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GOTG: The Others to Each Other

Don't forget to visit us at Mrs. Claus's Reading Corner tomorrow night at the City of Mountain View's Community Tree Lighting Celebration! 🎅☃️🎄🎁

“Love isn’t a state of perfect caring. It is an active noun like struggle.” - Fred Rogers Andres’s homily “Preparation for Love by Fire” was a beautiful challenge to let the Love of God burn in and through us.

Charlie and Bria encouraged our church congregation to donate to . Many bought t-shirts! Support our ! All $ stays here to help palliative care patients stay at home ♥️

Fabulous on the this evening for . Really positive spirit, opening doors in cold weather. With . And, the wonderful, Mike Black. Blame me for the photo quality.

Communication and community is possibly my favorite thing about working with Esport athletes. Seeing parts sum up to a whole is so rewarding!

The wall of badges just since January 19.. Where you’ve been & the & company you keep, is always a sign of where you’re headed. Future looks bright 😎

What a lovely afternoon yesterday wandering around the Christmas Tree display, the Christmas arts & crafts market & the stalls in the village. A lovely buzz to the village & lots of people out & about enjoying the day. Well done everyone

I volunteered with my family friend at our local community center’s preschool! We helped the staff for about 3 hours by reading the children books and playing with them outside. We also helped them practice letter sounds.

“You were born with the ability to change someone’s life, don’t ever waste it.” Donate to Seaside Wellness Gardens through SB Gives! There is no better gift than the gift of Charity.

Thank you to everyone who joined us this evening for ‘Carols in the Park’, including Farher Cadell, who blessed the Park. Lovely to welcome the children from who led the singing. A cold night but a wonderful warm occasion celebrating Christmas!

Thank you for coming out and shopping and . Super proud of our makers and Tottenham . You all rock!!!

Come down to the area this season and bring your and ! Days are coming up on December 22, January 5 and February 17. ⛸️ ☕ 🎅🏽

The Tigers led the Taunton Christmas Parade to aid in "Can It for Christmas" which is run by Tiger Player Delaney Rasmussen!

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community rewatch: environmental science (s1e10)


Live Stream Ankündigung 🤗 Fire Emblem, ab 20 Uhr, auf:

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Reposted from @loveultraradio - ✌🏾 Peace & Blessings

To another great year of interview guests here at Love Ultra Radio! Best of success in the new year! Thank you all for rocking with us! Salute to 2019! 🥂

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The Love Ultra Radio program airs Tuesdays from 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm EST and dedicates the playlist to soul, urban and pop-fresh music, then adds a comedy segment & motivational moment, geared for a mature audience.

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i wasn’t going to talk about this because it is so off topic from anything i use this blog for, but i was very into Harmontown for quite some time, and even though it has been years since i listened to the podcast with any regularity, i’m still sad it’s over. there were times that it felt really special. i had a real, respectful discussion about politics with Spencer on reddit once, which i didn’t think was something that could happen (especially at that time where i constantly felt like i had to censor myself to avoid the wrath of the bernie bros (i’m glad i’m not really on reddit anymore)). and even though i sometimes felt they all have questionable takes on politics, the show did inspire me to learn a lot more about anarchism, which was kind of important to me. and the way dan and jeff, but especially dan, talked about religion was really helpful for me in articulating my own experience—particularly being an atheist and valuing religion as a ritual and rituals being valuable in and of themselves even if they’re not tied to faith and how that is really the underlying issue i have with most vocal atheists (like… you don’t get to pretend there isn’t an unknown that you need some kind of relationship with).

Community is the thing i’ve written the most fanfic for, and i think that means something. i still love that show. and i had something clearer i wanted to get across for that fandom than i do with asoue.

but things change, people move on—that’s life.

(i really hope jeff and spencer actually do something. there was a brief while that i kept listening to the show to hear their ad reads together. at this point, i would rather that david tennant did another season of david tennant does a podcast but that seems unlikely and i would take this as a concession.)

drive slowly and be cautious.


I was behind but here I am now! I’ve been nominated by @likwuid to do the Performer/Artist challenge!
This is
Day 2/10 June 2010

My first solo show ever was at @thebitterendnyc

Performer/Artist Challenge!
Everyday select an image from a day in the life of a performer/artist - a photo from a day you felt fierce or a memorable moment you’ve had during a performance/show, and post it with out a single explanation. Then nominate somebody to take the challenge! That’s 10 days, 10 performance photos, 10 nominations and 0 explanations!
Be active, be positive, be passionate. Raise Awareness of the Art!
I Nominate: @commanderflame
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Why Witchcraft is Dying

I’m trying to shape these thoughts as I go so please bear with me but the fact that the most accessable witchcraft has taken an aesthetic influenced path was unavoidable.

Those without resources don’t know where exactly to start and because of the sheer volume of empty posts it’s likely that most start there.

Outdated information, screen shots of posts from blogs deleted years ago, painfully over-arranged altars without explaination or purpose, you know, most of the witchcraft tags on social media websites, are what these people are exposed to.

And many are shut down before they can wade through the mess of it all and decide for themselves what makes sense and what they have no use for.

Popular YouTubers with sponsored clothing deals talk around the point for 30 minutes saying nothing actually usefully preaching about “Wiccan Vibes” are some of the easiest to find videos.

And when they don’t have a strong foundation they see all these others doing the same and assume it’s correct because it’s popular.

A lot of these people are young, they’re struggling for help and when they can’t find resources that are stacked behind paywalls or have several translations (many of which are inaccurate or outdated) I can understand why the majority ditch what’s difficult.

I’m not condoning this obviously but I can understand WHY it happens. Many of the resources that have helped me the most in establishing a foundation are no longer available online or were purchased (because I’m old and can buy myself things).

For those living with parents or who live in dorms and can’t practice openly I can see why they’re drawn to ‘easily to digested and understood’ information.

This used to infuriate me, I used to say it was because of laziness, but that’s not always the case.

Yeah, in a lot of cases some people are just lazy, but in others they’re working with ehat they have and what they can get their hands on.

Some people will reject this “ready to eat” style of witchcraft but some people need to take time to realize it’s not for them.

And sadly a lot more will just accept it.

But unless we share (however we choose to) the information that is substantial we can’t expect a different outcome than the current.

I’ll be posting things I’ve stumbled upon and used on my blog as I enjoy them or find them helpful but most of them aren’t on this platform at all.


OMG! 😨
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I’ve been binge watching Community these days. And I just wanna say that Britta and Troy make NO sense together.

Why do straights keep making random pairings of opposite sex characters when there’s a perfect gay match RIGHT THERE?

Troy and Abed should’ve ended up husbands and you can’t change my mind.

Had a conversation with someone on @emositecc‘s Discord and we were talking about the Coconut song. Well I found a meme about someone saying they were CocoNUTS for someone. And I said that if someone doesn’t confess their love for me using a coconut pun or chicken nuggets they aren’t the one…. Well that person responded to this and It was so funny xD so I drew a picture of my reaction lol!!!

Being able to gather 1 million Euros in 12 hours…What an amazing experience. I’m so proud of this community! See you all next year at Friendly Fire 6.


Lotion Princess at @terralunamarket
Thank you for an awesome night!!

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About to get started. #Love #Cool #Blessed #Community #Church @wearerefinery

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