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Rent the Runway CEO: The sharing economy is the future of retail.

Billions of people use social media platforms. Are you sure your business is using social media properly?

Happy Days In what amounts to a single-issue mini-budget the posted a welcome for the and of last week. They said...

"Because are so discerning and powerful, it’s our perspective that most organisations need to invest far more in ()". Learn more on 's Global Consumer Insights Survey:

More than 50% of say they are 'actively pursuing' a healthy lifestyle and avoid sugars. But actual data shows they still sweetened products 'at the same rate as other segments', acc. to Sweeteners 360 report (2015). Do brands have to follow trends then?

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Personalisation is a strong trend across several industries. Start-ups are collaborating with retailers and e-commerce platforms to leverage historical data, to detect trends in user preferences.

In today’s busy, high demand world, it’s not enough to offer your customers the “latest and greatest” product or service. expect to reach your super-quickly at any time and on all their devices. If they don’t, they’ll move on to your…

Can't assume operational excellence will be enough to keep coming to your general practice. Need to engage with consumers and get their feedback Masterclass


A bigger share of health insurance premiums went towards pharmacy benefits this year with spending 27% more on retail prescription drugs. This article has more information about the changing landscape of health care spending:

Ss learned all about the three types of consumers today on !! They watched a short video clip and answered questions to show their learning!!

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This Week in Economics 19 March 2019

Welp, that article is kinda scary. I mean, it’s not just about eating an egg for breakfast…what about all the things we eat that has eggs in it. Like cake or pastries. Cake recipes can call for up to several eggs. So you’ve eaten over the limit right there. According to the article, a lot of people who ate eggs over a 17 year period had poor health, and nearly half of the 29,000 study participants died — so yeah, scary stuff. No wonder so many folks feel like crap. All the bad stuff we’re eating every day.

Think about it!

If we put crap in and we get crap out…what’s that say about everything in between?

Our bodies are trying to tell us something.

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