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« Retirez de votre image de marque (sur ou ailleurs) tout ce qu’on peut voir ailleurs : votre identité unique est la base de votre », Guillaume Delacroix (DLX) avec Adrien Garcia, au

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Who told you that you could reach your goals and the life you dream of without any effort?

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is the biggest factor in great leadership. Including actually "listening".

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The Everything Guide to Being the New Employee

anonymous asked:

What made Nick want to reach out to me on Monday? -A

Card I drew: The Sun (overcoming obstacles / positivity)

The Sun’s overarching symbolism is about overcoming subconscious obstacles through knowledge. Nick probably needed something confirmed or denied from you. Either that, or he just generally misses talking to you and wanted to see how you’re doing.

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I think the word ‘ask’ is key to many and most things.

If you want something (like a favor from somebody, just as an example), asking is better than simply taking

If you want to know something in regards to someone else and their feelings, only asking that person will give you the answers you need

And while this may seem a bit scary depending on the situation, the worst case scenario is getting a 'no’, or an answer different from the one you were hoping

But ultimately? Isn’t it better to know, than to be wondering, assuming, or just taking?

Technology plays a significant role in the creation, maintenance, and dissolution of social relations. Something most of us can relate to is the presentation of the self-online. Most of us post on social media such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and etc. But some of us pst what we want people to see. Virtual self is contrasted with the in real life (IRL), self, describes the creation of a self through posts, pictures, etc. on the Internet, particularly social media sites. 

For example, Instagram. Some of us are careful with what we post online. If it’s a picture of ourselves, we would want to look nice, maybe edit the picture by removing pimples you don’t want people to see or adding a filter on top of the original photo. Some of us also care about the theme of our Instagram page, but then there are other people who don’t care and post whatever they want. Personally, my Instagram has a theme (video above). The reason I chose to have a theme is because it’s consistent and aesthetically pleasing. This goes the same for other people. 

Groffman (1959) referred tot he presentation of the self in private space as a person’s backstage and the public expression of self as the frontstage. This is important for understanding users’ decisions as to what to post. For users, social media is their frontstage and it’s there that they accordingly present their most desirable elements of the self. This doesn’t mean that they are a different person in real life or online, the frontstage is there to hide anything that might be personal to that person and they don’t want other people knowing about it. 

Do you care about what you post online? 

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My best friend lately only messages me either at 3am/4am or once at 5pm. She'll start a conversation then disappear for days. I understand she has school. I know I'm at work 99% of my weeks. But shell randomly disappear from our conversations. It becomes hard to talk with her. Sometimes she'll want to talk at 3am and I say all the time sorry I'm sleepin I have a long shift But I don't think she understands I work 5-6 days a week.

I think that, in a conversation with her, you should focus on when you can talk rather than when you can’t. Be honest! Something like:

“I really love talking to you, but I’ve noticed it’s been hardly lately with our conflicting schedules and work and school and all of that. What times work best for you to chat? I’m usually available ________________.”

And then go from there. It might mean that one of you has to stay up late or so on, but if you want to talk together, you might have to make the time to do so (within reason, of course).

If you can’t find a mutually agreeable time, then you could try thinking of your messaging a little differently. Instead of considering it an ongoing conversation, think of it more like writing letters to one another with bigger gaps in between responses. In other words, less back and forth with small messages, and more one big message back and forth, more slowly. You could spend a paragraph responding to their message, and then do another one telling them whatever you want to tell them. Then sign off, and wait for their big blast response.

And remember that when people get busy, they can be less communicative than before. That isn’t necessarily a sign of anything bad in a friendship - sometimes, people get quiet for various reasons, but as long as you’re both willing to make the time to communicate in some kind of way that works for you both, you’ll be okay.

Good luck!

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Does he miss me? Does he wanna reach out to me? x

Card I drew: Death (the end of something / beginning of something else)

I’m sorry, but it doesn’t look like he’s thinking about you much at all anymore. It’s time for you to move on as well.

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I’m still struggling to come up with a polite answer for clueless comments like “you’re to young to have arthritis/have this much pain/be on all these meds etc.”

I really don’t want to respond sarcastically. These comments do irk me but most of the time the person just really doesn’t know how ignorant/offensive their statement is. I want to be polite and educational. I usually spout off facts about my conditions, but I’m still looking for ideas. Any thoughts?

The Journey Begins.


I decided I wanted to create a blog two nights ago actually. My friend tagged me in a typical-millenial-hopeless romantic-type Instagram post. The page seemed artsy, well-curated, and relevant to my life at the moment (something like this: *meme posted above this post*). Then I started scrolling through the page and found several quotes that stood out to me, but one in particular.

It said, in all lowercase letters: “the art of eye contact”. I instantly paused and stared. This is me. This is so me… I thought.

Everything from how I have always admired peoples’ body language, to loving people watching, to my current work as a communication coach. The art of eye contact, the art of language, and the art of communication defines life. It defines who we are, what we do, and why the hell we do it.

So, here it goes. My feelings, my thoughts, my work, and how I think body language and communication encompass all that we are as humans.


Do you know your typical behaviour in a team?
How do you react to a pressure?
What is your communication style?

Those with the ability for introspection can probably answer these questions without difficulties. Many of us have enough experience to describe the way we react in different situations. However, these descriptions rely exclusively on explicit expressions of the behaviours, which are those that are within our conscious awareness. Our current team research shows that there are many other aspects of the behaviour we are not aware of. They come to the surface unexpectedly and it is almost impossible to control them. This is focus of Team FIRE. We hope to deepen our understanding of implicit motives and attitudes to be able to diagnose the behaviour as it occurs. Are you curious? Follow us on our journey to understanding individual and team dynamics in an experiential way.

What do you to believe to be the most important characteristics of a healthy romantic relationship (besides love) ?

Communication, trust, compassion, and being able to listen and understand each other’s wants, feelings, opinions etc. You have to be able to talk WITH each other — not to each other — and be able to actually listen with compassion, knowing whatever they say doesn’t contain maliciousness.

Be able to admit your mistakes. Be able to say sorry. Be able to be vulnerable while also being aware that vulnerability does take time. So in addition, be patient.

19.03.06// Mercury retrograde got me feeling some kinda way, but I finally had the motivation to start using my agenda again (how I could ever give up using my petit prince moleskin, I’ll never know, but that’s pisces season for you). Getting some odds and ends finished, and then on to start my presentation for Friday. (sorry for the blurry photo, the lighting in my office space on campus is rubbish)