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Bird's Nest Party Cookies: first appeared in the Romantic Recipes of the Old South. "

quiero mostrarte mi o ... Usando tu receta para la y mi receta de ... Realmente quedó genial y sabe aún mejor... Mill gracias Pam

I'm intrigued and chocolate can't go wrong. A healthier alternative to cookies..? > Chocolate Quinoa Crisps

It's that time of year! The Girl Scouts are out in full force. What is your favorite kind of Girl Scout cookie? Hands down, I don't think anything can compare to a Samoa.

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Can't get over how precious Penguin Cookies are! Those eyes!! Ever tempered chocolate? Learn how w/ these cookies!😍 Get the recipe:

¿Cuál es tu favorita de nuestra línea de ? 🍪 ¿Cookie monster, choco oreo, cookies & cream, baileys con oreo o galleta oreo?🍦❤

Look who we found enjoying some and ! It's !! Come by this Saturday at 10am to meet and eat with this loveable kitty and stay for a special storytime!

week cookie rounds! What could possibly lift spirits more than turning on all the lights in the MSK reading room to reveal COOKIES!!

Florentine cookies are my favorite and I mean favorite cookies! The history of Florentine cookies is quite muddled but we do know that these cookies have nothing to do with the city they are named after, Florence! 🤔

sooo bad..😜 a big batch of peanut butter oatmeal cookies. mm mm m burnt my 1st attempt..2nd attempt looks & tastes soooooo delicious

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oleander gives off the coolest vibe in the whole world, i aspire to be as awesome as u



Keebler - Fudge Stripes - Elfin magic commercial (1983)

Oreo has the best marketing capacity

Because they don’t actually have to do anything innovative. They can just keep adding more creme between the cookies and call it a new product, and people will still be amazed and buy it.

It’s brilliant.


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#joshaweston #thepxsmith (at Pixel Smith - Josh A. Weston)

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aromantic lesbian + cookies

aromantic: doesn’t experience romantic attraction; an umbrella term for people who identify with part of the aromantic spectrum

lesbian: a woman or feminine-aligned person who is attracted to women and/or feminine-aligned/presenting people; someone who experiences femininity through their attraction to women and/or feminine-aligned/presenting people; a non man who’s attracted to other non men. NOTE: a person (woman or otherwise) does not have to be feminine to identify as a lesbian

happy 20dyketeen AND 20noneteen!