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Looking for new contracts? Be careful what you are posting on social media as potential clients may not like what they see!

Thinking about contracting? Don't understand IR35. Download our, guide created by JSA. for essential information. ?

Considering in Italy? or sending to work in Italy? See our helpful guide: 📑

Want a better understanding of the market? This free summary highlights policy drivers, reform initiatives and more:

Considering in Greece? or sending to work in Greece? See our helpful guide: 📑

Have you considered contracting work? Or perhaps you regularly take on interim assignment? Whatever your circumstances may be, we have a variety of roles to suit your skills

Veteran Institute for Procurement (VIP) GROW is a comprehensive program for veteran-owned small businesses to increase their ability to win government contracts. Learn more at

Changing the way a home looks doesn't mean you have to spend big bucks or try and get on a home renovation show. Check out these 5 easy home improve tips that create instant appeal.

Beckner & is a full-service remodeling company. We can handle jobs from handyman services to room additions. We can make the interior and exterior of your home look amazing. Call us for help with remodeling!

How often are local customers seeking out your business? If you'd like more people to find you in their searches, we can help. Learn more here:

It's best to get the balance of salary and dividends right if you’re considering trading under a Limited Company. Read our blog for more info:

It might be hard to determine the best way to start a business. Many people think that going out on their own is a good idea, but the reality is that it can be hard to start a business in any field. Finding the right way to start a..()

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  • Dick: Who the hell just put spaghetti in a dish of water and left it in the oven?
  • Raven: Do you really have to ask?
  • Garfield: Look in my defence Jamie told me it was a good idea.
  • Damian: Last week He said that you were funny. He lies!!!
  • Garfield & Jaime: Heyy!!!

Always seal the wood to prevent bleed through. MHS will Fix, Buy, or Sell your house! #magnetichomeservices #magnetic #home #paint #wood #doors #oldhouse #thisoldhouse #sell #sold #realestate #real #realty #construction #contracting #homeimprovement #bedroom #style (at Oakwood, Ohio)

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