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Today's -- a) mawled Or do you prefer: b) mangled? c) bent out of shape? Decisions decisions

Conversely the day of the final report he is looking down at sprouts and saying "So many answers" - perhaps as - MAKE THIS STORY GROW! You have everything - it's up to you! Their last hope?

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There are only 12 "Moonwalkers" 4th man on the moon: Alan Bean (AB) 5th man on the moon: Alan Shepard (as in sheep) - Bean died last year - note this pic likely request thru behind his head thru the shadow

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Back to 1977 - given the - some are certainly comm stories meant to carry instructions. This is a silly one. Dr Allen Bussey completing 20,302 yo-yo loops in April - note this is 1 month after the 7 boxes were found.

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"Examining all factors that can affect the success of your business, both internal and external, is a fundamental step toward building a viable strategy."

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Feeling too stressed to communicate? All the more reason to communicate…

When was the last time you put a physical pen to real paper? If you're looking to bring back the personal touch to your communications, perhaps handwriting could be the way to do it... πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

The world relies on pros to tell the stories that should be told - and right now, the digital landscape offers a million ways to tell these stories. How will you tell yours?

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hey everyone i’d like some spare coin

i have a job interview on wednesday but my doctor’s appointment (to get my labs done to Start Hormones) is May 13 & I would really like to not have to cancel the appointment ty I’ll draw art for you

please rb even if u can’t donate, and if u can donate even a dollar would be amazing (and i’ll STILL draw smth for u!! just dm me!!)


Semi-chibi commissions I did for rinna-diabolik,  diabolik-smut and a-delicate-freaking-flower respectively of their OCs with Diabolic Lovers plushies haha

These have a base price of $36, additional charges apply for complex designs/ addition of e.g. dogs. Feel free to contact if interested ^^ I do not draw fandom characters (unless in plushie form), sorry ;v;

She’s still drying a bit at this point but is about 90% done! I tried a different drying method that worked perfectly so she was ready to break in half the time it usually takes me :D! Just need to fluff up her fur and make sure the leather is broken and sanded down nicely, but I’m happy to know that after a year I still got the magic touch lol.

anonymous asked:

do you do commissions? :o

Hello dear anon! 

I’ve actually gotten a few asks about commissions recently (which means a lot to me, thanks guys!!) I don’t have anything set up and ready to go just yet, but I really want to open up comms soon-ish. That being said, feel free to pm me the sort of commission you have in mind so I have an idea of what to expect :)

I’ll likely create a ko-fi for sketch comms, and once I get more comfortable doing those, move into doing larger scale commissions ^^ So yeah, please watch this space if you’re interested! Thanks ♡