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In and there are international banks. This alone should ring your bells. These are just two different tactics against your nation, but if you fight them, they will flee and your victory shall be flawless.

It's a Democratic agenda for Repeating numerous times is a tactic and weak minds play right into their web

The Japanese Communist Party doing an insidious stalker to the Kyoto Shimbun. When the Kyoto Newspaper criticized the Communist Party, jcp threatened the Kyoto Newspaper!

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Check out Diane West's interview on where stands today in America. Great research. Very credible work. LEARN about the

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There are four types of violence:

1: morally justified legal violence.

2: morally bad legal violence.

3 morally justified illegal violence

4: morally bad illegal violence

China may now adopt a system of people’s congresses, from the national people’s congress down to the provincial, county, district and township people’s congresses, with all levels electing their respective governmental bodies. But if there is to be a proper representation for each revolutionary class according to its status in the state, a proper expression of the people’s will, a proper direction for revolutionary struggles and a proper manifestation of the spirit of New Democracy, then a system of really universal and equal suffrage, irrespective of sex, creed, property or education, must be introduced. Such is the system of democratic centralism. Only a government based on democratic centralism can fully express the will of all the revolutionary people and fight the enemies of the revolution most effectively. There must be a spirit of refusal to be “privately owned by the few” in the government and the army; without a genuinely democratic system this cannot be attained and the system of government and the state system will be out of harmony.
—  Selected Works of Mao Tse-Tung
I hope that you will practice Marxism and not revisionism; that you will unite and not split; that you will be sincere and open and not resort to plotting and conspiracy.
—  Mao Zedong, Talks With Responsible Comrades At Various Places During Provincial Tour (1971)
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If you ever forget to do your homework, and your parents get pissed at you for it, just tell them this: “Homework is a tool of oppression used by the bourgeois teachers to oppress the proletariat students.” Then, run to your room, lock the door, and start re-reading Das Kapital for the trillionth time.

“I want to leave this place and travel around the world. If anyone asks where I’m from, I’ll say I’m from Cuba. If the ask me what Cuba is, I’ll say it’s a small socialist island in the Caribbean. If they ask me what socialism is, I’ll say its a system established by Fidel Castro 50 years ago. If they ask me who Fidel Castro is, I’ll stay there forever!”

“Juan of the Dead” - a 2010 zombie comedy film

Check your change...

If you’re in the UK and see a Brexit 50p, either refuse to accept it or take it and deface or destroy it. Permenant markers or a hammer+nail will do the job, without making it unspendable. 

It is nothing but the hypocritical glorification of fascism under this far-right Tory government. They are trying to deport people who have lived here for decades. Racism, antisemitism, homophobia, and all forms of hate have increased as a result of this right-wing form of Brexit.