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One of my gifts for one of my Secret Santas this year (I’m part of 3 lol). Anyways, I also love Pyrrha so an art of her was a must~

おはようございます😃 コトブキヤ本店からお知らせです 大人気のコピックの収納ケースが入荷しております!!本店2階の階段そばにありますので、御来店お待ちしております(^^)     

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Ok, Ok, aquí esta la ilustración que más esperaba mostrarles, un dibujo (mi shipp favorito❤)

Since I sold all my post cards it's time for the original ($20) " we're all mad here" 4"x6" framed and everything ready to ship it or pick up lmk. 🔥🤙🤘🤘 – at Area 51 Museum

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My friend brought dried squid once to share… So, in retaliation, I drew her this for Christmas.