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Join us this weekend for ! From to rock to indie and everything in between, revel in the live music 🎸🏔️ under the backdrop of the Ten Mile Range.

China Molybdenum says giant Congo mine is losing money China Molybdenum, which operates the giant Tenke Fungurume mine, said falling metal prices combined with higher taxes and royalties, and rising costs meant it was now in a “deficit zone

Los Andes to build “Chile’s next major mine” After the recent publication of a preliminary economic assessment (PEA) for the project, released in June, management is preparing a prefeasibility study (PFS) that expects to submit by the end of 2020

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are the future 100% Everything , but we still gonna need the BP servo for quite some number of Years yet me thinks🤔 Proposed name change to “Global Oil & Gas Limited”

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Vs Charts Perfect Copper bounce to $2.8 equivalent to ~5.1p 8.5p = $3 Game on

Another week and a half before close... will close below breakdown line?

Further strong drilling results announced by Aeon Metals yesterday 👇. The Company’s 100%-owned Walford Creek Project shaping up as a monster resource. Disclosure: I own

The continues to consolidate, with traders placing their attention elsewhere at present. was steady along with , but is looking vulnerable on resistance. stronger overnight. Losses may exceed deposits

Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: David's Star Come check out the other items I have!!

We are delighted to have contributed to the construction of a playground for the community of Bor municipality in . The new playground opening was celebrated during the week of Miner's Day in Serbia. , , ,

Massive $$ still pouring into the ! China's Citic Metal makes additional investment of $459mln to Ivanhoe Mines’s mine. Citic Metals has invested $1 billion in less than a year in Ivanhoe 🤔

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hand forged Kazuyukis

Why does the water head use copper instead of aluminum?

Play cold water friends know, whether it is cold head CPU or video card, are used in the copper material.The heat conductivity of aluminum, which is commonly used for heat dissipation, is also good, so why not use aluminum as a cold head?

Cold head is the chip, heat transfer heat absorption, the material used to have a high thermal conductivity. So with that said, let’s talk a little bit about what thermal conductivity is.


The thermal conductivity coefficient refers to the heat transfer through an area of 1 square meter (watt/meter · degree) in 1 second (1s) under stable heat transfer conditions. The temperature difference between the two sides of a material 1m thick is 1 degree (K, ℃).

The general idea is how fast something transfers heat. Take, for example, holding a stone in hot water, your fingers can barely feel the temperature change. If you touch hot water with an iron rod, your fingers will soon feel the temperature change. This is actually the reason for the different thermal conductivity.

In real life, materials with low thermal conductivity are used as insulation materials, such as asbestos and perlite, which are applied because of their slow heat transfer characteristics. Electronic chip heating requires the rapid release of heat, which requires materials with high thermal conductivity, and metal is the preferred material.The thermal conductivity of copper is 377, that of aluminum is 237, and that of silver is 412. Silver is too expensive to be used as a cold head, so by contrast, copper is the best choice.

Then someone said, in the water - cooled computer heat sink row has the aluminum cold row!In fact, this is related to the specific heat capacity, which is the heat required to increase the temperature of a substance per unit mass by 1 degree, copper is 0.39J/kgK, aluminum is 0.9 J/kgK, so the heat emitted by reducing 1 degree of copper is smaller than that of aluminum, that is, copper should dissipate heat faster than aluminum, so why use aluminum?

It turns out that tin is needed for the welding of the channel with cold discharge of copper, and the specific heat capacity of tin is very large, which restricts the heat dissipation speed of copper, while the density of aluminum is obviously lower than that of copper. For the same type of cold discharge, aluminum is thinner and lighter, making it easier to use. So technically speaking, there is not much difference between copper and aluminum.

Nerding Out At The Dentist

So I’m currently at the dentist getting my wisdom tooth removed. They numbed me and all I can think of is Kevin in Copper going “No Pain.” And Matthew replying “no shit.” Lol I know what I’m watching when I get home from this fuckery. If only my doctor would understand the reference.


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