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MS teases Windows Phone 8 enterprise features: Company Hub, encryption, secure boot, IT management

At today’s Windows Phone Summit, Microsoft alluded to some of the next-gen OS’ enterprise features, including a trusted shared Windows core, encryption, secure boot and IT device management. Company VP Joe Belfiore recognized that some business users haven’t been satisfied with the operating system’s previous suite of enterprise features, and that definitely appears to be one focus of Windows Phone 8. BitLocker Drive Encryption will provide support for device security, while IT administrators will have have the ability to push apps to handsets while sidestepping the Marketplace. Office will also have a greater presence in Windows Phone 8, though we don’t know exactly how that will play out just yet. Enterprise clearly hasn’t been a primary target of Microsoft’s mobile OS to date, but that could very well change beginning this fall.

There’s also a new Company Hub feature, which will allow companies their own app distribution pipe, as well as giving IT administrators the ability to highlight specific things depending on what’s important to their organization. With so many Windows machines in the workplace, it’s pretty smart for Microsoft to take a serious dive into this stuff, and it’s honestly really slick. There’s also a Microsoft IT app, which the company claims will be provided in template form so that outfits can tweak it to fit specific needs.

To check out the latest updates from Microsoft’s Windows Phone event, visit our liveblog!

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Amar Bose donates majority of Bose Corporation shares to MIT, says thanks for the education

If you haven’t heard of Dr. Amar Bose directly, you’ve surely heard of his eponymous audio equipment company. Late last week, the 81-year old founder and chairman of Bose Corporation announced that he’s donating the majority of shares in the privately held company to his alma mater, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A member of that college’s graduating class of 1951 and its electrical engineering faculty all the way until 2001, Bose felt compelled to give something back and he’s opted for the most grandiose of gestures. MIT won’t be able to sell its shares in Bose Corp. nor have any say in the way it is run, but it’ll receive dividends as and when they’re paid out, which will then be reinvested in its research and education programs. In making this perpetual endowment public, Amar Bose took the time to credit Professors Y. W. Lee, Norbert Wiener and Jerome Wiesner as his mentors – in the image above, you can see him pictured with Lee (left) and Wiener (right) back in 1955. Chalkboards, that’s where it all began. Read more
Google snags PushLife, will probably use it to push music to your Android phone

At last year’s Google I/O we were tantalizingly teased with the idea of music streaming to our mobile devices. Since then, there have been hints and leaks, but nothing official from Google on when or how this new service would be rolled out. Well, now we can add a big piece to that puzzle with the news that Google has acquired mobile entertainment company PushLife, which has been developing a music app of its own for the Android and BlackBerry platforms. PushLife offers one-click purchases from an integrated music store, an overview of tunes you have both on your smartphone and on your computer (with the ability to access both sets on the phone), and automatic playlist syncing with iTunes or Windows Media Player libraries. There’s even more fanciness, such as recommendations based on the song you’re playing, artists bios and photo galleries, plus the inevitable Twitter and Facebook integration. The Canadian startup is believed to have cashed in to the tune of $25 million and will soon be shutting down its independent operations. Also soon: Google I/O 2011. Hint, hint, Google! Demo video after the break. Read more
Motorola's new logo: it's red

Been wondering about what impact Motorola’s January split into two distinct entities will have on your humble consumption of consumer electronics? Well, after attending Moto’s big Christmas do in London, we seem to have uncovered one of the biggies: the Droid maker is switching to a crimson new brand identity from the start of the new year. They won’t tell us much more than that, but we can only surmise that the slight chromatic deviation will be in an effort to distinguish between the Mobility arm, which will make all the pocketable things we know and love, and the Solutions group in charge of the less glamorous business hardware. We’re sure there’ll be some reshuffling of middle management and other structural reorganizations taking place, but we’ve got the big story right here: the stationery, it is a-changing. Read more
The Distro Interview: MSI Senior Vice President and co-founder, Jeans Huang

The MSI brand should be no stranger to connoisseurs of desktop motherboards, graphics cards and gaming laptops, but did you know that this Taiwanese company started off as a computer terminal maker 26 years ago? To find out more, we sat down with the very likable Senior Vice President (R&D Division) Jeans Huang. Read on to hear the co-founder’s interesting story on how MSI was formed by five ex-Sony engineers, his frank reason behind MSI’s reluctance to enter the smartphone market, and his thoughts on 3D display on the PC.

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