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I put dos Equis man to shame

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18th International Photo contest of La Gacilly. D-16 before closing Inscriptions - Find our Photo of the Day wich ended 16th Last Year. Inscriptions: SAUTER CHRISTIAN - FRANCE

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(Not a) #GuitarIn60 challenge.
I watched @robscallon’s post this morning, and knew I needed to do an #ukulele entry. (I’m a rebel like that.)
Go check out his post, check out @yousician and give this a try!
#ukulele #KamoaUkes #ColoradoMusicians #rockmusic #challenge #contest #guitarin60 #oneminute (at Broomfield, Colorado)

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Presenting an exciting new feature: try our online quiz and win “valuable” prizes… Like a drool-soaked Sneaker, or a MAGA hat filled with Puppy Poo – or a free sketch from myself…

It seems that over the past week, the Guy in the White House has been repeatedly tweeting and screeching new attacks on a dead man … John McCain…  who, whether one agreed with his politics or not (and mostly I didn’t) was a true American Hero, who served with honor and who paid a high price for his service! Meanwhile, Donnie Bone-Spurs, through his irrational & unprovoked attacks on McCain’s memory, only makes himself look sad and pathetic - and more than just a little bugf*ck crazy!!

So I thought, why not run an unofficial Quiz/poll? Just post your answer in a comment - All entries will be placed in a Hat and then lost - After which, I’ll just chose a winner at random… S'alright? Go to it gang!

Hello you guys!!!

Just to say that I’m doing a cartel for a…. Hmm *goes to Google Translate*

For an organ donation poster contest!!!

Because, I don’t know if you know this, but in Mexico isn’t very normalized the organ donation thing, so they (don’t know who exactly) decided to do this “contest”

And, I don’t know if I can show the drawing, but… When the moment arrive, it doesn’t matter if I win or not, I’m going to show it here, and in my Twitter (follow me as @DeyaMela).

Well that’s all xD Bye 🖤😂


Gotta love spicy..🌶 @_m03yk13x #hothothot #hotsauce #hotlife #insta #life #sauces #contest #ghostpeppers #ghostpepper #ghostpeppersauce #hotsauceaddict #hotsauce #commercial #ad #commercialad #food #spice #spices #spicy #eats #actors #entertainment

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