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Our recent design is featured in a new Mountain Dew campaign for ! Wonder what Amp Game Fuel tastes like... 🤔

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Did everyone enjoy last nights episode of ? We always love being apart of the process. Check out this graphic we did for !

Here's a design from my Brave New World project. It's inspired by nature and 's design language. Check out the rest on artstation here

Here's a design sketch of an ex-farmer in a post nuclear war world. Holding a home made energy lance.

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Fallen Titan_02

i think i was high while drawing this—

only noticing that it looks like she’s in an acid trip..


ok so the crappy concept i was going for was that her hair is like drawing paper– so her hair is black and goes to the color of the supposed paper—- e????

ill just add this because im pretty proud of it


who gives a fuck anyway

imma sleepbyebyee

This is Patty. She is esentially the Daredevil you would never believe existed even if you met her. Patty is one of the most risk taking, Fearless, crazy ass people you would ever meet. She is honestly pretty sane while risking her life, when she was alive that is, in, most every situation.

It started as her being girly, until one life changing day she was nearly run over by a train. From that, created the Fearless pilot we know today. She spent most of her life gambling it, and risking it, by barely moving out of the way of trains, playing Russian roulette, having knife fights, it was all good.

Clearly she didn’t survive one of her Miraculous escapes of escaping death, but it’s assumed because of how many times she avoided death, it’s the reason she’s in hell. Because a sane person usually doesn’t willingly see if they can barely make it out of situations Alive.

So now we have a Daredevil Patty, who is esentially right where she belongs. Truth be told she wants to learn how to bowl, and use her head. Literally.


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Hazbin Hotel Oc - Shannon

This is Shannon. She is esentially the secretary demon. She is pretty much the secretary that usually says ‘please hold’ when you’re trying to call someone, makes you wait two hours, and then replies with 'they are busy at the moment, please call another time’.

Shannon isn’t happy with her job, and isn’t very surprised she ended up in hell for doing it so often. She would have been happier if she was closer to a coffee machine, but unfortunately there wasn’t one. So she went through most of her days tired as shit and pissed as hell.

And thus, we have Shannon. A demon who really is to tired for anything, ocassionally needing a drink to lighten up, but really just makes her more tired, moody, and drunk.

Just some concept art of an akuma I’m playing with. ‘Bright Justice’ happened after one of the students at Françoise Dupont High School gets pushed over the edge when Chloe uses her father as leverage and avoids punishment for something she caused.