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Chips, Cheese and Gravy....... WHY THE HELL NOT???!!!! . . . . .

Yeni Opel Combo'nun Türkiye fiyatlarinı masıl buldunuz..?

Want to buy more than one product but its expensive for you? Buy a combo of amazing products at cheaper rates.

Inspired by ’s far superior run of this circuit, managed to get 3 rounds of this out before my knuckles ripped from the astro turf rope slam push ups. Mad fun though!

Had fun with playing Rochester draft. I early picked Desecrated Tomb, because... well... I'm me! It actually won me a game with the help of Whisper!

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en con nuestro de Hamburguesa de 125 gr, Papas y gaseosas por solo $12.000 pesos en Cr 55 # 173-55 ☎6032389 - 3209833456 y en Cl 140 # 12b-14 ☎8124444 Pedidos Online por acá:

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Veeee işte huzurlarınızdaaaa Opel Comboooo 😍😍 Combo ile tanışmak ve hakkında daha fazla bilgi sahibi olmak için sizi en yakın Opel showroomumuza bekliyoruz :)

No matter, if it is her birthday or Valentine’s Day or Anniversary, our combo gifts delivery on these special days, will get her heart for you.

Pour la on a trouvé un moyen d'économiser l'eau de la douche et d'arrêter de râler sur la pluie 🌧🛁

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Axel Cruysberghs // Cougar Island

Esto es solo un par de los dibujos que hice xD

En la primera están Ashes y Ray, este último ahora tiene que aprender a cuidar a sus hermanos menores pero como ponen a un flojo con tanta responsabilidad encima y con tantos hermanos por parte de Ink de distinta personalidades y poderes?!! (?)

Y en la segunda imagen están mis childs hijos de Epic, Rowan ( combo de Epic y G), Axel (ship child de Epic y cross) y Louis (tricombo de Epic , cross y Nightmare) y si! Tengo una nueva tricombo y es la primera chica tricombo (es chica solo que le gusta ser y verse como bato(?)).

Bueno en estos dibujos e estado practicando con mis materiales nuevos que son los colores ya que el primero está coloreado solo con ellos y en el segundo los mezcle con marcadores, bueno eso es todo, Louis no es la única personaje que e creado en estos días (ya que Rowan tiene su tiempo creado en si(?)), de hecho tengo otros nuevos que mostraré muy pronto òwo9


🚧 @dondraijones just keeps getting better 🔥 Running lines at @somaticmovement in our #StealthUltra shoes 👟
🔰 Bonus points if you spotted the Take Flight banner in the back of the clip 🙌
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@huchwa to chyba najseksowniejsze rozwiązanie 😂
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Song/Poem Artsy Experience Experiment!

Hey! I’m going to try a new thing! I’m sure it’s been done before, but I’m going to start reblogging my old work and then post an accompanying video/song to go with it directly after the poem! The song is meant to inform the piece, so the accompanying tune won’t exactly be necessary to the poem but works to add another layer, more accurately displaying where I’m coming from emotionally with that piece. Either the mood of the poem, the tune, or the emotional state I was in or things I was going through when I wrote it. I plan on including a brief description with the video to use as a space to add dedications and a little snapshot of my life during the time the accompanying poem was written. I hope if anyone is reading this that you enjoy my work and you like the songs! I’m grateful for your time and attention, always ❤ - Kyle