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いつも応援してくださっている方からリクエストいただきました。とっても嬉しかったです…!我が家の可愛いオリーブたち、レッチーノ、ルッカ、ネバディロ・ブロンコを擬人化しました💕 みはゆーの さんのコミッション さんから

time! DM me, or go to Let's do this!

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A I did for gingr on TH. I really adore their unicorn boi like wow he's gorgeous.

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Commission for @/TsunaidaMay on Twitter! ^^


It was great to receive two enquiries yesterday from potential clients who want to commission unique paisley patterns. One of the enquirers is interested in a music-themed paisley pattern in the style of the “Paisley Prince Songbook” (Prince tribute) design and the commissioned “Paisley Tango” design (pictured). I’m also currently completing a design for Robin in South London, who commissioned me to create a unique paisley pattern for his woven tie business. The design has to be quite simple and dynamic, as the pattern will be woven not printed. He’s pleased with the final drafts for the design and emailed from India to say “Thank you so much, it’s a pleasure working with you”. Pics of the tie modeled will be posted online when it’s launched later this year.

(posted by textile designer Patrick Moriarty in Southend-on-Sea, UK)