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Describe this feeling... πŸ“Έ Small Town Hunting

Standard nest monitoring kit: IR beam across entrance, IR camera, and proximity sensor (inside cavity), linked to our new LoRa network so we can monitor nests remotely (except image). Spot Aranga inside the nest. #

"The improved level of intrinsic motivation was mainly facilitated by increased social bonding between participants"

pollen grains under the microscope. Some grains have pollen tubes indicating viability.

In the last 24 hrs 88 news items have been accessed via . Editor's pick in today's issue - Yellow crazy ants: Queensland area at risk through lack of funding via

This spectacular Rafflesia (Rafflesia keithii) has been voted Spotting of the Week! Rafflesia is a genus of parasitic flowering plants found in Southeast Asia.

Did you know that the choices you make for your pet can have a direct impact on the environment, and the ocean? You can change your furry friend's ecological pawprint by choosing foods that don't contain wild fish.

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We are ecstatic to be hosting at this Thursday and Friday to talk about her impressive career in science. Join us for her keynote speech and numerous graduate student talks/posters!

"A key aspect of Uganda’s conservation plans is to educate future generations about the importance of protecting wildlife" An article by on how is making part of the national curriculum to inspire young people ->

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The Conservation of The Assassination of Archimedes ASMR Version


As a sustainable #surf company we make our tourniquets ocean durable so that they don’t have to stay in plastic packaging that is likely to end up in the ocean. We also use recyclable materials in our components, products, and first aid kits. OMNA better for the environment, made for the water. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is wide as it is deep… 🤢
Scientists claim that there is approximately seven million tons of debris in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and that it is roughly nine feet deep. This particular Garbage Patch is roughly two times the size of the state of Texas! 🙀
That’s massive! More than 80% of the debris that makes up this famous garbage patch originates from the land, while 20% comes from oil platforms, boats, and work ships.
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Day Sixteen [Internship at IBIMM]


Back to work!

The other intern and a teacher were gonna go away for the day, to interview people and such, for the SOS Sharks project; they were gonna leave at 6h30, which means that it would be me and the other girl to doing everything.

I got up there at 5 to 7h, and the two of them were feeding the animals!! What?!?! They weren’t even supposed to be there, and now they were making me go all the way up there for nothing!

Of course they hadn’t fed the coatis, though, because no one has the guts to go in there, so I did that… then cleaned Sarinha’s enclosure and put more water for the hummingbirds.

After breakfast, I stayed at the museum and cleaned the outside of the tarantula’s terrarium… oh, btw, the tarantula we handled was not one of these… these aren’t friendly at all!

I went back up a just after 9h, and we finally started doing what I came here to do (sort of)! We took one of the sea turtles the students had done a necropsy on, and started dismembering it, and get rid of as much meat as we possibly could. That took the rest of the morning. Once we were done with that, we put each part in a different bucket (right front flipper; left front flipper; right hind flipper; left hind flipper; head and tail; plastron; shell) and filled them with boiling water.

It was around 13h when we were finally able to have lunch. At 14h we were gonna go up with a big tray to put the shell in, then we would bring the food for Toby and the boa, and go beach monitoring after feeding them. Well, first, the director made us use an even bigger tray… then changed it to a big bucket… then made us use the small burner to boil the water… then made us put it on low!! So it took forever… like, it took us over 2 hours!!

We had taken a rat out of the freezer, earlier, for the boa, and were told to feed Toby banana, papaya and kale with an egg, today. I was the one who put the water in the boa’s terrarium, today, then the coordinator threw the rat in her direction… she coiled up, like she was going to strike at the rat, but she never does anything while we’re watching. =P Oh, she’s gonna start shedding, soon… it already looks like she’s blind!

Toby was much nicer, this time… he wasn’t too excited about his salad, but he did eat a little… he also bit the bowl, though.

Once that was done, we went back up and boiled more water, to replace the already cold ones. We were done at a quarter to 18h, when the director wanted us to come to the museum with him… we had to help get everything ready for tomorrow (he’s giving a lecture or something like that, in another town), then he gave us a bunch of chores to do in the morning, before we start working on the turtle again… we’re so not gonna have enough time to do it all!!

It was another stressful day, but at least I got to do something I wanted to do… oh, the turtle didn’t smell too bad, but I couldn’t get the smell off my fingers for a few hours! =P

Oh!! And I saw the cutest jumping spider, today!! I was recording it, but then it just attacked the camera! Hahaha, I’ll show you the video!!

You cannot begin to preserve any species of animal unless you preserve the habitat in which it dwells. Disturb or destroy that habitat and you will exterminate the species as surely as if you had shot it. So conservation means that you have to preserve forest and grassland, river and lake, even the sea itself. This is not only vital for the preservation of animal life generally, but for the future existence of man himself – a point that seems to escape many people.
—  Conservationist Gerald Durrell (1925-1995)



Still not done for today, but I thought I’d upload this while I’m taking a break😊

I’ve had a fairly lazy yet still productive Saturday today! 

