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We can supply Microflex Pre-insulated Pipes - The Perfect Solution for your energy distribution system hydronic sanitary potable

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Will the threat of death from the cold due to be better or worse in the future. Todays young socialist protestors will be old sooner than they think. Sitting in front of an electric fire consuming POWER they CAN'T afford. THE PRESENT THREAT!

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We supply Microflex Pre-insulated Pipes. The Perfect Solution for your energy distribution system hydronic potable sanitary

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The Anatomy of a Cooler

This is a photo of what my cooler looked like on the way to game last gathering! Everything stayed pretty good – I only had a problem when I got stuck on the road for 7 hours on the way back from game. That in mind, I wanted to give you some tips on keeping your food cold in a cooler, and what that actually looked like.

Tip One: Cool Before You Pack
The first thing to do is make sure that all of the stuff you’re pulling in the cooler is cold. I know that sounds a bit like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people stick warm drinks in their cooler.

You’re fighting time when it comes to a cooler packed for LARP, your stuff needs to stay good for about 3 days with minimal fuss, so you want to give it the best possible start. For that to work, you need to make sure that none of the ice in your cooler has the job of cooling items immediately on entry. Stick all of the food that’s going in your cooler in the fridge or freezer overnight as necessary, so it’s as cold as it can be before you pack it. 

Protip: If you store your cooler outside (as I do), then this tip also extends to the cooler itself! Bring the cooler inside for at least an hour, and let it come up to room temperature. You don’t want the ice you put in the cooler to have the job of cooling the cooler.

Tip Two: Ice Packs are Superior to Ice
For the purposes of using a cooler, there’s a ton of reasons to go with an ice pack. Smaller surface area means that your ice packs will melt more slowly than straight ice, with the added bonus that the chemical in ice packs is designed to facilitate with that. Additionally, you don’t end up with a giant amount of water in the bottom of your cooler that you then need to deal with and gets in everything. Invest in ice packs. You will not regret it.

Tip Three: Freeze a Bottle of Water
Grab yourself a gallon of water, pour out about a quarter of it (drink it please, you probably need the hydration before game), and freeze the rest. You want to pour out a bit so the bottle doesn’t burst, I’ve had that happen before, and it sucks. The frozen bottle of water acts as a giant ice pack, with the added bonus that you can drink it while you’re striking your camp site on Sunday morning, and it’ll still be wonderfully cold (and welcome while you’re sweating buckets trying to get your tent taken down and thrown in your car).

Tip Four: Make a Non-Iced Section
You may notice on the right hand side of the cooler, I don’t have any ice packs. This is because the stuff on that side of the cooler would be damaged by sitting directly on ice. I make sure my drinks are super cold (there’s nothing wrong with vaguely slushy sodas or electrolyte drinks) but I make a small barrier to the ice with my mason jars, and put anything that’d be hurt on the other side. So my quesadillas, any breads I’m throwing in the cooler, the salami you see there, and the small creamer packets, which might freeze and be difficult to use are all in the non-ice section. This is a good place to store lettuce if you’re bringing any – or really anything that will be hurt by ice cold, or moisture.

Tip Five: Limit Open Cooler Time
As I said, the biggest threat you face at game is time. So make sure that you (and whoever else might be going into the cooler) limit the time the cooler is open. Know where your items are, or have a light nearby so you can find them quickly. Get in, get out. Don’t stare in there like you do in the fridge! Do a periodic check to make sure your cooler is closing properly and isn’t leaking too much cold.

Tip Six: Shade is your Friend
Make sure, wherever you store your cooler, that it’s out of direct sunlight. I stash mine under a small table that has a floor length tablecloth made for it. The direct sunlight will heat the sides of the cooler, forcing the ice to work double time. Any time I’ve had an issue with coolers getting too hot, it’s because they’re exposed to sunlight.

Tip Seven: More Stuff is More Better
The more items you have in there at the start, the easier it will be for your stuff to stay cool. The items themselves will be cold (if you follow tip one!) and each item will then serve to keep everything else in the cooler cold. If you know you’re only bringing a 12 pack of drinks with you, for instance, consider getting a smaller cooler which fits only the drinks and a couple of ice packs, instead of having to dump a lot of ice into a larger cooler. It’ll be much easier on you in the long run.


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In The Know Innovation Gadgets This device makes drinks cold in minutes

Brrr! This super-cooler makes drinks cold in a matter of minutes.


Credit to from @inteldeveloperzone (@get_regrann) - Cooling your PC in style. How would you mod your PC’s cooling?

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