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Fab night getting to quiz on his journey into , and the . We all learned and laughed in equal measures so thanks for being an absolute legend 🙏🏻

Day 📸 We had a fantastic day shooting a new opening in with the talented . We are proud to be the and team for Grand Cru 🍽🥂🍾 Great to catch up with our friends at too👍🏼

An effective communication strategy has the power to boost employee engagement, build internal awareness, drive performance and retain talent.

We're ! Exciting opportunity for a French-speaking Press Officer to join our growing team in London >

from a building site roof top 26 floors up. Some days I bloody my job👍.

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When meets astronomy 🌕 Today, we here at Doitscher PR will briefly unglue our eyes from Gmail to check out tonight's supermoon, which is expected to be the largest of 2019 and the third largest we'll see in the next 10 years.

Really glad to be back supporting the committee. First stop, all things with .

In the latest issue of , Eugene Concannon from Neopost looks at how solutions help manage customer across multiple channels;

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Influencer marketing is set to be even bigger in 2019 - here are five predictions of how influencer marketing will evolve in the next 12 months

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im gonna start a ‘hundred days of productivity’ challenge now i’m at uni,

even tho i’ve procrastinated doing my online lectures this arvo by watching an engine rebuild series on yt when i dont even own a screwdriver

also hello, tag dump ⬇️

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#bts with fav #comms #coach @arabellamac 📷 @juliecrespelphotography 🙏 #timelapse @madeleineare @zach.edmonds .
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thank you so much for your reposts and thanks to my commissioners!

now i’m going to work on all the commissions.
i’ll inform you all when i’ll open it again. but you can always send a message me here for the information, don’t be shy! thank you!


Often I am working with a client on messaging to be used in various strategic communications settings: media outreach, analyst meetings, internal communications among others. In the last month alone, however, I have listened as individuals from a pair of major corporations fell back on the company slogan – or tagline – as a message.

And while taglines – defined as a short, often catchy phrase that fully captures an organization’s mission or spirit – work great in advertising, they fall short of scope and gravitas in every other form of strategic communications. 

While a tagline can reflect messaging, a tagline is not a message.

In a media interview, a spokesperson is not doing much to express the breadth of a new product or partnership or providing deep insight to its mission or its services by spouting: “Fly the friendly skies” or “Empowering technology” or “Have it your way” or “The power of dreams.” In fact, I’ll bet you can only ID two of the four companies represented there.

No. A message needs to be concise and declarative, like a tagline, but it needs to also clearly state a business objective. It needs to not only satisfy the audiences’ “want,’ but make a good argument for the “why.” Unlike a 30-second ad, other strategic communications environments require a little more context. 

Your business likely can’t be characterized in one short phrase. There are multiple objectives, activities and values that need to be expressed. Some examples:

- “We are committed to innovation and R&D, together with a focus on sustainability, as main pillars of Clariant’s strategy.”

- “The U.S. Army will always be excellent stewards of taxpayer dollars.”

- “At McDonald’s, we are making significant changes that are important to our customers, our people and the environment.”

Now, key words from a tagline may make their way into a message. In fact, it is a great way to ensure recall of critical descriptive language. But a message provides greater depth for all critical audiences.

So now, just do it!


(02/06/2019: OPEN)
Valentines Day commissions sale!

(pls reblog if you can’t buy anything, i’m in a rly bad place financially n really need this to get some traction before i take it down on valentines day!)

Paypal only, message me here or on my deviant art!

I will draw: any couple regardless of gender/orientation, anthros

I won’t draw: intentionally hateful/transphobic/racist/homophobic content!

Message format:

comm type: (pink monotone/full color)
extra notes:

SLOTS: (OPEN: will add more if necessary!)






Out of commissions to do!

Does anyone want to commission me?  :0

I animate and draw traditional and digital art.  My basic prices are from $1.50 to $5.00 for those things!

Info in my journal, and payment can go through Paypal or DeviantArt.  Just ask for info if you’re interested!


aaa thought id put this here!! (now to copy and paste from DA)

while it says to put the form in the comments, for tumblr just DM me~


Character: (ref)
Preferred color: (col #, general name, ect.)
Extra: (expression, outfit, ect.)


-i wont go past drawing the lineart/ general body until ive been paid on kofi
-please pay me ONLY when i say so!!
~ill give you the link when i confirm you can send it
-i have the right to refuse (yadayada)
-i wont be taking DApoints for these commissions, at least not currently