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Why is gratitude such a powerful tool for manifesting your desires and goals? Learn more here:

People sometimes shy away from giving media interviews thinking their social media posts and prepared statements work well enough. But I don’t think they do. NEW BLOG.

“Social use in the often includes goals of enhancing productivity, influencing efficient collaboration and fostering a rich environment of . ”

“Good title! It tells the reader to be ready for the unexpected. OMG! And suspense? Yes! I praise the author for keeping it very clean in word and narrative.” ☆★☆★ - FOREWARNED

"Can you polish the mirror of your deepest reflections until you are without flaws"? -Lao Tzu

"A dream seldom becomes reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination and hard work".

"Children are the world´s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future". ~JFK

Leaders who don't listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say. -- Andy Stanley

Do’s and don’ts with client reach-outs: DO find holidays/events/milestones to celebrate that are distinctive and inclusive. Christmas isn’t your best option by a long shot.

If we only discuss issues with people who agree with us . . . Jesse Lyn Stoner

"Educating yourself means you´re intelligent enough to know that there is plenty left to learn". ~

Creating an image using Play doh simply by verbal directions.

How can you improve in the workplace? Is there a best way to illustrate your point and be persuasive as well? In this episode of The Mental Minute Podcast, I share the most effective tool I have found to be a good communicator

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Communication & Worth

My first “big girl post.” But, I made a vow to keep it real on here so enjoy. Have you ever felt not valued by friends?

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In 2018 my intention to “communicate” was to openly talk about my feelings if I was upset about something or had to get something off my chest. At the time I found it easier to brush my feelings under a rug until I built up so much anger that I would eventually cut them off completely or go ghost. I’ve always felt embarrassed communicating how I feel and that it would be dismissed or they would be upset with me or it would hurt their feelings. Along the way I realized I was making more progress in the communication department in dating and not at all in the communication department with my friends.

I have to remind myself everyday how important communication is and how it showcases maturity, depth and confidence. Yet, I can’t bring myself to be as open as I crave to be when the opportunity arises. I’ve found myself being surrounded by people I once considered close friends of mine who have made me feel so small because of things they have selfishly done or said and don’t even realize. The last few months of 2018 I really started putting into perspective how often I make excuses for “friends” who show me by their actions that they don’t value me at all.

At the same time I realize that I am not the most open person when it comes to communicating my feelings. It’s hard for people to know where anyone stands at all when we are not at all transparent about how little things they would do here and there and blatant acts of disrespect affect our mental health (and view of them) negatively.

Yet, these people had no idea that I was overextending myself for them and that my resentment towards them was building at a rapid pace and I couldn’t wait to be set free from whatever friendship we had. I could not wait to release their negative energy and it made me excited to let them go. Most of these people never cared enough to see what was going on in my personal life, because they were always too busy talking about theirs. When I cut them off I was “mean,” but really I had just had enough. I was completely disinterested in exerting my energy into these people any longer. My self worth has been hanging on by a thread. I felt as if I had to be aggressive to get my point across and I’m really not sorry for it, because I finally did it for me. We’re building healthy, two-way street relationships in 2019 or none at all.

Vendredi 11 janvier 2019, la série Cherif parlait endométriose (6x03) et c’est une excellente chose! 

Ce qui m’a le plus plu, c’est que l’endométriose était abordée comme un sujet mainstream (ce qu’il est dans les faits, puisque une à deux femme.s sur dix sont touchées et que tout le monde connait donc au moins une malade). Pour une fois il n’était pas question de faire de la sensibilisation ou de faire pleurer dans les chaumières. L’endométriose fait partie de la vie, tout simplement. 

Le deuxième point que j’ai apprécié, c’est qu’il était question des conséquences de la prise en charge catastrophique de l’endo. /!\ SPOILER ALERT /!\ Le père d’une endométriosique, tue un gynéco qui a tardé à poser le diagnostic et a tranché dans le vif, en retirant l’utérus de sa fille malade (ce qui n’est pas sans rappeler le célèbre slogan de l’endomarch “Si on enlevait autant de couilles que d’utérus, on aurait déjà un traitement”). Inutile de préciser que le meurtre n’est pas la solution aux violences gynécologiques. Cependant, je trouvais bouleversant de voir les scénaristes montrer à quel point, notre mauvaise prise en charge, peut nous anéantir. 

J’espère voir de nouvelle fiction parler d’endométriose comme on parlerait de diabète!
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Why Design Thinking Is The Future Of Sales
If you’re a sales rep, you know you need to up your game and become more innovative. Sales teams are recognizing the value of incorporating a design thinking approach into their daily activities
By Falon Fatemi

Why limit Design Thinking at all? It should be embraced and applied in all kind of challenges. But please do it right. This turns out to be the most important part of Design Thinking as it is very often misunderstood as a workshop method.

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