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💥Preparate!⚡️ Este se viene un nuevo a nuestro Canal de | Vol.3 El primer aliado 🦇 | #5 | 🔴Novedades sobre y 🔴 | 🔔

I, Shimura Shinpachi, the 2nd commander of the Yorozuya, will follow to the Yorozuya Law... “Aku Soku Zan(evil, immidiate, kill)” I will execute! ( in )

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I've wanted to try and do silly little comics, and then I had this interaction with my partner, so... Yup

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This is when I started my Comic Called "A furry truth" and x3 im super proud of it! In this Page its the lovely as a guest with my fursona Balv xP. Based on a real story.

People tell me that dreams are your brains way of dealing with subconscious problems. Well, I'd rather it not.

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I'm sorry! Did my back get in your way while you were swinging that knife, or...

Portrait of smiling girl looking up in classroom. Malawi, Lilongwe, Kauma Community Based Childcare Centre.

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OK, I’m going to run a little experiment here for the sake of character development involving a bit of roleplay and question asking.

You’ll be asking the questions (if you don’t want to that’s ok) and I’ll answer as my characters (depending on question): Arabella and Evander.

If you need some character background just well, say so.

Watched episode 11 and man can I say I adore this scene of Emma yelling at Ray. She cares so much for him like my g o d.

If I’m sure, this didn’t happen In the manga, so I must say heccin thanks for this moment anime.

Art by Nagalie

The end

Can’t believe it’s over. I remember being addicted to KS when I first started reading it. I needed to know what was going to happen. I’m a little sad Bum & Sangwoo didn’t get their reunion. I also can’t believe Sangwoo was gone.

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I know Bum probably didn’t make it either but I would like a little more wrap up. Like what happened to Bae? Could we at least see him in the future…happy?

Oh and this totally reminded me of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. Lol.

Goodbye KS fandom. 💖💕💞🙌

3/21/2019 - Patreon Is A Go!

Central Focus:

a snippet, here first! Chapter 1: Gods Dont Bleed

this story is electively going to be my primary patreon focus (as of now until otherwise decided.) and will feature the story of Chelovek and Istochniksveta; Chelo and Svet.

This written story will be available on Patreon to those of 5$ “Follower” tiers or higher. Chapter 00 - Prologue has already been uploaded, and Chapter 01 will certainly be sooner to follow. 

other works one will see in patreon will be Uno Duo Trio (featuring the Roommates AU), The Man They Called Universe (featuring Koyol), and Get By Coast (a work in progress.)

Bellow- a snippet, the first piece of chapter one, yet to be posted! take a look:

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