I’ve re-typed and organized my notes from my Conservation Genetics class (top pic is one of the pages!), spent some time with a friend looking at plants (almost got a bamboo plant today! but my budget said no…) and bought a replacement lamp and new grow light for my Sundew - poor thing wasn’t properly cared for while I was out of town and the lamp broke the day after I got him back. I hung out with my roommates, skyped my boyfriend before he went to work, and read two articles on freeze tolerance in wood frogs and gnats for a paper discussion next week! 

Still to do - GRE studying and then bed.

 🎶 - Low Down Brass Band (aka best band I’ve heard)🎷

PS - I don’t know how it is to look at such *long* posts from me when I do OC, but it seems like I don’t realize how much I accomplish each day until I type it all out and then realize oh, hey, I did actually get several tasks finished today. Does anybody else have that happen?

If you ever leave rubbish behind, if you ever litter and think “oh it’s just one bit of rubbish” here’s some perspective. If every person on this planet thought that, that’s over 7 billion pieces of rubbish. If every one of those 7 billion people did it just once a week that’s 364 billion pieces of rubbish in a year. Times that by how many years have passed since plactic became widely used, say around the 1960s, that’s over 21,800 BILLION pieces of plastic.

You might think “I don’t litter once a week!” But did you know that cigarette filters are the most common form of plastic pollution in the world? Any time you leave a cigarette butt lying around you are contributing to the problem.

I hear so many people say “just one person won’t make a difference” but if everyone thinks that then that’s a whole collective group that could easily make a difference.

Start thinking about the choices you make and the rubbish you create because one person CAN make a whole lot of difference.

Aunque no pueda parecerlo en la primera foto tenemos un Pulpo (Octopus vulgaris) perfectamente mimetizado con el fondo, al vernos lanza su tinta y escapa nadando. Un momento impresionante como queda reflejadoen las fotos.

Although it can not seem like it in the first picture we have an Octopus (Octopus vulgaris) perfectly camouflaged with the background, seeing us he throws his ink and escapes swimming. An impressive moment as reflected in the photos.

“Wildlife and The Wall.” A short film showing some of the ecological and wildlife impacts of a border wall.

MY words on this subject:


This should be an eye opener for many. That wall will not stop immigrants from coming into the US, it will stop life from happening where it is blooming and thriving. A wall will cut through parks and conservation habitats. One MAJOR thing would be the migratory path of Monarch butterflies being cut off the them TRULY going extinct. They’re numbers are already down below what they should be. And it’s not just the Monarchs that have a migratory path through the Rio Grande, it’s many many animals and crawlies.

 A wall will take away land rightfully belonging to several Native American Indian tribes, for which their lands have already been ruthlessly stolen for hundreds and hundreds of years, as immigrants to this very country tried to kill them off. Yes, kill them off. It was a purposeful genocidal attempt on the people who’s land this was first. Everyone but the Native people of this land are immigrants, and it’s funny hearing immigrants telling other immigrants it’s wrong to come into another country - EVEN if they are asylum seekers. 

This fake president thinks he can take away even more land from the Native American People, but he cannot, and he will not win. 

He wants to destroy National parks so that we are thrown into the age of more fossil fuel consumption when WE HAVE ALTERNATIVES FOR ENERGY!! 

This fake president knows nothing, and is nothing. 

This wall will not happen, and it shouldn’t happen. It’s as if history is TRYING to repeat itself, but we are so far into the future of thought that the people won’t allow it to happen. 

WHAT we NEED to focus on now, instead of trying to build a stupid ass wall that will do ABSOLUTELY nothing, is SAVING the VERY PLANET WE ARE LIVING ON BECAUSE SOON WE WON’T HAVE A PLANET THAT CAN SUSTAIN LIFE. WE are destroying Earth, and WE are killing off life. WE are a plague because people like the fake president want to TAKE and TAKE and TAKE for MONEY, until there will be NOTHING left. 

If you haven’t noticed, Earth is taking it’s revenge on us. That is why the weather is changing erratically, why the earth beneath our feet is giving way, why thousands of people are increasingly being killed by nature - IT’S BECAUSE OF US! And if we don’t straighten our actions up, then we will not have much of a life left soon. 

We need to protect and nourish this beautiful Earth for our future generations. Your kids need a place to live healthily, and their kids will to, and so on and so forth. 

So open your damn eyes, change your ways of destructive thinking, stop all this racial hate (because one race is not better than the other, we are ALL human, and humans rely on nature to live), and step forward and DO something!! Before there is nothing to do!!! 

This wall isn’t just about a wall. This wall is suppression, it’s hate, it’s everything the future doesn’t need. Don’t repeat what history has shown us will fail. Instead, do something that won’t. And do it so we, humans and animals and other critters of the planet, can live!!


I’m in South Africa learning about the steps @vetpaw , @karmagawa , and @rhinorescueproject are taking to combat poachers.  These Rhinos are being killed and pushed toward extinction for their horns which provide no medicinal value.  The two Rhinos seen In the video were near a road that is actively used by poachers, and under the supervision of Vetpaw and the private game reserve, we used the drone try and push them to a safer area.  While this shot turned out beautiful, under any other circumstances I should not have flown this close to the animals.  Please visit


for more information on how you can save these Rhinos.  Music: M83 - Outro