs, I'm probs gonna get the short end of the stick and get a strike......FML and a big F for us Smaller channels.

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Episode 35 of the "Law & Business" - Why You Need to Register a - Requirement for Court, Cataloging, and Statutory Damages. Listen on for more:

There's a trend of copyright infringement lawsuits in the music industry. You may not have a song in danger of copyright infringement, but using a photo 📸 on your website without permission can land you in the middle of a infringement lawsuit.

This day, in 1986, The US District Court for the Northern District of California ruled that computer code was covered by copyright.

Listen to a "Classic": Episode 11 of the "Law & Business" Podcast: Film, Entrepreneurship, Copyright and Trademark Issues with Daron Jenkins, film entrepreneur

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Don't believe the scare tactics, folks. This is pure propaganda in which is basically assuming the vast majority of Americans are thieves (not true) and the vast majority of independent creators are trolls (also not true.) Don't be duped.

Copyright - Driver’s License: Copyright Infringement in the World of Street Art: In January 2018, Mercedes-Benz began a marketing campaign that included photos of its cars in the Eastern Market in Detroit. The Eastern…

Technoeconomics ® News: Register Now! Wright IP’s 2nd Annual Symposium On Global IP Strategic Planning, IP Monetization & Trade, Sept. 30, 2019. TX MCLE 4.75 See attached

Microsoft lanza SCOLARIS, una plataforma para atraer, retener y vincular estudiantes. Juro sobre la "Pedagogía del Oprimido" de Freire que no tengo nada que ver con esta gente.

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Mi piaci. Mi piaci come mi piace pane e Nutella. Mi piaci come il plaid e “Pretty Little Liars” il sabato sera. Mi piaci come il letto dopo una giornata a correre. Mi piaci come la pizza e la Coca-Cola. Mi piace come tutto ciò che è difficile da avere. Mi piaci cazzo, e non posso nè dirtelo e nè dimostrartelo. Resti la cosa più bella che non ho mai avuto.

The State Strikes Back - Sovereign Immunity as a Pirate's Sword
Video: © Nautilus Productions LLC d/b/a (posted with permission) In a previous article I introduced a piracy case now making its way through the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).

By entering into a settlement agreement and paying Allen money after the initial infringement of Allen’s copyrights, North Carolina – for all intents and purposes – conceded it did something wrong when it used and published Allen’s images without permission. Blackbeard’s Law and words in the settlement agreement cannot validate subsequent infringement of the exact same nature. Nor does North Carolina’s theme that it only infringed six times, and for a public benefit, help its case. An infringement of a copyright is an infringement of federally protected property right. And an alleged “little infringement” is nevertheless an infringement.

“ya es muy tarde”

miradas rápidas, titubeadas

tal vez entrecortadas

de palabras por decir.

palabras guardadas,



un universo de oraciones

y constelaciones bien


que tal vez nunca por

mis labios dejé fluir.

miradas entrecerradas,


mayoritariamente ocultaron

lo que en realidad

quise decir.

maldita retención.

¿cómo puedo quebrarte

para por fin dejar

mis palabras fluir?

gabriela (porque sí, ese es mi nombre:)

anonymous asked:

What the hell is up with YouTube's verification system now? It seems like things are just getting progressively harder for content creators such as yourself on that platform.

Youtube has been making some strides lately when it comes to leveling the playfield for creators. They’ve been adding new stipulations to curb copyright fraud, they’re about to massively rework the way kids content gets monetized, and so on.

Both of those articles focus on the negatives of these new policy changes, but I think you can view them more as growing pains. Youtube is kind of trying to clean up their platform (finally) and standardize things in ways that could ultimately be better. Yes, it’s going to close a lot of loopholes, some of which aren’t strictly nefarious in their use, but it’s all about strengthening Youtube in the big picture, one that’s so big it can be hard to take it all in.

That can be kind of dangerous, because I’ve heard even Youtube doesn’t entirely understand how Youtube works. I’ve always tried to focus just on how big Youtube is, how many multi-millions of people are on the platform, how impossible it is to monitor even a fraction of a day’s uploads. Any change, no matter how big or how small, have gigantic, nigh-on incomprehensible ramifications.

This means that their efforts to “level the playfield” can go both ways. Everyone is getting more and less power in different directions, and it mainly sucks if you’re on the fringes that are getting trimmed (and with a site as large as Youtube, those fringes can house hundreds of thousands of accounts).

That’s sort of what this verification thing felt like, to me. Youtube was essentially knocking down a lot of their content kings to slum it like the rest of us have been, while making the “verified” badge exclusively for marketing partners and brands.

The problem is that Youtube underestimated what constitutes as a “brand.” People are their own personal brand now, and taking away the benefits of that isn’t very cool. Youtube was hurting itself in an unnecessary, shortsighted way.

Thankfully, they’re rolling back that change, after realizing what a dumb idea it was.

Broke: Let People Like Things

Woke: Please Stop Treating People As Inherently Complicit With Corporate Monopolies By Engaging With Works Produced Under That System Because You Find Those Works Aesthetically Displeasing.

Bespoke: Work To Return Copyright Durations To Their Pre-1976 Length Of 56 Years To Allow Non Corporatized Engagement With Our Shared Culture Instead Of Pejorativizing People For Engaging With It Under Our Current Hell System

The more I use Apple, the more they suck

The two biggest reasons why Apple sucks would be their price, and the fact that they honestly think it’s their job to control you.

I’m not kidding.

Time & time again I’ve tried to save an image or copy some text from a webpage – usually as a cite for some online argument – and Apple won’t allow it. They think they need to police you. They think they should police you and they do police you.

The phone is worse than the computer and the computer is pretty awful with this policing you…

This is stupid. Honestly, I just plain don’t care about massive corporations. Their “Copyrights” are important to me… ESPECIALLY when they so often commit CopyFraud, claiming copyright violations when there are none.

You?  Good luck. Nobody will protect you and your rights. Everything is geared towards “Protecting” massive corporations.

Why spend over $1,000 on a great piece of hardware just so it can police you in a ridiculous, inappropriate manner?

In answer to a @lexiklecksi poem

the dark alleys of the mind

often paths of uncertainty, doubt, trial

crossing moments of unbearable pain

how human we are!

and how we yearn to get rid of these

succeeding is uncertain

the question arises:do we have to?

why not to accept their existence

and acquire their friendship

dark alleys

full of absurd theatre

dark indeed but sources of fantasy

feeding our brain

I kind of need them to exist

I know now

after a long struggle


wachtuiltje 2019🗿