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In , you never have to wonder what there is to do. There is always fun to be had in ! Be sure to check out the calendar for details!

Whether it is dealing with process piping, pumps, special flanges, or the energy transportation equipment, Phelps has the right materials and the expertise to provide quick turnaround.

Do you want to have a say on beautification initiatives in YOUR community? Then attend the Board of Community Services meeting on 2/26. Meeting Information here:

Those with an adventuresome pallet has a served on Jan. 29th, 6pm at the Nations Parks and Recreation Community Hall.

Year 2 have been learning about our diverse city and how religious groups have special symbols which are of great importance

Talented crossing guard made this for one of our students😄 Ss tell me she’s made a few on request for different kids.

Join us at ACE 2020 for a three session track to learn how companies in the Aras have leveraged our resilient to build great applications quickly, while preserving scalability and upgradeability. Learn more:

Are you a of a who is the recipient or has been the recipient of mental health services in KFL&A? Are you looking for an opportunity to make change? The KFL&A Child & Youth Mental Health Family Advisory Committee might be of interest to you!

Did you know it has been proven that singing is good for your mental health? As part of celebrations, our very own Cartmells' Community Choir are looking forward to having a sing along at next week 🎼

Organic CBD products for pets available, bringing joy to families nationwide as we help them keep their four-legged members healthy and happy. King Kanine helps raise funds and awareness for the ASPCA >>

What a great night. The Lord was present in Fordyce and the power of prayer was evident. I feel blessed to have attended and was pleased to share the experience with the Fordyce Mayor, the Dallas County Judge and our State Senator.

Stop by the Police Department today for free resources provided for by on drowning prevention and how to become a designated safe "water watcher" today!

If you live in and are aged 14-17, the bring activities, support and advice to you! It's every Wednesday during term-time between 3.30-5.30pm. Look out for us we will be out and about in Letchworth Town Centre!

The dates for next term are coming soon. Do you work with children and young people who would benefit from early intervention mental health training, let us know!

The in a loss to Michigan State, but it's a win for , earning 5 more baskets = 161 total Baskets for Babies so far! Genz-Ryan is proud sponsor of !

Members of the First Call team attended Lee's Summit CARES Mayor’s Character Breakfast at John Knox Village, on January 23. The annual breakfast honors those who serve in the Lee's Summit community and lead by example. Congratulations to all the deserving honorees.

🤝 A social focus for . By setting up —a new 16 acre farm in which is owned and run by the will supply fresh veg to locals and host community & education projects!

Here's to local ! Together with and sustainable forestry company Levas Flor we in Mozambique. The school benches are made by Levas Flor and our students get the chance to do internships and even start working there🌳!

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2020 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Drivers’ Notes | Green monster

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“I was born in Seoul, South Korea, and was raised in Korea, Australia, and the U.S. I’ve been in New York for 13 years now. I moved here because my family did not want me to be under the pressure of the restrictive education system in Korea. I moved to Brooklyn just in the past year from Queens to be closer to friends. Now that I live and work in Brooklyn, I really feel a sense of community, and I am grateful to be a part of it.

I came to the Brooklyn Museum for my birthday to see Ai Weiwei: According to What? That’s how much I love this museum, and I did not imagine that I would start working here exactly 5 years later, ON MY BIRTHDAY. Meeting Maggie, the Brooklyn Museum cat, is my favorite memory.

Do Ho Suh’s The Perfect Home II was on view when I first started working at the museum. There were many layers to my emotional experience as I was walking through the massive, yet delicate installation, which is a replica of the Korean artist’s New York City home. The idea of a home being perfect, but secondary to one’s birthplace resonates deeply with me.”

— Seung Hee, Assistant to the President & COO and Chief of Staff & General Counsel

The Brooklyn Way

Giving into broken systems is the same thing as supporting broken systems.
It’s the same thing as supporting your own oppression.
It’s the same thing as trumpeting and championing broken systems.
It’s the same thing as saying the effects of broken systems aren’t that bad.
It’s the same thing as those oppressed should just be oppressed.
It’s the same thing as approving the concept of broken systems, corruption, obstruction, negligence, exploitation and other destructive criminal elements.


I’ve created a new ig page where I share quotes that help me grow as well as my own content

I want to share the things I’ve learned through my healing and awakening process to help others and create a community where we can all support each other and become more loving to one another 💙✨

please help me grow and make my dreams come true @perceptionshifters ❤️❤️❤️

that’s just a very beginning and I’m working on more things so stay tuneeeeed 🤗

PS. yes I’ll follow yaaaa back 😜


Protesting people are blocking the way of CBD area City of Melbourne!!


Chinese New Year Of January 26, 2020 has traditional music and dragon da…


“What we really need is people that have the right ideas as far as where humans should go, the way we should behave, the way we should treat each other. This overwhelming need for community that we all share, we have to, we have to pull this thing together and we have to look at each other as a community and that’s lacking.” - @joerogan #whatweneed #theway #rightideas #community #unity #thephilosopherking #meditationonthemosthigh

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Mal - Adaptive Daydreaming - Session 7

This is my 7th therapy session for my Mal-Adaptive Day Dreaming.

