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Spring is possibly here? winter is over?...time for my first Comic-con of 2019 Come see what's left of me!

Worcester Comics Festival August 17, 9am - 5pm Worcester Arts Workshop will be opening its doors on Saturday 17th August for the fun and frivolity of the Worcester Comics Festival to begin.

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Preview of FOR MOLLY chapter two! The launches May 29th. Get it in print for the first time ever! Follow for updates and read chapter one for free at art by

Rough pencils on a cover recreation/commission I’m doing. I’m recreating a Jim Lee cover and it’s been fun.

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Day2 of . I know, I'm bored of him too but I still to find a way to finished him.

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Illustration based on that classic 1960s European gothic cinema masterpiece (that doesn't actually exist): Vampires in a Girls Dormitory

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Yellow robot


🌸~Song of the Healers~ 🌸    Prologue ~* Hero pg 7  *~

* ~ ARCHIVE ~ *

Just a heads up! Changes in the posting schedule have happened……SOH will now be updated 1 every week on Mondays (I need to pump out more panels lol)

Best wishes!