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A good time starts when you can stand on your feet and beat your chest to it ORIADE BABA IMADE you are a rare gem welcome to a new beginning #27 olowo ori chioma

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Sometimes by not telling people about your it can make them feel more around you. However, ultimately this doesn't work in the end and will never lead to .

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I couldn’t help but desire to touch you.

All night, resisting the temptation

to caress the back of your hand

where smooth skin wraps

around artist bones.

To lay my hand on your knee

while my ears fall into rhythm

with the cadence of your words

as your stories dance out of your eyes.

My flesh craving to feel vibrations

of energy that run through your veins

Then I wanted to tell you

about touching you

and how not doing it

was slowly turning my sensitivity, up.

But feeling is a sensation

You would rather do without

so I didn’t tell you anything

I just watched you with love in my eyes




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“Dance like no ones watching” Dionysus @ me when i should be in bed

Honestly I’ve only had dionysus for a day and a half but if anyone hurt him I’d kill everyone in this room and then myself.

I love this dude so fucking mUCH