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has developed a working process based on the OKO Management System, covering the whole creative process behind an idea. Concept, landscaping, utilities, facilities, gardening, furniture, plumbering, electricity.

His Royal Highness ✨I finally see some improvements in my concept paintings. Still not there but I can notice the results of my hard work. I’m getting there, slowly but surely. Please tell me what you think! ♡

My favorite I ever did. For the , as I recall. Actually shot on film (before digital); the little nuts and bolts are hot-glued and retouched.

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concept: i’m in my forest feeling invisible and soft

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Okay but hear me out, the idea that you've just been teasing sub!john all day. Like whispering the most dirty things to him, breifly stroking him off then leaving him high and dry, giving him tons of hickeys. And by the night he's so so desprate. You catch him humping a pillow just to get off, and he begs for you to fuck him,

Awwww you use the whole day to get him to be desperate and once you let him cum he almost faints


Pontiac Banshee II, 1968. The Banshee II was a follow-up to the earlier Banshee series and used an aerodynamic fiberglass body over stock Firebird inner panels, it was fitted with a 400ci V8. In 1969, the Banshee II was modified with white paint and red graphics and was re-presented the Firebird Fiero 


I wish I had wings

I wish that I could touch the sky and feel the soft clouds. Wear a beautiful blue summer-dress and lay back down on a snow-white cloud many feet off the ground. With flowers in my hair, and polished nails, admire the blue sky and embrace its cold breeze. Close my eyes and hear nothing but the occasional sound of birds flying and low noises of the city down below.

Seperated away from everything, so peaceful and quiet.

Meet Pivot!

Pivot is a member of a species of serpentine, part equine monsters known as Equitomo. Startlingly adaptable, the species is known to take on traits to suit their environment, be it floral growths for a forest ecosystem or crystalline spines when living in caverns. The Equitomo originated on Floret, jungle planet in the same system as Cyule, which possessed a lush, healthy ecosystem home to many plentiful creatures.

Unlike the other planets in the system, Floret’s species were naturally fortified against most infection, having evolved to have a symbiotic relationship with a special plant which produced a nectar known to combat disease. The nectar, slightly radioactive, slowly mutated the once feral species, accelerating their evolution much like the Picolraans.

Pivot was born in a colony far from the forests of her planet, in a crystal cavern nestled in the tunnels near a dormant volcano. Over time, her tribe began to develop special crystal plates, which glowed according to temperature levels and helped them hunt. However, Pivot’s crystals were stunted due to a particularly cold season the year of her hatchday, and she grew with gems that could not change colors.

She eventually moved to Cyule in hopes of escaping the ridicule of her colony, where she still resides, along with her partner, Cheren.

Cabochon Cursed Form

I thought I’d start drawing up some concepts of how Cabochon’s other form looks.

She doesn’t turn into anything specific, just a formless blob with one wing and one antenna. Her eye is incredibly expressive to make up for her lack of speech in this form, and she can understand almost any written language. However, she’s very weak and fragile, and anything she learns and encounters while like this is forgotten when she turns back, stored in her curse form’s memories.

Her form is unique in that it resembles almost no other sentient species in Star System Seven’s galaxy. The closest thing to her cursed form is a breed of formerly canine designer pets known as Roundogs, which have been selectively bred and genetically altered so heavily that they no longer can be considered canines.

The Hoppixx Tribe

The main species which the Nimbunnies based their forms upon. The Hoppixx are a species of gelatinous, rabbit-like beings which inhabit a large, frozen meteor which has recently gotten caught in the orbit of a planet near Starmitum.

The nameless meteor is home to countless Hoppixx, which live out their days mostly underground and in icy caves, hiding from the frosty predators lurking on the surface. However, the Hoppixx are plagued by a hereditary disease which saps their energy and leaves most of them dependent on naturally forming, geometric goo deposits, which help to solidify their forms. Hoppixx lack the ability to eat solid food, so they absorb the goo supplements through the special collars around their necks.

In recent years, the Hoppixx have located devices left behind by the Nimbunnies, and they’ve adopted an Earth-like culture from years of watching and listening to human-made media on salvaged televisions