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P1 CA FINAL FR FAST TRACK FULL COURSE (OLD SYLL)- BY CA JAI CHAWLA @ Recorded for Old Syllabus, applicable for May 2020 & Nov 2020 Exams with few amendments (if any) with 100% course coverage. Demo Videos– ;

Cassie Gives Birth to Her First Child With Alex Fine‼️‼️ They welcomed Frankie Fine🚨

होने के लिये तैयार हो जाइये 1-इस को दें 2- में अपना दें 3-Follow पाने वाले दें 4-मुझे Folllow करें 💯% पाये 5-जो दें रहे है एक दुसरे को करें🙏

🚨HUGE TICKET GIVEAWAY🚨 Do you want to win 2 Tickets to the FINAL GAME in AND a #28 Josh Jacobs jersey? Here's the rules: - this post - everyone tagged in the photo - why you should win Ready.. Set.. GO!!

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Y’all, so apparently I got a “popular squad”?

Like..what does that even mean?

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i'm so freaking sick my eyes are watering- it looks like i'm sobbing over here:: so with that, may I request a prompt for anyone to fill with a very sick Tony and a Loki who takes care of his stupidly ill human? i'm so stuffy, somebody send decongesting thoughts

Aww, sending you some wellness vibes, anon! <3 I hope you feel better soon!

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about your mom's operation, it's normal to be nervous, everything will be ok :)

Thank you, anon. :) She got her will updated last week as well so I’m just having extra emotions right now. I’m confident things will turn out alright.

If you like a story: Don’t just like it.

Lots of writers can be very discouraged my only likes/kudos on their writing. If you really love something, it can never hurt to let them know! Authors love to hear feedback about their writing! They love hearing from their readers! Even something as simple as “I really liked it! Keep up the good work!” can inspire a writer to write some more. 

ging is also extremely helpful. If you want to help support a writer, share their stories by reblogging! It helps them find more of an audience and spread their art around!!

Okay let’s debate: What would have happened if Glinda went with Elphaba on her broom in the play instead of taking her own path?

I think that they would have both just gotten hunted by the Gale Force, and almost captured. But they would have the strength to beat them together and went on to live their lives. Also no engagement for Glinda and Fiyero and Nessa is spared?

What do you think? Comment or reblog with your ideas!