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March, 2019

Acropolis (Copán, Honduras).

This is Copán’s main structural grouping, on the eastern side of the Great Plaza.  It overlooks the Copán River, which flows past the city’s eastern border.  Over time, the Acropolis was added to and remodelled, with new structures being built over old ones.

In order to study these older structures, archaeologists dig tunnels into the Acropolis.  Tombs have been found containing the cinnabar-covered bones of a man, believed to be K'inich Yax K'uk’ Mo (Copán’s first ruler), and of an elderly woman who may have been his widow.  Both their tombs are filled with rich offerings, including jade carvings and ceramics.

Another building, the Rosalila Temple, was unearthed in 1991.  It was buried almost intact under later buildings.

Part de Fondateur of the Compagnie Universelle du Canal Interocéanique de Panama (issued November 29th, 1880).

The company was founded by Ferdinand de Lesseps on October 20th, 1880, to build the Panama Canal.  But the canal was poorly planned, mortality rates were extremely high, and Lesseps, who was in charge, was not an engineer.  The company went bankrupt in May 1889, and the project was suspended.

The canal was only two-fifths complete, and about $234 million had been spent on it.  The company’s collapse led to the Panama Scandals, in which 104 legislators were found to have been involved in corruption – about 500,000 francs had been taken in bribes from Lesseps to keep the company’s financial problems covered up.

About 800,000 people lost their investments in the Panama Canal Company, about 1.8 billion gold francs in total.  The company had received 1.2 billion gold francs from their nine stock issues, but only 960 million had been invested in the canal.  Lesseps died in 1894.

Day 32 - Bamboo panels

As the materials remain short in supply, it is evident that without a constant flow of bamboo and bricks it becomes harder and harder to maintain a smoothly running site. Especially the masons can’t do a lot when their primary work is not possible to be executed. We are hopeful however that the truck will be fully operational by tomorrow and hence will deliver all the missing material.

In the morning the bamboo beams in the niche were re-adjusted so that soon after we could start to place the first bamboo panels on top of the two lateral supports. This went rather seamlessly as we could make use of the existing scaffolding and soon climb on top of the elements themselves as they were fixed.

With the continuously increasing degree of enclosure more and more of the intended proportion is to be experienced. It is really a memorable moment to work and see the space become a proper room. The community and the workers display a very high interest as they watch very closely how we are going about things.


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