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Great visual for the last article. I talk about language on as well.

If you are in a current relationship that you want to heal and continue, a serious and loving discussion is in order.

Young children crave time with their parents, but do you find it difficult to talk to them? Let Jodi Dorson, a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, show you how!

the first revolution that is not in the lab anymore but already being rolled out commercially. Learn where, how, why and what you can do to benefit from it

How to Understand Your Coworkers' Nonverbal - Multicultural differences in , facial expression, use of space, and especially, gestures, are enormous and enormously open to misinterpretation. To learn more, CLICK here...

Struggling to a change in your organsiation? We partner with you so that whatever change you need to make, we can help you achieve it through effective .

Live With A Positive Attitude. The Best Of The Daily TWOG by Dr. Don MacRae. Motivational Life Lessons. Hope. Change. Renewal. Growth.

Here are some of the resourceful states we explored at the 'Planting Seeds' workshop yesterday. . Which ones are you most drawn to? .

La 🕰 minute 💡 philosophie du 📅 week-end, en lien avec mes sujets de prédilection, et une vision poétique ➡️ Goethe : "Les couleurs sont des actions de la lumière..." Copyright visuel 🙏

Internal communications in most companies is an afterthought, much to the detriment of engagement. Read to learn why focus on internal comms is focus on the bottom line. Via

2️⃣ 2020 ou l'année du consommateur conscient ! Entre enjeux et opportunités pour les , fine analyse repérée in :

Excellent communication is a valuable component of relationships, understanding, transparency, growth, and sustainability.

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1️⃣ Vers la fin du ? Focus sur une tendance qui voit les se recentrer sur leur public plutôt que sur leur identité : v/

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Today I told my boyfriend I was scared. Now let me preface that he hasn’t done the whole dating thing in quite some time so he has fears of similar nature, but different paths.

I told him I don’t like to let people in. I project an image and even though it’s been almost a month of us doing this thing I’ve been putting the mask on around him. I didn’t want him to see me hurting or broken. That part scares the shit out of me. I was so anxious all day thinking of having this conversation with him. Like I cried and had panic attacks because I was afraid that what I was going to tell him was going to push him away and he would leave. I project and put the all together face on around him, but like I’m so scared. I told him I don’t like when people care about me because when someone says they do they always leave. People always fucking leave. And that was the thing- I didn’t want to let more people in to hurt me further. I do have some fucking pride. But he just told me he was scared too and that I didn’t have to wear a mask around him. And then he just held me. All this after him asking me if i was okay the past couple of days when i haven’t been myself.

I appreciate this so much because he doesn’t just care about people that are around him. And he actually cares about me. Not only has he told me, but has shown me on multiple occasions and just… I know I asked for this, but if this one leaves it’s going to hurt so fucking bad. But I’m not thinking that way this time. We are honest with each other. He isn’t afraid to tell me something even if it’ll maybe hurt my feelings because it’ll hurt both of us more if we let it fester and become a problem.


#JEUX trouve les différences entre les deux campagnes de communication !

Attention, vous aurez besoin de toute votre attention pour tout trouver. 😂🤣

La nouvelle campagne de publicité de Beyoncé Ivy Park et Adidas ressemble étrangement à la collaboration de Kelly Rowland pour Fabletics.

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Long Distance <3

I am in a long distance relationship.

It’s not always easy having 7 hours of travel between us… but we couldn’t be happier. Well unless we lived near by each other maybe.

I see him once a month. We try to plan for long weekends… when we can. Our schedules don’t always match. And we alternate who goes where. I’ve been really lucky lately and have seen him every three weeks. But that will slow down now that the holidays are over.

We make it work. Keys to our relationship:

1.) Communicating daily. Especially with kind words and encouragement.

2.) Making unconditional time for each other (FaceTime, gaming), especially when the other person needs a pick me up

3.) Sending gift boxes and cards every so often. This means getting a goodie birthdays, Christmas, any holiday, … typically I send something once a month.

