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We are happy to announce first ever joint and Microsoft Hand-on Workshop for our customers. on

& for & – Available in 10ft, 20ft & 40ft Cold stores from -40°C to +60°C – perfect for all kinds of products.

Installation Of 15 Fully Furnished Portable Containers For Jawahar Thermal Project

De afgelopen week hebben we, samen met de vele vrijwilligers, al heel veel opgeruimd aan onze dijken. We proberen nu ook de kleine korreltjes plastic op te ruimen. Daarmee zijn we vanochtend begonnen met behulp van veeg-/zuigauto’s:

on and everything for the ! by Microsoft Data Platform MVP and VMware Expert. Session will be running at Auckland Feb 2019

From to and more. 🥾🏗🛠 Our provide safe and secure space for all within the Industry. Get in touch today and our friendly team will help. 👉🏼

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Bergingsschepen Atlantic Tonjer & Geosund zijn resp. naar & vaargeul boven vertrokken om voor te bereiden & te optimaliseren in afwachting van start berging . Zo zijn ze sneller ter plaatse om, als het weer het toelaat, te beginnen met bergen.

🔴 | Oficinas Boxtainers de 20 y 40 pies. Para más información, visite 👷🏻

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Karma instantáneo presenta: písame y te crujo. #karma #venganza #jackass #container #containers #basura #reciclar #reciclarte

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Nuclio is a real-time serverless event and data processing platform

Last time we introduced Corral to you. And as Syndicode loves new tools, especially if they relate to the topic of serverless, this time we are presenting you Nuclio! Nuclio is a real-time serverless event and data processing platform!
Nuclio is a platform which allows developers to build and …

Deploy, manage and scale applications in Kubernetes

Can you imagine spanning your application over thousands of servers looks like a single unit? It’s quite simple with Kubernetes. Let’s learn to deploy, manage and scale applications in Kubernetes!
Kubernetes is a software that allows us to deploy, manage and scale applications. The…

Plant of the Day

Sunday 6 January 2019

The seed heads of the biennial or short-lived perennial Eryngium giganteum (Miss Willmott’s ghost, sea holly) with their rosette of silvery-grey bracts provide a spiky winter display which is enhanced by the arching stems of Rubus cockburnianus (white-stemmed bramble). In addition, the Eryngium featured in a great ‘garden theatre’ seed head display at the Stroud Museum, Gloucestershire, UK.

Jill Raggett


Looters in Germany and the Netherlands loot containers lost at sea by a cargo ship despite the warning of the authorities to stay away as they are carrying hazardous materials!

ged from the Daily Mail on YouTube - link
The rights to this video belong to the Daily Mail

Docker explained in details

Online trainings to learn Docker is a great thing to help you start working with containerized applications. The article we’d like to share with you today contain Docker explained in details.
Docker wants to make it really easy and straightforward for you to install and run software on any…


Comeback Kid.

#recovery #stagesofgrief #buildaladder #sodafire #atmospheric #ceramics #pottery #sculpture #umami #peaceful #woodland #forest #trees #nature #cremation #containers #lichen #mycology #dendrology #wip #shousugiban #comebackkid #sharonvanetten #perserverance #future (at Northern Clay Center)

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ASMR best friend applying your wig ROLEPLAY | brushing sounds | water spray sounds | trigger words

By Nana Naji ASMR

There’s a mention at the start of this RP that the subject has short hair, which I really appreciate as a short-haired type! Lots of great triggers here, mouth sounds, hand and hair brushing, containers, water, all accompanied with a sweet and warm RP chatter. 

Sunpet 1000 ml Red Top Plastic Food Storage Jar Canister
  • Odourless
  • Leak-proof and Unbreakable Storage Jars that are made from high quality plastic and approved by US FDA, with a screw top lid
  • Perfect for storing spices, liquids, coffee, sugar and other condiments

Also, Available in various sizes


Jueves 20/12 comienza la tarea para imprimir el #diario del #viernes en planta impresora de @losandesdiario
Esta máquina inmensa de 3 pisos de alto y más de 2 cuadras de largo vino en barco desde #illinois #estadosunidos a #mendoza #argentina. Fueron 20 #containers los que trajeron a este equipo en el que desde hace unos años imprimimos nuestro #periodico
Aquí una pequeña muestra de lo que sucede apenas nosotros, desde #redaccion enviamos las páginas listas. La máquina traslada en una cinta los diarios, ya listos, hacia los camiones que los entregan a los #canillitas

#lamagiadelimpreso #veniquetecuento💕 #periodismo #journalism #unapasion

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Série Containers pelo mundo 🌎


No útimo episódio fui até Contagem -MG e encontrei um Shopping feito em containers. Recebi uma super dica do pessoal da escalada esportiva da Lapinha e voltei correndo para Lagoa Santa - MG, para conhecer esse incrivel Hostel feito em containers marítimos reciclados.


Viu o video? Lindo lugar não é mesmo! O Hostel leva o nome de Lugar pra Dormir e fica no Sitio do Rod, onde escaladores do mundo inteiro chegam aqui para escalarem as vias de calcário. São mais de 500 vias conquistadas, dividas entre Sitio do Rod, Maciço Lapinha, Lapa do Antão e Gruta do Baú. Gostou? Fica aí a dica para a comunidade de escaladores 😉


Escalada & Container, casamento perfeito que combina sustentabilidade, verde, aventura em um só lugar!


Créditos: @territorioaudiovisual


#containers #casacontainer #casadossonhos #arquiteturaindustrial #engenharia #sustentável #upcyclean #gogreen #contenedor #mundodoscontainers #pensenacaixa #empreendedor #arkitainer #cargotecture#blogcontainer #digitalinfluencer #escalada #hostelcontainer #audiovisual (em Lagoa Santa, Minas Gerais)

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