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I'm always open for commissions, just dm me ❤️

I’m a fool who forgot her laptop and can’t get it until Wednesday 😎😎😎 no Bromeliad update, have this S’more golem sketch

Artwork commissioned by overcast55 she's a character from a game, but I dont know the game name xD

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Hi!! I need more practice in Procreate so I'm opening lineless commissions in this style for $40 usd! If you're interested send me a dm or an email to hanachimafu @ gmail! RTs are appreciated ❤

Chibi commissions finished for Bravelands on DA i still have commissions like this just for 8USD ✨ if you are interested in one just send me a PM ♥

Wow! I've made a lot of Anime Bust Ups Commissions in a few months using my iPad! There's a lot left in my PC. 😂 My 5USD Anime Bust Ups commissions are still open! Message me if you're interested. 😍

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Redrew this mermaid from back in 2012! What a difference 7 years makes ^^ If you'd like a commission in this style, there are still spots available!

Here is a sketch/outline of Shingen from the otome game Samurai Love Ballad Party for who was the 3rd winner of the ! 🥳 Enjoy your handsome husband!!! ❤️😋

My new "Sketchy Bust" style. This is my cyclops oc, Bellailei. She's a cutie. Commissions are open, please see my pinned Tweet for details~

Commission for <33 love your characters! thank you for commissioning me!! -- Do not use in any way shape or form unless you are CatGirl846!!

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S’mores golem!

Commissions are open!

There will be 5 available slots, and these commissions will be open until April 28th.

If you have any questions regarding commissions, feel free to message me via Instagram DMs at @ _ciel_reveur_ OR @ misulciel (art account)

(Also this is my first time doing commissions so woohoo!)

P.S. by ‘Direct messages’ I mean on Instagram only, since I don’t use tumblr as often anymore.

Hey guys! Sorry that I haven’t been very active on Tumblr. I decided recently that I wanted to get back into posting more often on Tumblr so that my artwork can reach out to more people!

So, for those of you who don’t know me - Hi I’m Crystal and I make custom charms and figurines out of clay!

I own an Etsy store called AdoreInStore where I sell all my creations~

Here are some examples of my work and I will be posting more soon!


A short progress vid of how Camila is coming along! :]

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A few days after the announcement of the new Pokémon games (Sword and Shield) I was a sleepybun and decided to paint this little Sobble! He’s not perfect but he’s still adorable ♥


Have some to finish in the meantime and then a whole month or two of army and working on new stuff after I finish this issue of the #tommycomic . I have limited space so let me know!

#comicart #commissionsopen #commissionswelcome #freelance #workit #comicbook #sketchcovers #sketchcards #makecomics #imakecomics (at Hialeah, Florida)

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