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Picked up a copy of the first time the Venom symbiote took over the Hulk. What a cool freaking cover!

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big fan of Thor gifting Jane a Loki figurine


Further Mattotti/Bacon comparisons:

1) Lorenzo Mattotti – page from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 2002
2) Francis Bacon – Three Studies for Self-portrait, 1976

3) Lorenzo Mattotti – page from Fires, 1987
4) Francis Bacon – Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion, 1944

Enter the Savage Dragon!




Citizens of New York City have gone missing, and giant stone statues are becoming animated! The crimes, while very different in nature, presumably share a common link. The local Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles team up with out-of-state police officer Savage Dragon to discover the source!



I find very ironic that the moment artists had a better publisher to publish their material, they delivered mostly trash. I am of course, talking about the first years of Image Comics. Now, this comic in particular was published by Mirage, but the story started in Savage Dragon #2. If you read both issues, you just don’t care what’s going on, you will mostly look at the pretty pictures.

It would take Image a few years to get serious and start publishing something different, quality-wise. But the fact is, this Image, the one publishing trashy stories, was incredibly successful. It’s a topic that deserves a lot of discussion to be honest.

Back to this issue. It’s really hard to care about generic villain number #1, with her generic plan. As far as crossovers go, the Dragon and the TMNT had a little clash in Savage Dragon #2 (the mandatory fight between the good guys). But after that, the merge of the two universes doesn’t work. And the main reason I say this is that super-heroes are aplenty in the “image” universe. Abundant enough to make for mutated turtles look like a regular event. Furthermore, that universe is way out of control in terms of super-villains. The Turtles rarely fight that kind of villain, and when they do, it’s usually something that happens silently. What I am saying is, the Turtles universe is so subtle, it could be out world, and the Image universe is clearly over the top superhero action. The Turtles barely have time to spread their personalities, they are mostly dark and serious, except for Mikey, thank Zod.

The art is mostly good, except for female characters (obviously). I like these Turtles, but to be honest, they look like Dooney Turtles anyway, and I never had a problem with that.

It’s an interesting mix, but I don’t think it worked. Also the way it was separated between one issue of Savage Dragon and one special made no sense.

I give this special a score of 5.


Eyz’ NaNoMangO 2019
Zel in… “STRANDED with friends
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Here are the final pages of this year’s story!Alright folks, I didn’t forget to publish these on deviantArt/tumblr. I just had quite an hectic beginning of December and couldn’t get any time to upload anything (just like my dailysketches). So I took the occasion to edit some details & texts before uploading them right now.
Enjoy the read! And see you again next year!

=Time for a brand new NaNoMangO challenge!

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30 days. 30 pages. One page a day.
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eaudecrow  asked:

Heya! Would you be willing to tell me which issue of Duck Avenger was in the post of yours you made about half a year ago? It's the one about Donald giving up being Donald in favor of staying PK 24/7. I can't find it anywhere for the life of me.

It’s SLIGHTLY late, but it’s issue number 3218 of Italian Topolino. I have no idea where you could find it, outside of Italy.

(Sorry for replying so late — I just found out that asks don’t give me notifications lmao.)