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Doing some work on the this morning with my Y1 Music Technology class around analysis.

These images come from @matrix_idc who have used fabric from our IDAHO collection to upholster seating for a bespoke bar design - It looks fantastic!

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How to sign an NDA? Tips for startups on who, when, why and how can sign an NDA

As a software development company, Syndicode always works with tons of different documents our developers and our clients should be signing before the actual work start. An NDA is one of those documents. Today we decided to tell you about non-disclosure agreement in details, why it is so…

Blog #75 Call Center Theater: Theft

Customer: “Hi, I have a…..I don’t even know what I have….hold on….I have an iPhone xs…. iPhone xs max.”

Me: “Okay, what kind of question do you have?”

Customer: “Well I let some individuals have the phone and now I’m trying to get out of this stupid contract. I don’t want to be stuck with this stupid bill.”

Me: “When it comes to returning a phone you have 14 days from purchase. With account information you do need to come in store for that.”

Customer: “I am aware of that but how can I make these people return the phone. They keep stalling.”

Me: “The only thing I recommend is make a police report about the stolen phone.”

Customer: “A police report…..okay good where? New York, New Jersey, the Bronx or here?”

Me: “I’m sorry I’m not entirely sure.”

Customer: “Great now I’m getting screwed… thanks allot!”