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Preparando un par de originales que se sortearán en la de Madrid la semana próxima!! Kill You y Nuclear al ataque!! . .

Made this in honor of my first fanart. Credit for the drawing featured in the second panel to u/DaymeinSearches on reddit ❤

It's #83, "Holidays"! There's only so much Christmas one can handle in early December... 🎄🎅😱

Minako and Mark are officially participating in the Galar Gym Challenge.

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Just realised trying to sell your collection is a total nightmare and it turned out to be worth a lot less than you originally thought? Sell the lot to us instead and save yourself the hours of torture. Get in touch to find out how>>

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Holiday - Christmas cards from 1951 of your favorite strip characters. Now available. Shipping in the US, add just $2.25. for one card or up to three.

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Durante toda la , hemos hablado de visiblidad para las autoras elididas por el canon con , pero ¿Cómo se ve la reivindicación femenina en otros rincones de la cultura popular? Ven a explorar las heroínas del y el con 👇

Fortelling før kunst Ein ting som slår meg med årets utval av teikneseriar frå Bergens 24t er den gjennomgåande behagelege estetikken. Her er det lite verkeleg eksperimentering. Folk har sine individuelle stilartar...

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I love how Lucius Fox and Alfred Pennyworth get together and gossip about Bruce Wayne over tea [Red Robin #7, 2010]


A comic about the only thing I hate about my weight after nearly a year of learning to love myself as I am.

Here’s a tip: we fat people HATE sudden diet advice or workout advice or “I read x somewhere once that fat people loving themselves is bad”. I guarantee you, we have heard it before(and 90% of it is false). Your unsolicited advice is not appreciated OR helpful unless we ASK for it.

Sincerely, a fat queer person who is tired of weight loss advice I didn’t ask for, about a body I’m no longer unhappy about.

Pro-ana/pro-ed/thinspo DO NOT INTERACT!!! I block and report on sight!

“He didn’t stare at me with interest or flirtatiously. He stared at me with sureness and certainty. As if he trusted me.”

Some sample comic art of Ace and Celes! I had this on my drafts and well, I wanted to finish it! This happens when Ace is serious and he decides to be obedient to the plans of Celes. 

And this is the first time it happens [the first time doesn’t occur in the comic itself, but the fourth, fifth of whatever it is will]! It’s been a while since I made some comic art so here it goes!