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Join as he explores some of the blocks to communication success to any of the various audiences within the process Industry

Ravi d'embarquer les clients, partenaires et les équipes d'un acteur majeur du logement social dans la définition d'un nouveau positionnement et d'une nouvelle stratégie de et .

"The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles but to irrigate deserts". ~C.S.Lewis

Kylie Walsh of Di Jones RE explains how to strike a balance between face-to-face interaction and technology when communicating with others. Tune in tomorrow to Rockend Rockstars at 3pm or catch up after the show at

The photo is blurred, but my questions are always point-blank! Turning the focus ring of the camera until the subject sharpens as I am set to interview. – at The Lalit Hotel

Kylie Walsh of Di Jones RE explains how to strike a balance between face-to-face interaction and technology when communicating with others. Tune in tomorrow to Rockstars at 3pm or catch up after the show at

Add an messaging extension to your , and using Reson8 . With comprehensive documentation and sample code snippets, Reson8 provides an easy-to-use API to add 2FA, Alerts, or any other Application to Person !

We understand that marketing isn't just about presenting yourself well—it's a relationship that you build with your consumers. We're happy to help make that relationship a good one.

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Hier soir à l'AG de mon club [], un jeune a dit que c'était "has been" de communiquer sur Facebook. Ce sont ces moments là où on se sent vieillir?

Kylie Walsh of explains how to strike a balance between face-to-face interaction and technology when communicating with others. Tune in tomorrow to Rockstars at 3pm or catch up after the show at

"You never want to get on a plane where the pilot learned to fly from worksheets". ~T.Whitaker

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One day I won’t be dumb enough to wait for you to text back

an honest tip for when you have trouble communicating with a friend but still need connections: come up with some sort of game that you can play without explanation.

example- one of my best friends and i love sending each other those “types of people” posts and saying who we think the other is. sounds lame, but it works. it’s an easy way to talk to someone even when you’re emotionally drained. and it’s better than isolating yourself completely. literally play a color game, or send each other baby animals and have a gif war. it doesn’t matter what it is, just reach out however you can.

and remember, human connection is right up there next to oxygen when it comes to basic needs. take care of yourself. please.

I think a lot of people may not know the definition of clingy but clingy is only really ever clingy when some disrespects your boundaries or doesn’t listen to your needs, and what I mean mean by this is, it’s ok to miss your partner and want to be by them a lot and spend time and hug and cuddle and all that. Those things arnt what makes you or someone else clingly. The only time it becomes clingly is if you or your partner asks for alone time or you/they want to go do your/their own thing for a bit and that isn’t respected.

That’s why communication is important. If you feel like your partners being a bit too clingly just tell them how you feel and that you need some alone time every so often. If they respect it than they’re not actually clingly (they just miss you and like/love you a lot) and if they get upset by that then they actually are clingly. Same goes the other way too. If your partner tells you they feel you might be a bit to clingy and they need some alone time every so often than respect it. Just, communicate to each other about your wants and needs, respect each other’s wants and needs, and than find a solution that works for you both.

I hate small talk.

I want to talk about Atom’s, death, aliens, sex, magic, intellect, the meaning of life, far away galaxys, music that makes you feel different, memories, the lies you’ve told, your flaws, your favorite scents, your childhood, what keeps you up at night, your insecurities and fears, I like people with depth who speak with emotion from a twisted mind.

I don’t want to know ‘what’s up.’

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Ive decided to actually sit down and make the tarot deck ive been thinking about for years^^ Right now is research time. Spent all night hunting down many a beast for my lists. Then I spent more time on deciding which to keep and which to slay. Im not done yet though. I’ll spend more time on it after some sleep. Maybe I can get to working on some concept art in a few hours^^

Easter, 1986 

Her call shook me in surprise
it was [good] [sic] ‘cause we were both
off-guard //
      for once
      ?!?! ever ?!?!
– the day had been ritually festive –
and we each had much to
    say … 1, 2 ,3…
if little to 
    hear … 9, 8 7…

HELP HELLO? - isn’t the desperation clear


oh, ever still –
the “why” of it all
I mean we’re so far apart
or in oblivious surrender / denial
even crippled with pain,
emotionally vapid,
and suffering starts at the state line:

that question didn’t surface
[surfeit sublime sensitivity]

that question:
the “why we keep it going”

isn’t the desperation clear

though, today,
we’d be better off
If I’d/she’d/we’d

febrile courage withers.

thus dust to dust
dust to dust



Home is where the heart is. The hearts of over 600,000 people is Baltimore. Take a journey with this team of story tellers from Morgan State University to take a look at a few hearts of Baltimore 🐻
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📹 @thesunzulu
Additional footage by @gr_moon1 & @blog.jermaine
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for all you true musicians out there

you continue making instrumental music, or music in a foreign language, or whatever melodies soothe you. music is a universal language. we can listen to someone singing in a language we’ve probably never heard of, but if there is emotion behind it, we as humans can sense and sympathize with that. so for all you orchestral musicians, kpop fans, and everyone else, keep doing what makes you happy. the arts aren’t confined to one language- they express, not just tell.

i was told a few weeks ago by my music theory professor that we couldn’t live without the arts. he’s right, so keep sharing that gift with everyone around you in your own unique way.