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We must work as a to help Christian leadership thrive! Check out my blog post where I discuss how Christian leadership is an "all hands on deck" operation: Photo credit: Michael Afonso via

Ever wondered whatโ€™s behind the big red doors? welcomed some of the local Jewish community to the station today to have a look around and answer a few questions they had. We hope you all enjoyed your visit ๐Ÿš’๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

Whatโ€™s your experience of care from ? Feedback helps improve our services to ensure we provide high quality care to all. Follow the link to our page. Your feedback matters!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

Our Student Affairs' staff are wearing jeans for the week and/or on by donating to One Place of the Shoals' Sexual Assault Division. We're just 1 day into the campaign and we've already raised $150 for this amazing community resource!

These guys are Awesome! Happy 1 year Honored to rock the mic at your party and debut my new album!

WISM is partnering with Make-A-Wish Georgia for their Shoe Drive. We are asking that you donate wearable shoes. Shoe donations are being collected now through May 3rd. Shoes may be placed in the bin located in the church foyer.

The has been an exemplary model for how to represent & fight for people, ๐ŸŒŽ, & historical context in govmnt while keeping one foot in . I'm proud to have the endorsement of this environmental warrior on .

How to Overcome 3 Obstacles to Content Creation for your Knowledge Base: How to Overcome 3 Obstacles to Content Creation for your Knowledge Base

Want to connect more with your community? Contact us for information on how to get your financial institution's brand on our ATMs at community events!

I love every inch of LRV interior illustration, but this little scene is my favorite.

Tomorrow you can catch us at the warehouse! We love helping our , especially for causes as great as theirs! ๐ŸŠ Keep an eye on our Facebook page for something special tomorrow!

To celebrate Osmiaโ€™s 7th birthday (4/20) and Earth Day (today, 4/22), our team spent a day doing trail maintenance with our local outdoor volunteer company.

Want to know the perfect way to start your workweek? By supporting a local non-profit, of course! Grab tickets to our mixer to support at at the link in our bio

I have some amazing people supporting me during this . From now until May 7, I'll reshare their endorsements with you. To learn more, visit my website and read the kind words of the leaders who have endorsed our :

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Just finished Community - I’m a little late to the party but damn that last episode T_T you guys this show is the best show ever! If you haven’t seen it - go watch it!


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Any tips on how to meet more bi and lesbian friends? Currently I'm in a relationship with man and that seems to not sit right with some women in the community. I've always had a large friend group with many gay men but they don't seem to understand the struggles that are specific to WLW. I've been in my current city that is extremely LGBTQ+ friendly for about a year but I'm very scared of going to bars and clubs by myself and being rejected.

Sadly, Bi women often face criticism from both sides (straight and gay). Bi women can often be the invisible part of our community. Some feeling the need to Id as what their relationship represents just to make things easier, safer.
Several of my friends are bi, including a very close friend and I have watched her deal with trying to seek community. She is married to a wonderful and supportive man. She could just not come out. But she decided that it is important to be who she is and yet younger women see that bi women exist and continue to be bi, even when in a relationship with a man (or woman). I admire her bravery, as I do yours for wanting to still be who you are.
Sometimes it is a easier to meet people if you get involved in your community. Volunteer at LGBT orgainzations. Gay Pride, PFLAG.
When I saw that my lesbian community was struggling to find each other off line, especially younger people, my young friend and I put together a conference. You might have to make your own community. Start with something simple. A gathering, picnic, book club. See if there is a gay friendly free meeting place. Most cities are full of free venues for small gatherings. Or see if a local book store will host it.
Create a wlw (for, bi, pan and lesbian women) book club and find LGBT authors. Put out a facebook invite, cheap fliers. Engage the people interested. Set a date and time.
I think you will amazed to see how many woman are out there, even in your distant frend group, seeking to find others like you and none of you know it.
Many lesbians hesitate to make friendships with bi women..for a few reasons. valid or not. They don’t want to get in the middle or be asked to be your “side” gig. (although there are women that are okay with that) . Sometimes they just don’t think you will have anything in common since you are with a man. Sometimes it is just cultural and lesbians don’t trust bi women (This one really hurts my heart).

