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money on your food shopping is all about . Only buying what you need. Here’s a few of the meals from my . Only available from my blog

🔜 Coming in 2019: My VEGAN Recipes by Dani Lust 🌿 I’ve written my first bake & cook book which is still fine-tuned and translated. Keep up-to-date with the latest at:

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Making Maple Soy Cured for tomorrow nights dinner. From The Japanese Larder by Luiz Hara I can see myself cooking every recipe

More than 200 Cat, Dog & Horse treat recipes that are healthy, easy to make & your pets will love you for them! When you R making holiday cookies, why not make some for your pets too?

More than 200 Cat, Dog & Horse treat recipes that are healthy, easy to make & your pets will love you for them! When you R making holiday cookies, why not make some for your pets too?

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I hate myself for this!

I got Gwyneth Paltrow’s cook book from the library after reading some good things about it. I’ll share any good recipes I find and photos of anything I make.

I have to get better about cooking from scratch during the week. As I’ll explain over time, I had taken a few shortcuts with our weeknight dinners that may have contributed to the Great LDL Spike of 2018.

I really got into Asterix in the early 90s when I lived in the Netherlands. On a trip to Amsterdam, I found an English edition of an Asterix cookbook, but my parents didn’t want to buy it. Recently I decided to read/re-read all the issues (so far) produced. Talking about it over Christmas with my mom made me think about the cookbook again. A quick Amazon search later one was on the way to my house, from the UK. I’m not sure this was the actual cookbook, I vaguely remember a lemon dessert and a recipe for roast pork. I’m not really sure who the recipes are aimed at, I don’t really see kids being excited about sardine sandwiches, stuffed tomatoes and pineapple cake, but it was fun to thumb through.


Merry Christmas everyone!! Or if you don’t celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays or just Happy Tuesday! So most of you know that the holidays are a super inconvenient time for any sort of digestive problem. Normally, I go to our big family dinner (around 20 people, potluck style buffet) knowing I will be eating cranberry relish and rolls and that’s about it. But last year I decided to make some buffalo cauliflower bites to take (I can handle spice pretty well) so that I could eat that. Everyone really liked having that as kind of a break from the traditional Christmas food, so I made it again this year. BUT!!! This year my mom made the mashed potatoes. This is important because like most Midwestern families, the normal mashed potatoes at Christmas are full of cream and bacon. Neither of those things I can eat. But over Thanksgiving my mom made the mash and everyone loved it so she made it again and made it Anna Friendly (not as much cream, no bacon). It was amazing. And someone else brought these really good sweet potatoes. For the first time maybe ever I had a plate piled with varying foods and it was amazing. I went home comfortably full, I ate slow enough I had minimal bloating, and I took home desserts instead of eating them there. 

Another thing, I have the best best friend in the world. We’ve been BFFs for about 14 years now, been through everything together, and we’ve survived 3 ½ years of living in different countries. She has been super supportive about my food issues, even wayyy before I ever thought anything was actually wrong with me. Back when I thought I just had a small appetite and bad luck with food poisoning. 

A while back I was complaining that heating pads and hot water bottles aren’t big enough or flexible enough. So for Christmas she made me two microwavable heating things (basically socks filled with rice), and got me a Low FODMAP cookbook! 

She told me to let her know how the recipes turn out because some of them look really amazing and she wants to try them. It’s so nice having someone who’s not only supportive of you, but actively takes an interest in your lifestyle.

I hope you all (all like 9 of you) ((including my main blog)) have/had a great couple of days and survived all of the food coming at you. If you’re feeling it today, just take it easy and do what you gotta do to get past it.