To see Session 1, go here or to see Session 2, go here or to see Session 3, go here, or to see Session 4, go here, or to see Session 5 go here, or to see Session 6 go here. This blog is to help those who want therapy, but don’t think they need it, or can’t afford it. Hope it helps.


During the end of December, I completely fell off my homework routine. I noticed my mental health really slid. I barely did anything. I felt like the whole year was a waste of time, and that I accomplished nothing. I vented about this multiple times on Facebook, which I think only made the issue worse. Everything culminated with a shitty new year’s eve.

Anyway, this was my first session in over a month, but I’m glad I went back. We talked about how I picked up on my homework again in January, and started meditating once in every 3 days. He said that was good. There is always so much to talk about, but I always bring so little of my problems to him.

We started to analyze, “What’s actually going on in my daydreams?”

We went to the calm part of myself. Then brought up the daydream part. I usually explain things to people in my daydreams. We decided to call this part “The Professor”. He told me I need to have conversations with that part of myself, watch it, and understand it more.

I asked if this is related to Multiple Personalities / Dissociative Disorder. He said ‘not really, everyone has different parts to themselves, with D.I.D, it’s just WAY less connected. Everyone has different sides to their personality’, he said.

The whole idea is that he thinks I daydream because I have trouble talking and expressing these feelings or thoughts in real life. That is true. I have very few close friends I converse with, and bring these things up. He suggested doing this more as part of my recovery strategy.

We talked about what I do in the morning. I usually get up, make coffee, and use social media. He told me to avoid social media first thing in the morning. If I meditate in the morning, it will set my whole day up properly. I need to try this, I used to do work in the morning, but I think the daydreaming got worse over the years.


I need to watch the part of my personality called “The Professor”. Even after we talked about it, I am noticing it more. This has given me a lot to think about. Not sure how to converse with this side of me.

A meditation practice he gave me, where I focus on my sense of sight wasn’t working, so he told me to drop it and focus on watching my thoughts more.

I learned about a free app called Meditation Timer. It works well. I tried it today.


*Copied from my therapist

1) Maintain meditation (15 minutes of different practice he gave me, covered in earlier blogs)

2) Morning routine - Get up, put on coffee, shower, drink coffee with light stretching, meditate.

3) “The Professor” - Be aware when professor is active, start having Conversations with the professor, emphasize that you can hear it, but bring it into the present, show it around, that no one is around and you need to get some stuff down for an hour!

What do you think? Is my therapy going well? What should I ask him next? Let me know below!

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#NieVergessen 👥 • Statt einer Frage der Woche gibt es heute einen Bezug zum 75. Gedenktag der Befreiung von Auschwitz; dem “Synonym für den Massenmord der Nazis an Juden, Sinti und Roma und anderen Verfolgten.”
Lasst uns der Opfer gemeinsam gedenken.

Wofür steht der 27.Januar?
“Der 27. Januar, der Tag der Befreiung von Auschwitz, ist […] kein Feiertag im üblichen Sinn. Er ist ein "DenkTag”: Gedenken und Nachdenken über die Vergangenheit schaffen Orientierung für die Zukunft. Die beste Versicherung gegen Völkerhass, Totalitarismus, Faschismus und Nationalsozialismus ist und bleibt die Erinnerung an und die aktive Auseinandersetzung mit der Geschichte. 2020 jährt sich die Befreiung des KZ Auschwitz zum 75. Mal.“ (Quelle:

Geschichtlicher Hintergrund:
"Woran gedenken wir am 27. Januar?
Während der NS-Zeit ermordeten die Nazis in Auschwitz über anderthalb Millionen Männer, Frauen und Kinder. Am 27. Januar 1945 befreite die Rote Armee die Gefangenen des Konzentrationslagers.
Der Jahrestag der Befreiung wurde 1996 auf Initiative des damaligen Bundespräsidenten Roman Herzog offizieller deutscher Gedenktag für die Opfer des Nationalsozialismus. Die Vereinten Nationen erklärten den 27. Januar im Jahr 2005 zum Internationalen Tag des Gedenkens an die Opfer des Holocausts.” (Quelle:

(Bildquelle: Bahneinfahrt Auschwitz; Foto: C.Puisney. Lizenz: CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons)


For Dr. Terrance Newton, many life lessons were learned in the barbershop. Now he’s passing them on to students at his Wilmington, Delaware elementary school.

Dr. Newton opened his own shop to connect with and mentor his students. But it’s about more than just free haircuts — the principal is helping build community and confidence.

It’s all based on a simple philosophy: “if you look good, you dress good, you act good.”

Watch the full story.


Lifetime conservatorship
-Not allowed to drive
-Phone calls monitored
-Can’t be around others without- vetting/permission
-Kids threatened to be taken when rules broken
-Held against her will for refusing certain meds

So happy to be part of #Ethcial grassroots #Movements like @psychvictims that are bringing #Awareness to the fact that these #Labels are destroying so many.

#socialimpact #socialgood #nonprofit #community #changemakers #socialenterprise #sustainability #education #makeadifference #sdg #bethechange #volunteer #change #socialchange #socialresponsibility #unitednations #ngo #love #leadership #empowerment #giveback #sdgs #impact #dogood #philanthropy (at Ford Field)

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