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Picular, un buscador de colores por palabras clave

The colors of ! 🖼️ -- Tuscan colors is the new series signed IT'S TUSCANY that brings you to discover the of our beautiful land. Follow all the posts on @itstuscany!

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Hello Spring! Incorpora los colores primaverales en tus proyectos y vive la tenden- cia de utilizar tonos vibrantes y explosivos. . . .

Am I the only person who gets excited when the new Post Its arrive? but also

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Acrylic on canvas


Colors - Life is Strange 

This is an old video I dug out of my iMovie projects bin, and cut short because I’m running out of space and I never really had a vision for an ending, I didn’t like editing through the next part. It really felt forced. Anyways, I hope you like it! Hopefully new content coming soon.

Please support the song, and the game Life is Strange! I haven’t played the sequel yet, but you should consider buying it!

Март это целая череда спорных моментов месяца, когда чувствуется что весна вот-вот сейчас будет и эти планы рушит внезапная метель.
Если бы в букмекерских конторах были бы ставки на погоду, то я в них всегда все равно бы проигрывал

Pequeños hábitos reparadores

Hay muchos otros hábitos que te pueden ayudar a mejorar el ánimo:

*Canta una canción, recita un poema, escucha música relajante, provoca un bostezo, haz ejercicio, mira un libro de pinturas de algún artista que te guste, medita sobre un mándala.

*Ventila la habitación por la mañana.

*Aromatiza el aire con aceite esencial de lavanda o flor de azahar.

*Cuida tus plantas o compra unas flores.

*Envuélvete con objetos de color verde, el color que se asocia a la felicidad.

*Date cuenta de lo que tienes y agradece.

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Colors in Writing

When writing don’t forget to weave in some running metaphors or symbolisms with color.  A lot of great stories do this! The Great Gatsby does it with the color green and a few others. T.V. shows and animes use it too. 

The thing about color is you can define it how ever you like, Fitzgerald used green to symbolize love. In Naruto, Naruto and Sasuke have contrasting colors throughout the entire anime, Naruto has oranges and yellows, i.e., colors that represent friendship, loyalty, warmth, and dedication, whereas Sasuke has purples and blues, which show his journey to find the truth, to find peace within himself, etc. 

But here are some basic examples of what colors can represent:

Red- courage, power, passion, glory, life, pleasure, fire, revolution love, drive, inner strength, sensuality, defiance, romance, tenacity, violence

Orange- family, success, friendship, power, excitement, vitality, invincibility, change, harvest, warmth, speed, vigilance, dedication, loyalty

Yellow- joy, enlightenment, summer, expression, optimism, satisfaction, deceit, cowardice, alertness, danger, enthusiasm, confidence, clarity

Green- envy, greed, awakening, growth, luck, money, renewal, productivity, spring, birth, intelligence, exuberance, survival, nature, prosperity

Blue-  water, depression, balance, discovery, empathy, flexibility, peace, calm, patience, openness, respect, prophecy, respect, trust, grace, honor

Purple- truth, magic, experience, destiny, elegance, intuition, spirit, wisdom, luxury, imagination, inferiority, profanity, dreams, virtue, dignity

Pink- originality, self esteem, health, love, insight, poetry, femininity, inhibition, understanding, discernment, creativity, music, perception

White- pallor, ghostliness, simplicity, cleanliness, purity, holiness, emptiness, coldness, blankness, light, hope, winter

Black- glamor, security, mystery, intrigue, shadow, darkness, sophistication, power, wealth, fear, mourning, oppression.

Now you don’t have to use any of these on the list, or you can change what red means and make it your own. But color is a useful trick to illustrate your theme throughout your plot, so don’t forget to use it!