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My New Desktop Wallpaper For PC.

When it is time to upgrade, make sure to consider how to sell your used , as they are one of the most valuable parts of a or .

If any computer experts could reassure me that this is fixable after the dog walked into it and it snapped, I'd be very grateful.

Welches Betriebssystem nutzt ihr für euren Computer? 🖥️ Like ❤️ Windows Retweet 🔁 MacOS Antwort 📝 Linux Meine Antwort: 🙋‍♂️ Windows ❤️

19 mars 1972 : J.V. Atanasoff devient officiellement l’inventeur du premier ordinateur numérique électronique

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Horrible lighting, but spending the day on a desk for once lol.


Who’s Johnny? (Short Circuit) [ Bitpop Chiptune ] - Tribute to El DeBarg…

Made with C64 Driver/Samples & DAW (6 Channels)

Why am I doing this? Still? I think most fundamentally, that I enjoy stripping sounds back to their most fundamental elements that a home computer can generate and that is ‘single cycle waveforms’. Yes.

It might be more voices than what the C64 was capable of but its still the same fundamentals.

Again, Martin Galway was such a source of inspiration on this one. His cover of this El DeBarge song was amazing.

Made with ♥


Relativity 034 (In Which She Changes Her Mind)

Reason is powerful tool! And so, it turns out, is faith.