4.) And fully committing to each other when we have time together. No distractions!

I never wanted a long distance relationship. It is so nice to have your honey close and accessible. But I’m so happy and grateful for him that it just happens to work. One day, when our relationship progresses further, we will move closer together. But it is hard to say who will go where as we both have very great jobs.

And, honestly, there are some benefits to it all!

1.) Me time. I can do whatever I want whenever I want and I don’t have to worry about seeing someone all the time.

2.) Our time together is more special, cherished, and meaningful.

3.) I go on vacation once a month. (We are planning to explore United States cities with our future weekends! Hello Seattle!)

4.) We are both given space to grow ourselves, but we still have the comfort and support of each other. THIS IS HUGE. We have already come so far from where we met. And we are still growing. We both have improvements we want to make in our lives. And distance gives us the ability to focus on ourselves and to stimulate growth. While commitment gives us someone to pick us up when we fall and to encourage us.

I’m excited for one day when we are fully together. But the system we have honestly works wells for us. We have so much happiness and like for each other. And I can’t wait to see where this year and the future takes us. ❤️

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Hey! I talked to my partner about my codependency and we worked some things out, communicated, and then shared an affectionate moment. He didn't break up with me! Ty for helping me the other day mr fox :3💜 -codependent anon

You are most welcome! I only gave a little advice, it was your 30 seconds of courage to speak up for your needs that really did the trick! Cheers

In the early eighties, in a class about cinema, if I remember correctly, Deleuze was interrupted by a rather fraught student, perhaps one of Guattari’s patients, or a former La Borde inmate, amidst such a heterogeneous audience, composed of philosophers, architects, painters, drug addicts, vagrants.… He asked Deleuze why people were so alone, why there was such a lack of communication nowadays, and unraveled his sad story about how we are victims of abandonment and helplessness. And Deleuze, sensing that his class was being driven off track, replied politely, before proposing a small break: the problem is not that we are alone, but rather that we are not left alone enough. Indeed, Deleuze never tired of writing that we suffer from an excess of communication, that we are ‘riddled with pointless talk, insane quantities of words and images,’ so that it is no longer a question of making ‘people express themselves, but rather to provide small vacuoles of solitude and silence in which they might eventually find something to say.’ To conjure the gentleness and the right to have nothing to say is perhaps the condition ‘so that one might form the rare, or even rarer, thing that might be worth saying.’
—  Peter Pal Pelbart, Cartography of Exhaustion: Nihilism Inside Out, pg. 9

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通하는世상 행福한사람
舞神深泉 方勝石牧師

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idk who needs to hear this but… if you are stressed out about something, you need to tell someone. is your job stressing you out? tell your manager about any problems and see if there is a way to make things easier. if your manager refuses to find a solution to the problem, maybe it would be better to find a new job. are you stressed about a relationship? sit down with the friend/family member/partner and clearly communicate what is stressing you without being confrontational. when we talk about the things that are stressing us out, it gives others a chance to help us find solutions, and most of the time we will at least feel like a little bit of the weight has been lifted off our shoulders. you shouldn’t have to carry that weight by yourself.

This is very important to me.


Aftercare is more than physically making sure your boy is ok.

Especially for men, the step to submission is hard, because our society teaches men they’re to be in charge, man up, all that.

As an alpha who’s not into degrading or humiliating her boys, but rather care for them and spoil them (always with a good amount of tease, of course), I have seen some of them feeling really bad afterwards, however much they loved the session while it was going on.

The mental aftercare is the main part. Reassure your boy you don’t regard him as less than before he let go and gave in. On the contrary! I have the greatest respect for a man who trusts me enough to show me his vulnerability, who whimpers from desire when I push back his hands, stopping him from touching me or himself, while I continue teasing him. My heart swells when his body shutters and his breath comes in gasps, on the brink of losing himself, begging me for more. The most beautiful thing is when they almost cry, maybe even shed a tear, because the longing is so immense, and he loves what I do so much he can’t control himself anymore. THESE ARE THE MOMENTS that can make your boy feel utterly ashamed, uncomfortable, unwell afterwards. Take his feelings seriously. Don’t treat him like a child when he feels down and doubts himself, but let him know how utterly beautiful it was to you and thank him for his trust sincerely.

