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Pick your route my dear just make sure you bath with all these connecting flights!!!

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Are you looking to meet more people? In this day and age, it isn't easy. Against the odds, how do you break through and connect with someone new in an authentic way?

My fellow City and County department heads ⁦⁩, Robert Collins and Pat Mulligan experiencing the ⁦⁩ Middle Ground installation today at lunch – at San Francisco Public Library

"Genuine curiosity in learning another person without expectation that they be fixed or changed is a healing way forward" These Tools Help Coach College Youth Aged Out of Foster Care to Develop Relationships via

Our hard-working Director of , Priscilla Amponsah, DPT! We her ability to , the way she builds a personal with every patient, and her evidence-based approach to . Schedule your appointment today! (201) 535-2473

Create something really yummy that fuels your body and feeds your heart.

Thank YOU to all of our Dolphin parents that came out to our Reading workshop this AM. Working together will help our readers become leaders!!

Straight The is here and the way my are set up! Listen! Next week is Accelerate 180 AND Campmeeting 2019. Super and for every ! Ya'll come see us @accelerate180 hosted by the one and o…

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‘Memory’, from You Are Happy

“Memory is not in the head only. It’s midnight, you existed once, you exist again, my entire skin sensitive as an eye, imprint of you glowing against me, burnt-out match in a dark room.”

[Margaret Atwood]


Yep .. I did it - you heard it here first
A little look at the most recent piece of wheat art in the world - crop circle in WILtshire 😉 where’s there’s a Wil there’s a way - donations to please thankyou
We had a beautiful improvised musical harmony in the centre after the BBC left 🙏

Lots of Love crop circle crew
featuring Monika on the crystal goblet

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Prayers for my phone

Dear God, 

I dropped my water on my phone tonight. I put it in uncooked rice, and am hoping it will actually work the next day. All my income depends on it. Well, I guess you have other plans for me if my phone doesn’t work. Like starring in a movie as an action star! Thanks God, have a good night. In Jesus’ name, Amen. 

“My Connection To Aphrodite Is Strong”

  • the triangle is the alchemical symbol for water, which reminded me of those art pieces of her in the sea
  • the heart (pretty obvious) symbolizes her as a goddess, the goddess of love

I hope you like it~ @love-witch-magic (if not, let me know and I’ll try to do another one for you 💘)

how do i make my words more accessible?
more universally understood?
nothing would make me happier
than if a young girl in some southern state
were able to read my poetry and feel something
feel absolutely anything
and know that she is surrounded by pulsing, ever-beating, red hot energy
of the people who are so so so very like her
whether they seem it or not.
the power to make people feel connected and understood is understated and under-pursued.
i want to be able to reach through a screen or a book or a napkin scrap
and cup the face of the stranger who is reading it
well, not a stranger
(no one really is)
but i want to touch yoour face and your cheeks
and i want you to feel like i am there speaking in your ear
the friend next door.
this is what i want to offer you.
—  inter-poem grabby hands

from ‘Gone with the Wind’

“She was darkness and he was darkness and there had never been anything before this time, only darkness and his lips upon her. She tried to speak and his mouth was over hers again. Suddenly she had a wild thrill such as she had never known; joy, fear, madness, excitement, surrender to arms that were too strong, lips too bruising, fate that moved too fast.”

[Margaret Mitchell]

Looking around the ad hoc recording studio, her friend asked, “Isn’t this an awful lot of work just to put these up for free?” She used her remaining corporeal hand to move the whiteboard, covered in topic ideas and guest speaker dates, out of the way of the camera, while the phantom remnant of her cursed hand traced runes in the air like usual. “Someone out there is watching my videos, thinking their life is too broken to ever hold any goodness again, and I need to show them how it can.”

The bigger picture.

I have a lot of thoughts about how all of the people around us play a part in our purpose, in what we came here to learn and experience. It makes sense to go through a rollercoaster of emotions with them because those experiences expand the consciousness of the universe.


What do we do with that information? I once heard that you’ve reached a higher state when you’re able to manifest everything you’ve ever imagined and being perfectly ok with letting it all go. Even that makes sense.

What doesn’t make sense is what I’m supposed to do with this understanding while I feel so alone and misunderstood.

Allow and let go.

Been doing a lot of that, but I feel myself getting more detached. Nothing matters.

It doesn’t matter how many times I explain myself to others, I will still be judged by a specific moment I experienced with them. Because that’s what affected them, that’s how they remember me, that’s what resonated with them.

Perhaps the purpose of all of what I’ve just written, is to remind myself that I can’t hold that against them either. Just because I understand, it doesn’t mean they know or feel that I understand. I guess the same goes for me.

Life is a circle, in which we encounter an endless amount of ways in which to feel alone, unloved and misunderstood. And in the mist of it all, we are supposed to find love and understanding for ourselves, within ourselves.

The outcome is higher vibration that will then attract other high vibrational people who may have just experienced the same thing. We find someone who we can relate to, we find connection and love. Not romantic love, but the appreciative, unconditional kind of love that we all have the power to feel and share.

I see the big picture.

All the turmoil is just part of the process.

This is the journey back to connection, to source, to love.

<3 ContradictionsClub


The Royal Palace Amsterdam Netherlands Day 4 vacation.
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Sinning on the fallen fruits. Summer storm aftermath, when the fruit trees give way under all their bounty there’s no way I’d pass up letting all that goodness go to waste. I know a little more about my local farmers, the faces behind the fruit, and Dutch prunes man, you can’t beat ‘em!

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