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Pantone has chosen Classic Blue, as its colour of the year for 2020. The company has worked with creatives from the fields of music, food, fashion, beauty and technology to imagine Classic Blue as “a sound, a smell, a taste, and a feeling”.

How true are these words for you? Show off your business as best you can by getting in front of people and showing them how you improve their life with colour - yes!

It is always good to see the smile on peoples faces and the look in their eyes when they see their precious old damaged photographs brought back to life. Contact me for further information.

President ICMEI Dr. Sandeep Marwah, an art lover and promoter invited to inaugurate A Group Show of Paintings Titled "Magnum Opus" at My Art Galleries.

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The two broad categories are & Global . However, the question that arrives next is which one would be the best that would flatter your & . Contact our experienced to get the best advice. Blliis Salon by Ravissant , • T. +91 98719 70084

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Cheap hotel von Maximilian Müller


The abandoned knitting factory von Maximilian Müller
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The abandoned knitting factory! Full of pigeons and piles of their shit, this abandoned knitting factory was really a hard explore. It stinks really bad, and while climbing over a wall I broke my mobile phone in my pocket! That was really a hard one :D



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send me a word / mood / phrase / name & I’ll turn it into a color pallet!


glowing von Nicolas Heinzelmann
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Bern, Switzerland