Every domme should be aware of it being a great honour if her sub shows this amount of trust. If you manage to show him your respect and make him see he’s still a man, still strong in your eyes, he’ll treat you like a queen. That’s the real submission.

BDSM is about the mind in the first place. Sex is only the second. And without communication, trust, and bold honesty, we’re going nowhere.

I see way too little posts about the beauty and mental importance of aftercare on the net.

Oh and on a side note: aftercare is not necessarily just the hour or so after sex. It can go on for days, especially with new subs. It’s not only hugging him and asking if he’s alright, caring for possible marks and running him a bath. It is the sms the next day, asking if he’s ok. It’s a call, making sure he’s doing alright. It’s asking him if there’s anything he’d like to be different the next time or if he’s got any questions. It’s telling him exactly how you felt during the session. How his cock felt in your whatever. Why you liked it. And let him know you’re looking forward to spoiling him again and more.

Let him know you’re worth his trust.

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(part 2) on top of my daddy being upset, i recently got a baby pacman frog, he ate the first day i had him but he wouldn't eat yesterday or today. ive been crying for hours cause im so worried about the frog and my daddy. ive heard of some people's pacman frogs dying because they refused to eat. i love the little frog so much and i would never forgive myself if it died because it wouldn't eat

[Pt 1] “ my daddy had a second welding test for his new job today but he was so tired that he slept through his alarm. he was calling himself “pathetic” and “a terrible person” and i was trying my hardest to cheer him up but it didn’t work in the slightest. he hasn’t been able to cry for years but he just told me he had a meltdown. i can’t help but feel like im not a good little or girlfriend since i wasn’t able to make him feel better in the slightest.”


I’m sorry to hear that your Daddy had a hard time with his alarm. Accidents like this happen, even to the best of people. He really came down hard on himself after that. Calling himself those things was his wallowing and being overly critical of what was a simple mistake and the natural aftermath of being overly fatigued. In the mind of a Dominant, we’re supposed to do the protecting, the consoling and the sheltering. Sometimes it’s extra hard to accept the efforts of others, even our submissive, to console our internal tempest of emotions. It takes a humble ego to take a step back and acknowledge that a submissive helps their Dominant just as much as the Dominant helps them. It is not a failure to make a mistake or have an accident sometimes. It only becomes a failure if one refuses to learn from that mistake or accident. Breaking through that ice is difficult as he sorts out his initial emotions from an event like that. The best thing I can recommend is lay on the praise and appreciation. Remind him that you count on him and he makes you proud all the time.

Regarding your frog, I’m not a herpetologist, but I did some initial checking. Pac-Man frogs thrive in a very particular range of climate temperatures. If their terrarium conditions slip outside those temperatures they can enter something like a hibernation state where they refuse to eat. Try ensuring their enclosure is between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also try calling a pet store and asking what they recommend. I would try emailing the gentleman who penned this article [HERE], as they seem a good resource. I hope this helps.

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Hi! I'm the little with the budding almost relationship. He has told me I'm intelligent and very articulate. It was in the context I was telling him I didn't want my innocence and naivety to seem like ignorance. I don't know if he's said anything about my morals, but he did tell me I have the kindest soul of anyone he's met. I over analyze a lot, but I'm having such intense butterflies and feelings that I want to make sure I rightfully have them because it'll be very painful to realize later.

From what I’ve been able to gather from your asks, you’re butterflies are well founded. He sounds like he’s paying attention to all of you, not just the sexy bits. Appreciating someone’s kindness and intelligence are hallmarks of someone who really cares to learn about you. It sounds like you’ve got yourself a good catch!


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