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I'm broken and its beautiful. More like I'm beautiful and now your phone's broken!!

"Your personal style is your sense of identity and self-expression. Embracing your personal style is an action that cultivates confidence. When you feel confident, you can envision success." -Quana – at Santa Fe Art District

Learn to build your own self confidence instead of relying on others to do it for you:

Confidence isn’t walking into a room thinking you’re better than everyone; it’s walking in and not having to compare yourself to anyone at all.

As , our continues to grow and ultimately exceed that of our male counterparts over time. The shift that emerges for women >40+ is only as powerful as we allow it to be. Leverage this time to “do good”, to seek out new challenges, to fail, to try again.

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There is nothing that’s stopping you from being great.
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What I think I do

me: ahhh yes self love feels so good, I became really confident and much more relaxed about my appearance *has fun with her friends, is actually relaxed*

What I actually do

me: you stupid dumb bitch, fucking love yourself!!! don’t you see that in the mirror?? you can’t do shit to change it right now so you better fucking love it or you won’t be able to do anything because you’re so weak and insecure!! LOVE. YOURSELF. I don’t care if you can’t, make a fucking effort *spends days screaming at herself for not being good at self love*

Rev. James Smith’s Daily Bible Readings for the Lord’s Household (1841–1850)

Cast not away therefore your confidence.
- Hebrews 10:35

Every believer is confident that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, the sent of God : that He is the only Saviour, and the eternal God.

He is confident that heaven is promised to all true believers, and is certain to all holy disciples. He gives credit to God’s word, which reveals the same, is fully satisfied of its truth, and finds courage and boldness to profess the same.

His confidence being produced by the Holy Spirit, and grounded on the divine word, will lead him to commit his all to the divine blessing; to surrender all to the divine will; to part with all in Christ’s quarrel: and to rest on the word and veracity of the Lord Jesus.

His confidence will often be assailed and sharply tried; but it must be maintained, for we are made partakers of Christ, if we hold fast the beginning of our confidence stedfast unto the end. It has great recompense of reward, in the present life a hundred-fold for all it parts with for Christ; and in the world to come life everlasting.

Beloved, let us hold fast our confidence and rejoicing of hope firm unto the end.

Protect me in the dangerous hour,
And from the wily tempter’s power,
Oh, set my spirit free!
And if temptation should assail,
May mighty grace o'er all prevail
And lead my heart to Thee.

me and a girlfriend were doing our makeup in the bathroom. I was wearing ripped up black jeans, combat boots, and a lace bustier. I had dark straightened hair, thick eyeliner, and dark lipstick. I’m skinny with no boobs and dont tan (im obsessed with sunscreen). She wore her blonde hair curled with side braids, had probably spent the entire past month in a tanning bed, and wore a white blazer with a pink minidress showing off her DDs. We laughed about how we looked like complete opposites that night. She remarked that she felt super insecure going out with me because I looked way prettier and skinnier. I sighed sadly, and said that she actually looked much better than me (it was true she looked really good that night).  We came to the conclusion that we were both hot— that I was the classic goth beauty and she was the hot california blonde.  It honestly worked out perfectly, because at the party we went to, I met a really hot emo guy and she met a famous football player. the moral of this story is there’s millions and millions of ways to be beautiful so always be yourself and you’ll look your best!! (as long as you’re hot lmao)

I daydream dreams of days better than the current.

Surrounded by voices that pierce through my conscious, screaming I will never be good enough. Surrounded by others whose only desire is to hurt me, break me. Surrounded by constant reminders that I am only a victim.

Never to be anything more.

As I rest my heavy head onto my limp wrist, the monotonous droning of daily burdens caress my brian. I drift to the dream. The scene that salvages the wreck that has become my mind throughout three summers that have since passed.

A single breath.



It begins.

Color drips from the decorated walls that encompass my physical state. I begin to fade from your reality. Slipping ever so slightly to one I have created.

My sanctuary.

I fall.

I sense the light resting on my eyelids. The sweet scent of stale cigarettes and sex. Tension that once made it impossible to take a breath dissipates with the smoke in the air.

His strong hands on my body. The realization that he’s laying my limp body onto the bed as if I had fallen asleep on the couch ten feet away.

Gentle. Strong, but oh so sweet.

White walls. White sheets. White rays of light breaking through the closed blinds.

Black comforter. Black hair. Black shadows that trace his body.

His body. Lures me in.

His hands. Beckon me onto his lap.

His arms. Wrap around me.

His nails. Dig into my back.

No longer are we lying together surrounded by the dark comforter. That was sent to the floor long ago. Only now sitting on his lap.




A cigarette is lit between my fingers. Red glows from the tip, as my mind becomes entranced with the smoke.

A click. A flash.

His frame shifts behind me as he continues to snap pictures of the moment. A moment we shall never forget. For this is the only safety that’s been felt in years.

Chipped red nail polish. Red glowing cigarette. Red from the mind taking its pain out on my body.

He doesn’t mind. He helps her pain. In this moment, there is no pain.





A click. A flash.

Color returns.

Breathing is a chore.

I hide my body, for I am afraid.

A click. I light a cigarette while I hop onto the hood of my car. Overlooking our city. A city we share. A city we share, and we didn’t even realize it.

“There is no way he exists. If he does, I’m gonna marry him,” I exclaim, between long drags from the cigarette.

I pass it to the one I tell everything to.

A long drag, then “You’re not going to believe what I’m about to tell you lovely.”

Oh is he lovely.

For now I know. He does exist.

My sanctuary is not just a dream.

My sanctuary is living. Breathing.

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You knoww every one has been saying what they're proud of but I want to know what you are proud of and also check if you're doing good. Are you doing good? Have you eaten enough today? Have you drunk enough water? Are you feeling good?? 💖

Thanks for asking, I’m getting there! Life is a rollercoaster.

I’m so proud of creating this lil community and hearing all your stories 💗💗💗


Heyyy happy Friday.. lets all have a great weekend..
#confidence #happyfriday #greatday #videooftheday #loveyourself #behappy #over40fun #grace #peaceandlove (at Folkston, Georgia)

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