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Woooaah encore un leak ! Non je rigole c'est faux. ps4?

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Imaginez un monde où des millions de personnes utilisent quotidiennement une application que vous avez conçue. C’est bon ? Sans transition, on peut vous former pour peut-être faire ce rêve une réalité.


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Bit by bit I’ll get it done. I want it to be quite detailed so will take some time.

First attempt on a clamshell smartphone from look like this? We made a concept based on the patent database managed by WIPO. Source: and What do you think?

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New concept

Since protective gear needs a lot of knowledge to be developed, I figured this would maybe be too hard for me. Also, I might be hard to get it to the place it needs to be. I changed my concept. 

I’m going to make a fashion collection inspired by protesters gear. It’s going to be big, protective, durable. It is going to be outerwear mostly. Style-wise, it will be a nod to protesters all over the world. This is translated through gloves, masks, hats and protective pads. It doesn’t really need the protectiveness that protesters need because they won’t use my clothes. But I still just want to make a good quality product that doesn’t wear out in a few months. 

The idea is that through digital prints, you can support protests all over the world on social media. Buying these prints, obliges the customer to donate to charities or organizations support these protests. Also, you can protest yourself by picking prints that support a subject you want protest against. 

Vision of future: people supporting protesters everywhere, but also be able to protest individually on social media

Protective gear in Hong Kong

Protective equipment has become harder to find, since the Chinese government restricted sales and exports of safety equipment into Hong Kong. This has made Lee even more determined to keep his business going.

“Hong Kong has a free market. I am running the business without violating any law. We only announce our pop-up address one hour before we open the stall so it’s almost impossible for the police to obtain a search warrant in time.” he said.


concept: me, transcending amongst the sky. their far away moonlight fills me with a sense of heavan i didn’t know i was capable of. my concept are covered in star