If you create a space for meeting them.. wlw WILL come and you will find each other. It can be as simple as a coffee meet up. The meet up ap is useful for small regular gathering. Advertise is places like book clubs, coffee shops, gay friendly stores and cafes, at the gay bar. 


Let’s start it from the starting. Stage was set, posters were rolled, vibe was positive and we all were high (on life)
Forever time stamped- 21st April.
Thank you for making this @arkodyuti
#CommaConf #community #Conference #communityfolks (at CoWrks)

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I love so much of this world. It’s complexities and diversity and the connections that are there, willing to be made, are incredible. I know how hard growing up is for any creature, and humans have it no easier. On the flip side, raising a child brings up so many questions of morality and heartache. As an individual, living in ย a community that so often doesn’t seem appropriate to be hospitable to even pre-formed life, it is unthinkable to suggest, myself, the possibility of bringing new life into this toxic system.
—  Alanna, 20
Monday fun bashing blog [yaaay]

Monday …okay let’s just get into it…

First up: MAN can you get those short confessions again for me…like who the F cares just 5% of peeps (my percent-ish) would read a loooong confession! Aaaanyways: Nobody cares what you think, and as a tip: if you don’t wanna be called an “elitist” don’t post shit like this and let peeps be!

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And Next:

Hm i see….just a little guess but i m pretty sure this is the same person as the one above posting the same shit again….great! You think peeps don’t get it when you post the same stuff twice in just a view days apart? REALLY? If this is not the same person: Read the one above!

And next one:

Oh man….I can’t tell ya how much i don’t care about a stupid confession like this….

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And next:

Wait what? Dude? Like really? Dude? Is it just me or is the first word in this “confession” the reason the rest is just BULLSHI** AF? Nobody who has a functional brain should EVER start a sentence with: DUDE! And for the rest:

Because I LOVE old fabrics and they are 100% used because they are OLD (surprise i know!).

And this one:

Okay okay…for me it sounds like a person FROM an developed country but saying “IT” isn’t because of this DUMB and stupid confession! So Absolutely, NO!

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And last one:

*found under a confession, please say something about it* -Anonymous.

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Sry but HAHAHAHA what the F in the world….block your IP hahahahaha oh man that was a good one!

Have a great day, and like always: you don’t like MY opinion: just make a post on YOUR blog and leave me the hack alone because i don’t give a s*** about what you think apparently (and now we see how many peeps can actually read!)

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Converts of jumblr I have a question for y’all. Invited a new friend to a Seder, and in response she told me that she’s not converted yet because she wanted me to know in the context of mevushal/not mevushal. My main question is, what is a nice way to ask ‘how many seders have you been to before?’ I want to make sure she’s comfortable, and also make sure I’m not explaining things to her that she doesn’t already know.

Long overdue: reflecting on the closure of Signs Restaurant

I’ve been thinking about this since December 12, 2016. I don’t think that I was ready back then to write about how I felt when the Signs Restaurant in Toronto closed down. The clipping from the Metro News “newspaper” still sits with me and while it felt like a great loss of opportunity for the local Deaf community, I feel that it is an even greater loss for Canadian society. I sensed that this was merely an investment opportunity, that followed O’Noir (staffed by Blind community members). With the images cropping up on Instagram, it felt like another dining gimmick and way for able-bodied people to capitalize on people with different abilities.

The restaurant opened in July 2014 and was praised for employing members of the Deaf community. I applaud the folks who initiated this because individuals who are Deaf struggle to find jobs. While the owner claims to have run out of funds to run the restaurant, I think it could have survived had it emerged via a grassroots approach, from within the Deaf community. The Deaf community WOULD have taken the time to adjust to costs of making simple accommodations to face barriers, such as the need for regular training. Whereas an able-bodied owner jumped ship because it was not lucrative and he was not willing to invest in order to jump hurdles. Whereas, had this been internally driven, the Deaf community would have worked to “save the concept” as the former owner phrases it. Why is that? For them, it isn’t a concept. IT IS their life.

According to Statistics Canada, the employment rate of working-age adults with hearing loss is 47.9%, which is much lower than for adults without hearing loss (73.6%). These are stats from 3 years ago and I’m not sure if much has changed.

Let’s work towards changing this. Less concepts. More enabling those who are equipped to make the changes, BECAUSE they KNOW the world of the Deaf.

In solidarity,

- A