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An indispensable textbook which helps you master the art of negotiation and selling@

Majority of consumers use voice search to purchase their products. Marketers should focus on generating contents to capture voice searches.

IIM Nagpur had the privilege to host Prof. Koji Matsushita () to deliver a lecture on "Japanese Consumer Behaviour". The lecture gave us insights about the Japanese Consumer Behaviour

Give a “nudge” and they go a mile: how so+ma is encouraging environmentally-friendly in Brazil, and offering life-changing opportunities in return

According to research, local brands are winning the hearts and minds of European consumers as increasing ethical concerns create a demand for locally sourced food.

Introducing you to the Marketing Trends that would dominate 2019! Cloud Marketing is the marketing of goods and services through integrated digital experiences!!

Don't buy/consume unnecessary. at per ur need.Use Less is useful. If u have one or one , them and don't go for new models by glamour.Use it until completely break down.Reduce . Contribute in by changing

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"Grasp the ability to build strong relationships with your prospective customers with 3 revealing marketing psychology concepts we unveil today."

Launching CX360 - Integrated Customer Satisfaction Measurement Breakdown silos between Customer Touchpoints. Simply measuring CX isn't enough. Integrate into the system with timely dissemination of information.

There are many forces that shape consumer trends. This article by explores the impacts that forces such as environmentalism, technological advancements, and politics have on consumer behaviour.

| What do you mean by hot? Assessing the associations raised by the visual depiction of an image of fire on .

From transparent to seaweed delivery systems, take a look at the trends set to shape food shopping habits, purchases and consumption in 2019 acc

On the blog today: The power of digital - is your brand doomed without a plan? Andrew Buller of talks us through consumer behaviour in the digital age at

Did you visit a mall this past holiday? Or did you go online? It's not just online shopping that's killing Canadian malls: by HuffPost

Consumers operate in a very different manner than they did in previous generations. It’s important to have some understanding of modern consumer behaviour. . . .

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Crossing the Chasm

Nearly 25 years since it was first published, Crossing the Chasm has definitely secured a place in the marketing literature cannon. Many people are familiar with the technology adoption lifecycle, but less are familiar with the differences between each group and how organisations can ‘navigate’ between these gaps and ensure marketing momentum is maintained.

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COMM 2P91 - PA #4 - Consuming the Social

How has the relationship between consumer & corporation and customer/business changed?           

These relationships have changed dramatically over the years. With the induction of computer mediated communication and Web 3.0 relationships have shifted to online. Yes, consumers are still going to stores to buy things but my generation (me included) and the generations younger than us are buying many products online. It is much easier for me to sit at home and order a product that will (most likely) ship for free, and arrive on my doorstep in 3 days. It’s much more convenient, easy, and stress-free.

Gamification & Social Media – In what ways is social media shaping user behaviours for consumption?

 Social media is shaping user behaviours for consumption by the way companies market themselves online. Websites like Facebook know the webpages we often search and advertisements that appear cater to our direct wants and needs. A personal example occurred when I was in Hong Kong last semester. As someone attending flight school next September, I had been doing thorough research of different schools I could attend. One night, I logged into Facebook and found an advertisement by a random flight academy I had never heard of from South Florida hosting a free seminar in Hong Kong the following day. It was a great opportunity for me to learn more about the industry, so I signed up.

User Reviews – What is the new role of consumer in the consumption process?

In my opinion, user reviews are critical. People are now looking for opinions or reviews from others who have already experienced the product you’re looking at. In a way, that information is more valuable and much more relevant to your experience over looking at product features on its packaging.

The past examples reinforce the theory of culture industries. We will all eventually be forced to conform to something – whether it be online, or face-to-face.

How can consumer behavior change so fast?
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We’ve come a long way - fast
During the last online bubble there were a lot of companies who were betting on consumers shifting most of their purchases online. The only industries who did that successfully then were the travel and music industry. Of course people still today buy these products in the offline world but in these two specific industries the benefit of buying online was so much greater than buying online that it forced the business to the web.

It’s in the benefits
In travel the transparency of prices and ability to search and chose between 100’s of different vendors compared to the limited set of pre-chosen vendors turned the business up side down. Profit blahs were squeezed and only the leanest could survive. For the music industry it was all about the change of technology that was used for music consumption. When it changed to MP3’s the most optimal sales channel became online stores. Last week a Europe wide research was published where they saw that the attitude towards illegal music download had plummeted. When 2006 67% of 15-30 year old thought illegal download was OK, only 17% thought the same last year. This shows that when benefits beat cost (time/money) there’s no issue for paying for anything (heads up online news services).

It’s not necessary the product or industry that changes
It’s understandable that the sales of travel and music products have succeeded in the online channels since there are other benefits that make buying them online more sensible but what is happening now? Why is it that the sales of fashion products or groceries is booming now and not before? Every week there’s an other $100M invested into some startup/growth business doing fashion sales so there has to be something revolutionary happening but what is it? Last year 9% of UK’s groceries where sold online, that’s crazy growth from 0% 10 years ago! What has happened in 10-15 years that has changed the attitude or behavior? When you look at these two examples, fashion and groceries, they both still have the same problems that kept them from succeeding before; You cant see and feel what you are buying, both are very logistics consuming and many times timing can be of the essence (you need the skirt for tomorrow or the milk cant stay out in the heat if your not home). Our personal schedules haven’t changed so dramatically in the last decade, we don’t work, sleep, watch tv or sport any more than we did before so what can the key driver be?

Bottom line
I don’t think there’s one answer to this but what we can clearly see is that people are more familiar with the web, they are more experienced online shoppers, there’s more trust in using money online and most importantly, people are more tech savvy today.