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Happy Auction Day! We hope you’re on the way to the South Beloit, Illinois auction. This 2005 John Deere 110 is waiting for a bidder to be taken home with! Check out more details about this John Deere at

🏆 Sept immeubles en bois ont été récompensés, dans le cadre des prix nationaux de la 2019 ! Découvrez ces mentions ⤵️

Staircases are laid out to provide a quick access to various floors in a house or building. Here are the most common types you can choose from for your upcoming construction project. 👉

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How bees cool their hives. Is it better to place a fan so you blow the hot air out or blow the cool air in: they have your answer.

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Apple details neighbors on Campus 2 plans, extends rare request for feedback

Cupertino residents may have received an unsolicited package from their most prominent neighbor this week. No, it’s not a new iPad, or an early look at the iPhone 5 – instead, people close to Apple (from a physical perspective) opened the glossy mailing to reveal a detailed look at Apple Campus 2, which will consist of 176 acres currently occupied by “aging buildings” and trees. As we already know, the campus will feature one main circular four-story building with 2.8 million square feet of office and common space, along with an additional 300,000 square feet set aside for dedicated (secure) research buildings. There will be a restaurant, fitness center and other facilities aimed to “reduce automobile trips” as part of the company’s plan to protect the environment. Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer appeals to neighbors in a single-page letter, offering additional information upon receipt of a pre-stamped response card, which also prompts neighbors to add their name to a list of supporters, attend a public meeting or write a letter to show their support for the new Apple complex. You’ll find Oppenheimer’s letter in full after the break, along with additional photos at the source link.

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Microsoft unites with former exec in building a 'smart city' in Portugal
If you want better cities, goes the theory herein, you’ll have to start at their very foundations. Steve Lewis, ex-Microsoftie and current CEO of Living PlanIT, has a vision for how to make our cities smarter and more sustainable, and it starts literally at ground level, with the installation of smart sensors into buildings as they’re being built. The appeal of his company’s ideas has already attracted some tech luminaries as partners, Cisco being among them, and now Microsoft has also been signed up – to provide the cloud framework required to keep all those sensors talking with its Azure platform. Paredes, a Portuguese municipality, will play host to one of the first such projects, eventually providing homes for nearly a quarter of a million people and costing a staggering €10 billion ($14.1b) to complete. To understand the synergistic benefits of having your life monitored by an omniscient Urban Operating System sentinel, skip past the break for a press release and explanatory video. Read more
Intel to spend $5 billion on new 14nm fab in Arizona, create 4,000 new jobs this year

When Paul Otellini isn’t too busy talking about being jilted by Nokia, he spends his time hosting presidents and splashing billions of dollars on new manufacturing facilities. Intel’s CEO is wrapping his tumultuous week on a high note, having welcomed Barack Obama to Chipzilla’s Oregon facility and treated the president to the happy news that Intel will invest $5 billion back into the US economy by building its most advanced fab yet – which will introduce an impossibly small 14nm production process – in Arizona, to begin operation in 2013. Construction starts in the middle of this year and is expected to create “thousands” of jobs, both temporary and permanent. Aside from that, Otellini has disclosed Intel’s intention to create 4,000 new jobs in the US, mostly in R&D and product development. Music to Obama’s ears, we’re sure. Read more
Quadrocopters learn to build things, when will humans learn to fear them? (video)

The GRASP Lab quadrocopters were impressive enough by themselves, all slashing and swooping through the air with unerring precision, but then their makers had to go and give them the intelligence to work in groups and today the inevitable has happened: they’ve learned how to construct things! Sure, the structures are rudimentary, but we can recognize the beginnings of human containment cells when we see them. Skip past the break for the bone-chilling, teamwork-infused video. Read more
TSMC begins construction of new $9.3b foundry, wants to sate our constant hunger for chips

TSMC might not necessarily be a household name, but the product of its labors tends to be all over home electronics. Aiming to keep that trend going, the Taiwanese chipmaker has just broken ground on its third 300mm wafer plant, located in Taichung’s Central Taiwan Science Park. The new Fab 15 will have a capacity of over 100,000 wafers per month – earning it the prestige of being described as a Gigafab – and once operational it’ll create 8,000 new skilled jobs in the area. Semiconductors built there will also be suitably modern, with 40nm and 28nm production facilities being installed, and lest you worry about such trivial things as the environment, TSMC says it’s doing a few things to minimize the foundry’s energy usage and greenhouse gas emission. Then again, if you’re going to spend nearly $10 billion on something, would you expect anything less? Read more
Ford assembly line uses mo-cap tech to build cars years ahead of time (video)

Years ago, Ford would have to physically build all the parts for a new vehicle, and only discover afterwards whether it was feasible to have humans assemble the contraption. Now, it relies on the same motion-capture systems used to shoot your favorite 3D movies and games to test the vehicle’s construction in virtual reality, years before a single scrap of metal needs to be cut. IDG got to see the system in action at Ford’s Assembly Ergonomics Lab in Michigan; you can find their report at the source link and a video after the break. Read more
Qualcomm lays down $1 billion for new Mirasol plant in Taiwan, catering small and medium devices

Good news, digital bookworms! After months of rumoring, Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs has just announced that Qualcomm will really be building a new Mirasol plant over there. Specifically, the $1 billion, seven-hectare factory will reside in the Hsinchu Longtan Science Park to mass-produce small and medium flavors of said transflective display, meaning the Snapdragon maker will, for the first time, be able to churn out something smaller than the current lone 5.7-inch model. Yep, those must be the low-power smartphone screens that Qualcomm talked about previously, which sure sound delicious. Now, what’s up with our little Pixel Qi? Read more
Robot builders work together to create structures much bigger than themselves

If you’ve ever read a novel from Iain M. Banks’s Culture series, then you’ll know that builder-bots play a huge role in his vision of the future: A future in which houses, cities and even entire planets can be built on the cheap by armies of drones. In a very modest way, something like this is already possible, thanks to a team of researchers from Catalonia’s Insitute of Advanced Architecture. They’ve created a prototype design for an “ecology” of mini robots, which work together to squirt out various materials that harden to create the frame and skin of a building. Wheeled Foundation Bots come first, building up the base layers, and then Grip Bots clamber up these structures to create further levels. The video after the break makes it all so sound very simple and inevitable, but it slightly glosses over an important fact: these bots can only build according to an architect’s exact instructions. And, as any builder will repeatedly tell you, architects know almost nothing about how to actually build stuff. (At least, not until robots take their jobs too.)

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Trucks Construction Vehicles for kids - Trucks, Tractor Farm, Road Rolle…


Fast Paced by James Marvin Phelps
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Fast Paced Las Vegas Stadium and Strip Paradise, Nevada 7/16/2019


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