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Enjoy the quiet joys of life, and feel ceramic art and rich experience. . . .

Shir-Gold is the perfect modern luxury line for your daily routine! Pamper your with elegant elements including , , plus hydrating oils & acid.

RT RedCloudKS "The sudden surge in spot buying comes ahead of a period in which several large copper smelters will be closed for prolonged planned maintenance. "

The rallied for the last 8 hours of trading overnight, completing as close to a bullish engulfing pattern as possible. Despite , & falling, the closed high. Losses may exceed deposits

The sudden surge in spot buying comes ahead of a period in which several large copper smelters will be closed for prolonged planned maintenance.

"... can't believe I'm still a buyer... When this flips, I become a seller..." talk of $5/kg , yes please! So .

RT 1969Enigma "RT iMetalResources: Find out about our greenfield exploration play in Ontario with with our free newsletter: "

Hello loves! If you have Instagram please give my friend's IG: mmmetalsmithing a follow and support a local artist who does beautiful work. Please boost and rt.

The drop is the biggest move on the index since a jump last June. Market participants are uncertain as to whether it is a seasonal dip before thinner spot buying in the third and fourth quarters, or if low terms are here to stay.

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Switchplate Art: Bacchus in Copper Light Switch Cover.

The image used in creating this plate is an altered image digital collage created from a photo of an antique architectural element found on a building in Lisbon, Portugal.

The last picture in the photo series shows how the plate looks mounted to a toggle switch. Note that when mounted, the toggle becomes the tongue of the mirror image face.

The image is mounted on a brushed copper finish cast metal wall plate base, and sealed in poured resin.

Lets see… list of bitties that i have…

they will be in order of who ive had the longest to those ive just recently gotten

1.Cotton- first bitty ever, a undertale sans bitty that has some of his ribcage missing due to a fight with Angst

2.Berry- a baby blue/underswap sans mix really, lost his brother to a snake

3. Angst- a cherry/underfell sans hybrid, not much to say about him but that hes clingy and is the cause for cottons rib cage to be practically destroyed.

4. Choco - a chocolate obsessed error bitty with a brown stain on his left cheekbone, overprotective of gore

5.Boo- a horrortale sans bitty, was given to Gore when his owner said he couldn’t care for him anymore, her freind made the right choice, Boo hates being feared and is shy and skittish, so he often hides in Gore’s closet

6. Papi- the dog sized papyrus bitty, has no hands due to neglected infection from previous owners, cannot talk, and vocalizes only with grunts and giggles

7. Orion - an outertale sans bitty with a star sparkle taped to his skull

8. Pastel- a strawberry nightmare bitty with icy blue eyes, one of the rare blind ones that are a bit more magically powerful than their non blind counterparts.

9. Boss- swapfell gold sans bitty, insisted for Gore to call him boss. a lil devil that likes to cause mischief and steal wine

10. Puppy (Gore calls him Coffee when talking to others) doesnt react when called his real name (coffee) because he things he doesnt deserve it, so he goes by Puppy instead. a swapfell gold papyrus bitty.

11. Inky - a female albino ink sans laima that is the mother of two lamia kiddos

12. Blue - a blind underswap sans lamia bitty, the father of Copper and Blueprint

13. Copper and Blueprint - siblings, their mother is Inky and their father is Blue

14. Lost - a very venomous error sans lamia bitty, Gore is still working on getting his trust

15. Smol - a self genderbending and suicidal corrupted nightmare, prefers to be female rather than male

16. Steel - a dreamswap bitty, likes things made of steel and is basically Gore’s self appointed guardian angel

17. Lemon - a mer dream bitty thats still very young of age, shares a water tank with starburst and Cray

18. Cray -  a adult mer fresh bitty with an mental disablity that basically makes him have the intelligence of a baby, poor bean.

19. Starburst - a young mer fresh bitty that is very young, he is really smart for someone his age

thats all of my bitties, goodness i have so many

Large Selenite Orgone Copper Swirl Necklace Pendant with a Black Silky Cord, EMF Protection Jewelry

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Latent is an outdoor product collection based on the principle of ageing design, established on the topic of motion. Objects that become more beautiful with the passing of time, responding to the experiences it has with the user, enduring weather or various seasons, is which the design was purposefully meant to be naturally altered through time, making each piece truly unique.