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Which Supporting Marvel Character Matches Your Personality?

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yasu.     i'm  kinda  stressed  because  of  something  that  happened    (    but  i  don’t  wanna  talk  about  it    )    ,    so  i'm  gonna  binge  a  little  gegege  no  kitaro    &    feel  better  because  i  love  him    ,    i may do it on rabb  .  it  so  who  wants  to  join  me    ?    give  this  a  like    &    i’ll  send  you  the  link  to  my  rabb  .  it.    i’m  starting  in  20  minutes.

So now that Black Panther has blown everyone’s asses off and proved a black lead can carry a comic book movie can we get Blade and Spawn reboots i want my badass late ‘90s supernatural antiheroes god damn it

Also Spawn was y’know kinda shit so some improvement in that area would be really nice


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Original Fic Fest Intro

I’m always up (or down) for a fest, so even though it’s last minute I’m going to through myself into the ring for the @originalficfest. I think this is such a fantastic idea and I’m so excited about it. 

About Me: Laura, 27, and have been writing for years. I started writing in the fanfiction arena and loved it there, but have since stopped writing fanfiction to pursue my own characters and plotlines. I’m aiming to be published one day. I write a wide variety of things - from literary fiction to poetry - but focus mainly on fantasy and science fiction. I write every day and usually write something big, shiny, and new during NaNo each year. 

Current Projects: Princess Dreaming (working title) is a fantasy novel about Elain Verace, a young woman who has been bitterly betrayed. Her kingdom has been stolen from her and she has been hunted and condemned to death. At the moment of her death she is able to go back in time to the beginning of her story and fix her mistakes. But she struggles to keep everything in order and make the right choices the second time. I’m revising a fantasy novella about a troop of women bringing a rapist on a journey to his trial and execution, called Magnolias. I’m also working on a science fiction retelling of the myth of Persephone and Hades, which is a short story at the moment and has no title. 

I suspect that for this challenge I will write a new short story. I will be going through my idea lists and the images I collect @scrpturiens to get inspired. 

I collect all my publicly posted writing @ghoill. (Most is kept private for legal purposes and the possibility of future publishing.) I’m looking forward to the challenge and sharing!

anonymous asked:

Thank you for being the only person on my dash not throwing things because the Caps won. Even those that claim to be positive are sulking and arguing with anons. I’m not a Caps fan at all, and will be cheering for Vegas in the final. But I also can’t help but be happy for some of them. So, thanks for actually being positive about their win!

Anon I’m so happy for both the Caps and Vgk. No matter who wins it will be a fairy-tail ending because the Caps have been waiting for this moment forever and Vgk has the historic chance to win the cup in their inaugural season. How cool is that!!?

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Absolutely 100% here for this blog you are one cool kid (Sorry if ur not a kid I just meant it as a term of endearment)

yoU THINK IM COOL omg what a time to be alive thanks bud for your words of endearment they are mucho appreciated 💕