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and huge fans of both of you!! You look A LOT alike lol. Tell me I'm lyin πŸ˜‹

Dan Aykroyd might have disappeared if he had already given up when he got expelled from , but he chose to make his colors of vibrant and painted the with his stomach aching .

This August in ! "An Oxcart for Dowry" by 's Our and Japanese theatrical company Jimusho, a contemporary black that portrays the haplessness of the common folks with vivid humor.

Off to the to tech for our performances which are on ALL of this week 🀩 Wednesday 19th @ 7pm Friday 21st @ 1pm FREE TICKETS:

if you don't find this hilarious there's something wrong with you.

🎬 The Mermaid (2016). Seorang putri duyung jelita, ke daratan utk balas dendam kepada pengusaha yg telah merusak lingkungan mereka. Pucuk dicinta ulam pun tiba, mereka malah jatuh cinta.

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Terry is good dude #EthicalMemes


This gonna be all you nigglets in the next 25 years if you don’t stop dogging women out and gone on and settle down with a nice woman. Yo ass gonna be washed up looking a mess trying to be romantic too late in the game. 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂 #auntiekim #fatgirlchronicles #comedy #share #wtfilooklike #mouthharassingahamburger

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My camp friends and I have decided that to save the world from climate change we will do our part to eat plastic so there’s less for the birds, slurp up all the carbon dioxide so there’s less for others to choke on and we will absorb the heat in the atmosphere and burn

To make great change you must make great sacrifice


Last week @bedfordmanorbk for the @chuckleitupcomedyseries Had a great time considering I had zero sleep for two days at that point! S/O to everyone that came through. Next month it goes down again. Stay tuned…. #dj #djlife #music #comedy #party #brooklyn #instagram #instalike #instagood “I’m just a kid from Brooklyn”! You see me!

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June 5, 1987 - Harry and the Hendersons is released theatrically in the US.

The comedy film was written by William Dear, William E. Martin and Ezra D.Rappaport. Dear also served as director. It starred John Lithgow, Melinda Dillion, Don Ameche, David Suchet, Margaret Langrick, Joshua Ruddy, Lainie Kazan and Kevin Peter Hall.

Rick Baker was hired to design Harry and do the makeup. He went on to win an Academy Award for Best Makeup for his work on the film.