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Resharing it would be very very appropriate to help them. "That" person , i got their full permission for everything, to do the emergancy commissions for them So yeah Pls spread da word

COMMISSIONS: OPEN Galera estou abrindo commissions Leiam as imagens a baixo para saber os preços e oque eu desenho ou não desenho Se tiverem alguma duvida podem mandar aqui em baixo nos comentários desse post +

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You may have seen our pretty wooden heart decos. But did you know I can draw a bespoke design on a heart to your spec? Simply DM or convo me at for a wee chat

Icon Commissions are open! For the moment only 7 slots are still open!! Dm for more information!

One of the largest US retail banks was searching for a way to automate manual sales processes, speed up data, commissions and crediting 0px; " tag="ulations and more. See how implementing NICE SPM made all the difference >>

Hey everyone, Pixel Art commissions are OPEN! Despite my Nintendo-heavy portfolio (see tweet below), I'm flexible with branching out in any style. RTs are very appreciated, and your interest means a lot. Feel free to DM me!

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My rough bust sketch commissions are the fastest and cheapest comms I offer if anyone would like to help me make a bit of money to get a Caravan Palace ticket either tonight or tomorrow!! Doing these for £10~

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Hey all, I'm opening up Commissions!! Please DM Me if interested and Share if you can! I'm between jobs right now so honestly anything helps!

LilacGhea and I did a this month 💙I did her Sárdonyx a dreadful and she did my shy Vaartan💜 If you like her make sure to check her porfile, she's with open now ;)

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Order up! You know what they say about a watched pot, Maillard.... 6 spots still up for grabs! If you have any questions or uncertainties about , please ask away.😊

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It's my birthday and I'm starting commissions! Prices: $5 for eye $15 for half body $20 for full body +$5 for extra person BUT WAIT... THERE'S MORE The first five commissions will be $5 no matter what (plus $1 per additional person)

Latest commission is finished! Please like and retweet and if you’re interested in any commissions please message me☺️

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Hey !  

Here are my commissions prices !

Dm me for commissions !

Using paypal

The character in this pic is my star wars OC


Payment will be done first, via Paypal. 

Everything will be done in full colour. I will send you a sketch and updates. You are up to 3 changes before it’s finalized. I can refuse a commission. 

NSF/W is not an option.

OCs are welcome.

Extra Characters are ½ of full price.

Couples are an extra $5. 

Complicated backgrounds are an extra $10.
Simple backgrounds are free.

Commissions are not for commercial use or to resell. 
Any questions, please message me @helixed-inferno

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Lines 20€ / Flats 30€ / Complete 40€

Lines 60€ / Flats 70€ / Complete 80€

Lines 80€ / Flats 100€ / Complete 130€

Starts at 150€, fully rendered characters and backgrounds.


-Payment always upfront and in EURO. If your commission is over 100€, you can ask to pay 50% upfront and the rest however we agree on.
-Every extra character are 50% more. I.e: One character, half body, flats is 70€ + 35€ per extra character.
-Refunds will not be accepted unless the artwork hasn’t been started.
-Any changes in the commission will be decided during the sketch phase. Further in the process, there will only be minimal changes. More significant changes will be charged.
-All pieces have a simple background with colors, gradients and blurry effects. If you require a proper background then you’re asking for an “FULL ILLUSTRATION” type of commission, please check out the commission price list.
-By commissioning me you accept the artwork may be part of my professional portfolio and appear on my social media.
-The artwork created when I’m commisioned will be ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE. You may use it as an icon with proper credit, print it for your walls, etc. If you’re not sure if it’s okay please ask first.
-If you’d be interested in commissioning for commercial use, please ask first.
-The commission is only sent in digital to a given email, since I do not have a way to make prints yet.
-The archives will be sent in high resolution, tell me if you need it in a specific size beforehand please.
-Commissions are done first come first served. If you have a date you need the final art to be ready for, please let me know in your FIRST email.
How to ask for a commission:

-Send me an email to with: type of commission (i.e: A half body flats commission), description and references for the character (photos of actors, illustrations, pinterest boards, clothes, weapons, even hairstyle if you want, everything helps), and wait for me to reply.
-When I reply I will probably ask some questions or suggestions. Once they’re answered I will give you a final price.
-If you accept, then I require payment first: in Paypal, use the “Send and request” option and choose “Send”. Then follow the steps and write my email when needed. You’ll have to enter the payment amount and finally, if asked, choose “Friends and family”. Why “Friends and family”? Because there is no shop, Paypal is no middle man in my business and I pay my country’s bills/fees through another form.
-Once I receive Paypal’s email and check if payment is correct, I will let you know and start working on your commission. I may send sketches and ask for approval before finishing the piece.
-I will send you the final art to your email.

WHAT I DO: Armor, weapons, simple machinery, animals, furry, light gore, nudity. Existing characters (from tv, movies, comics, etc.) are OKAY!
WHAT I DON’T DO: Abuse (to animals or people), mechas, complicated architecture/buildings, porn.

Got a question? Just send me an email! I’ll reply asap

Flash Sale $10 Sketches! 1/28-1/30 (Limited Slots)

Happy New Year dears! This month has flown right by, and not just because I’ve been playing Xmas sale catch ups for most of it. (Damn flu Dx) While I still have one more to go, I’m throwing up the flash sale for this month now, just in case. It is smaller/shorter than usual, due to time constraints and just…general exhaustion on my end. Thank you for looking as always~ Have a great end of winter–spring is soon lovelies!

Sale ends 1/30 12am EST

-$10 sketch of up to two characters
-+$5 for flat color
-nsfw, some gore ok
-fanart, ocs, furry, ok
-digital .PNG sent to your inbox/tumblr
-I will send out invoices from Paypal
-email me at [ chrsjonsey[at] ] or Note me here!

Slots Available:

Commissions Upcoming

Just a little heads up that I’m going to be opening commissions for February! The themes will be Valentines and pink, so keep an eye out if you want some cute lovey art this upcoming month!

Commissions are open. 3 Slots at a time.


- Pay up-front. No exceptions.
- No NSFW.
- No free re-dos.
- Prices are non-negotiable and only vary based on your commission details/complexity.
- Stick to what you see, as you deserve art worth your money.
- In regards to OCs - know what you want before contacting me. Send me a stick figure or some other reference if you want a specific pose, and know the details of the character such as skin color, hair color and general style/length, eye color, gender presentation, clothing style, etc.
- Requiring a background /will/ cost an additional $5-10 depending on complexity.
- Payment details will be discussed privately. I will not post my information publicly.

Use my ask box on this blog and I will answer privately. Do not message me outside of my ask box unless I accept your commission. We can go into further detail for your request outside of the ask box character limit if I accept.